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  1. KickStarter Magic to Master - Immersive Multiplayer Fantasy "MMORPG"

    Dear gamers, today we would like to introduce you to an extremely exciting game. A game full of powerful mythological figures of the Far Eastern culture, powerful heroes and great battle mechanics. In this game, you will create your character and defeat powerful world bosses and their servants...
  2. Cryomancer

    Why so many MMOdressing games and so few mmoRPG's?

    What is the main difference between a RPG and a non RPG? The RPG has mechanical and narrative character building. That is why Morrowind is a RPG and TES Redguard isn't. Why Elden ring is but Sekiro isn't. Having a bit of mechanical character building is the bare minimum for a game to be a RPG...
  3. Phaserlight

    Vendetta Online Holiday Promo

    Holiday Promo Newsletter is out; come stop on by! https://www.vendetta-online.com/newsletter/12.2021/newsletter.12.2021.html https://imgur.com/gallery/ZuEScrO Lots of vets tend to return around this time to check out the game's progress throughout the year. It's a good time to play. The...
  4. Cryomancer

    War of Dragnorox - Game Announcement Trailer & Gameplay Overview

    Not my coup of tea, I prefer less gear dependent games and love to use magic in RPG's, but I'm wishing success for your project. We need more original stuff and less wow clones.
  5. Trans-Financial-Man

    Incline The Dream Version of Star Wars Galaxies now exists. CU gameplay and classes with NGE content.

    I like Star Wars Galaxies. I would say that it's my favourite MMO of all time and easily one of my top 5 games of all time. But in all three incarnations of SWG the game had massive flaws. Pre CU had god awful combat and repetitive content because the game was rushed. (Make your own fun) CU...
  6. Cryomancer

    Any way to play Dark Sun Online : Crimson Sands?

    I know that the game ended in last millennium however, I really wanna play it. I don't care about the 65416854165416534968465*10²³ wow clones. The game is like a MMO version of SSI games and is exactly like the offline Dark Sun games(Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager). That said, the...
  7. Solace

    Looking for an MMO to play

    Hey friends, I got my start on MMOs back in the day via MPOGD.com browsing the A-Z lists of every interesting genre on the daily. Stuff I've played over the years: Dransik/Ashen Empires Legends/Dark Ages Mabinogi Ragnarok Online Florensia R.O.S.E Online Sword of the New World Grand Fantasia...
  8. deama

    Final fantasy XIV any good?

    So was thinking about getting into this game, but not really sure about it. I hear mixed opinions and was wondering what you guys here think of it? I played the free trial about 1-2 years ago and thought the game was meh at the time. I think I played the monk class. Has the game improved since...
  9. rootstereo

    Wild Terra 2 Online. New indie MMORPG.

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Hello friends! My name is Javi and I'm part of Juvty World. A group of indie-game developers, I'm making this post to share our lastest game made by Unity. The game is actually in alpha stage of development and I'd like to share this great game we are developing and...
  10. My Adventure Online(MAO)

    Hi guys, I'm working on a game called My Adventure Online. (The concept for the game) The game will be able to hosted by anyone, community based servers. Everything about the main lore can be changed such as the City Name, Dungeon Name, etc. The game is an online heavy role-playing adventure...
  11. Cryomancer

    Decline DiD WoW ruined MMOS?

    Recently, i decided to re play an mmo that i could't play during my childhood due awful internet connection. Only played an little and an at lv 25 at moment but mu online is completely different than other mmos. For eg > No cooldowns, even the teleport skill for Dark Wizard has an casting...
  12. Cryomancer

    Any MMORPG that gives the same freedom and depth as a SP rpg?

    I wanna an MMORPG that gives to the player, the same in depth and freedom as an SP RPG, some things that i hate on mmos. Cooldowns - I an fine with any other way to balance skills. Casts/rest like DkS, very long casting time on Dragon's Dogma, require high resources like most games, but in...
  13. Bricker

    Most unique MMORPGs

    Any cool unique MMO RPG? Im looking for something different 99% of MMORPGs is so generic. Clear dungeoun - Kill boss - Level up - Get New Items over and over again.
  14. Interstellar

    MMORPGs with the best crafting system

    Being playing WoW for a while and recently started to look into a whole new life with a whole new MMO. Strange as it may sound but I am one of the few who actually enjoyed crafting in WOW. So I started to look up for some popular MMORPGs with a fullfledged crafting system. I made this guide for...
  15. Gregz

    Incline Opening on September 29th - A Quality Private Wrath of The Lich King WoW Server

    This should be a very well maintained server based on Gamer-District's history. All progression rates are 1X and scripting will be as Blizzlike as possible. The content will develop from early WOTLK to late according to a scheduled progression (shown below). This is a big event in the WoW...
  16. Gloria Victis – medieval open world MMO RPG - now available on Early Access

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1688404825/gloria-victis-dark-medieval-mmorpg https://www.gloriavictisgame.com
  17. Razzoriel

    Discussing microtransactions/"premium" account systems

    Hello there. Not sure if this is relatable to the background behind this discussion, but I'll post it anyway for context. I'm creating a MMO tactic-based game which uses both of these systems to supplement the lower cost of the initial phases of the game and the better (less filled with bullcrap...
  18. Asherons Call 1/2 closing their doors Jan 31

    This news us a month old, but I couldn't find it in this forum: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/21/asherons-call-to-shut-down/ A thread in the game forums: https://www.asheronscall.com/en/forums/showthread.php?73579-Shutdown-Times This is the newest thread I could find on the codex about AC...
  19. mutonizer

    Incline Uthgard 2.0 (Classic DAoC freeshard) - Re-Launching on 2017/01/06

    In case some folks missed it since it's been quite some time. Uthgard is coming back with a vengeance this Friday. Almost 100% classic DAoC freeshard deadset on staying true to patch level 1.65 and basically saying "fuck off" to any quality of life custom changes that are not appropriate for...
  20. Petition to create a first-person story-based D&D co-op ARPG

    Petition to create a first-person story-based D&D co-op ARPG http://chn.ge/2cnlcxH This is what I think a great RPG could be based on my opinions and experiences as a gamer. The aim of this post is to truly crowdsource the specifications of a game, before handing a much-signed petition to a...
  21. Infinitron

    Expeditions: Viking Previews & Interviews

  22. Asheron's Call - The Most Beautiful MMORPG Of All

    Hey all! What a brilliant MMORPG this is, with a strong focus on the RPG part. Just a wonderful experience. Anyone here played it recently? I purchased it several months to a year back, played for awhile and had a blast revisiting it all again. When I say revisiting, I played the game back...

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