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My Adventure Online(MAO)


Barely Literate
Sep 4, 2019
Hi guys,
I'm working on a game called My Adventure Online.

(The concept for the game)

The game will be able to hosted by anyone, community based servers.
Everything about the main lore can be changed such as the City Name, Dungeon Name, etc.

The game is an online heavy role-playing adventure game set in the city of Almoriel, the only city in this high fantasy world to have a Dungeon.
In Almoreil players will be engaging in various activities such as crafting, dueling, heavy role-playing, and more.
The Dungeon will be located in the middle of the city, wherein players will adventure, earn their fortune, and become ever stronger.
Almoreil will expand radiantly outward to accommodate players buying plots, Consequently, the earlier players will be advantaged because their plots will have the closest proximity to the Dungeon, but being closer to the town can also be proved advantageous giving you more access to recruiting players faster.
The Dungeon will have massive sprawling floors(Open World Style) which pull players deeper and deeper into the dungeon, wherein they'll encounter increasingly dangerous foes and lucrative rewards.

The Progression System will be skilled based, the Skill Tree will consist of Fight, Magic, Crafting and Harvest.
Leveling Fight for example will branch off into 2 new Categories Melee and Range, leveling Melee will branch off into 3 new Categories 1 Hand, 2 Handed, and Close Combat, and so on.
By leveling up those skills you unlock Traits an example would be Bleed Damage, from reaching Fight level 10.
Note: Leveling those skills up matters only if you're in agreement with your Master, because you can't unlock those traits, the Master has to unlock them for you. So making sure what type of adventurer you want to be, and what type of adventurer your Master wants you to be, are the same. Ultimately he will decide your fate.

Actions System will be used to make your own Skills, emotes, behavior and text macros.
An example of creating a Skill Action would be picking up the Weapon Type and the effects used by it, we apply Bleed Damage to this Action doing so it will consume more mana and has a higher cooldown.

Gear System, there will be multiple tiers of gear, differentiated in stat values, obtained by either the Dungeon, from NPCs or Admin Creations which are Unique Gear Pieces that only one may exist in the world.

PVP, two or more parties may set a pvp RP Scenario. This can be a spar, a duel, or a free for all. Admins may establish a Death PVP event in which players may experince permadeath.

Guilds, setting up a Guild requires you to go the Guild Main Hall, here is where a Admin or a Moderator awaits you, you'll be making a contract with the GMH, which will set you up with a loan, so you can buy a Plot and have a Guild House for your members.
Guild Master is in charge of every aspect of running the Guild, such as unlocking traits for members, negotiating status in the City, giving bounties and tasks, making sure loan payments are not late as well the monthly plot tax.

Plots can be used to build Guild Houses, Personal houses, Market Areas, INN's, Crafting Stations, Misc, etc.

Starting the game you'll arrive on the Stalia Town by boat, here is where you'll learn about the game, once you get setup Admins can give you passage into the Almoriel City, people that have been given access are free to go back and forth from city to town.


- Testing out how many players moving at once we could support on a server.

If you want to try out the game , currently you can walk around Stalia, chat, set your character's name, scale the view of the game.
You can play the game over here, preferable on Chrome: bit.ly/2ktT967
I post patch notes over here: bit.ly/2KZOy6i
Join our community if you want over here: discord.gg/xnRXs3j
I drop tweets about the progress of the game over here: https://twitter.com/s10_games

And if you'll have me I would love to drop patch notes every time I update the game, and invite you guys to test the updates with me.


Barely Literate
Sep 4, 2019
(Update 0.0.4)
- Added Stats Window

- Able to drag the window around and resize from bottom right.
- Added Chat System
- Able to type in Input and show text in output.
- Able to resize output from top right and resize input from right side.
- Added Inventory System
- Able to click on items on the map and add them to Inventory.
- Able to drag and drop within the inventory.
- Able to drag the items off the inventory in order to drop them.
- Added Resizable/Draggable System.
- Added Input to type your name in.
- Added a Who button in order to display how many people are online.

Find out more about the project: https://bit.ly/2KZOy6i
Play right here : https://bit.ly/2ktT967
Discord: https://bit.ly/2JWVjW6


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