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Incline The Dream Version of Star Wars Galaxies now exists. CU gameplay and classes with NGE content.

Feb 20, 2018
I like Star Wars Galaxies. I would say that it's my favourite MMO of all time and easily one of my top 5 games of all time. But in all three incarnations of SWG the game had massive flaws.

Pre CU had god awful combat and repetitive content because the game was rushed. (Make your own fun)

CU improved the combat for the two months we had it. But still had little content. Except a couple of high level themeparks (Make your own fun but with less shit combat)

NGE was cancer. But the sort of cancer you get from eating a lot of really nice bacon. There were some good intentions behind NGE. SOME. Add more content, make the game less niche and more familiar to the WoW retards, improve quality of level progression. But they just went too far and stripped out a lot of what made the game great. Even afterwords though, SoE did try their best to improve the game and add cool stuff like the Chronicles system, Beast Mastery, the Appearance tab, Hoth, etc.

There will soon be a server that has the best features of all SWG versions combined into what I believe will be it's ideal form. Introducing Restoration III

The basic idea is that they take the NGE source code and work backwards from there. So what does it mean?

  • CU classes, progression, and gameplay: That means it's freeform and you can spec into any tree you want. Jedi aren't unlocked at the beginning and there will be a new mysterious way to unlock them compared to other servers. Want to be a Pikeman who can also do scouting and a bit of crafting, go for it. And the combat isn't dog shit compared to pre-CU
  • NGE content: That means the Legacy quest, themeparks, and all the other quests that were in the game just before it shut down, Including Mustafar, Kashyyk, Hoth, and Restus
  • JTL and TCG implemented: For some reason, Pre CU and CU servers can't do JTL. But NGE servers can. As this is based on modified NGE code RIII can run JTL and that weird TCG just fine.


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