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Any way to play Dark Sun Online : Crimson Sands?


Glory to Ukraine
Jul 11, 2019
I know that the game ended in last millennium however, I really wanna play it. I don't care about the 65416854165416534968465*10²³ wow clones.



The game is like a MMO version of SSI games and is exactly like the offline Dark Sun games(Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager). That said, the game is extremely different than other post wow mmos.

  • You roll attributes in character creation exactly like the SP game and gear which enhances attributes are insanely rare, almost non existent. So, the game has attributes describing what your characters can and cannot do instead of the stat stickie itemization which is the norm among modern mmos.
  • You have zero skills on cooldown, magic uses the vancian magical system where you have for "X" casts of tier "A" spells, so you can spend all your fireballs charges in a row or conservate fireball usage.
  • The game is sandbox and full PvP
  • The lv cap of the game is the same of the last SP game, 15 and you lose a level after each death.
  • All spells which exists on SP games exists on the mmo. Including finger of death(tier 7 magic), a spell which the enemy makes a save and if failed the save, is dead. Think on avada kedavra from harry potter.
  • The unique difference in relation to SP games is that you have 20 seconds to act or lose your turn
  • Armor and weapons looks like armor and weapons, there are no wow style carnavalesque armor on this mmo
  • The encounter design is brutal like the SP game "Dark Sun : Wake of the Ravager", where I had to try 8 times to kill defilers in top of a pyramid well positioned protected by all types of traps. If i din't got lucky with some rolls, managed to dominate one of then and din't had a half giant gladiator with crazy high CON, i would't be able to pass that encounter. Even Shattered Lands which is easier, I had a lot of troubles with the final encounter and I soloed BG2:EE on Legacy of Bhaal without great problems. SSI games are often brutal and this applies to SSI mmos. Remember that you can't save/load in a mmo, which makes the risk of losing far more interesting.
  • Even the UI is extremely similar to the SP games.



RPG Codex Boomer
Nov 23, 2016
The discord looks pretty dead from that link. Forum is kind of dead too. So i looked at youtube and found some 14 year old post:

I can't tell what he's saying or why this bridge hasn't been fixed. Lordy. Where the hell? I missed out on this game back in the day...

Ghost of Meatloaf laughing like Baal?

Then I see this for NWN...
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RPG Codex Boomer
Nov 23, 2016
As mentioned in another Dark Sun thread, DSO Discord got hit by a vicious spammer. So, no clue on progress at all.

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