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Apple VR


Mar 31, 2011
Apple is set to finally announce their VR/MR Headset that they've been working on for years on Monday at the WWDC23, it's expected to be a more expensive up to ~$3000 "Prosumer/Enthusiast/Developer" HMD to test the waters with a more mass market product coming 1-2 years down the line and launch near the end of the year: https://archive.is/PyKYX
Apple Inc.’s long-anticipated mixed-reality headset is an ambitious attempt to create a 3D version of the iPhone’s operating system, with eye- and hand-tracking systems that could set the technology apart from rival products.

The roughly $3,000 device, due later this year under the likely name of Reality Pro, will take a novel approach to virtual meetings and immersive video, aiming to shake up a VR industry currently dominated by Meta Platforms Inc. It’s a high-stakes gambit for Apple, which is expanding into its first major new product category since releasing a smartwatch in 2015, and the company needs to wow consumers.
Maybe the potentially more interesting part of the announcement is that they've not only been working on the HMD, but a separate VR OS so far Codenamed "rOS" or "xrOS" with a whole set of productivity Apps to come along with it:
The device will also have productivity features, including the ability to serve as an external monitor for a Mac. With that feature, users will be able to see their Mac’s display in virtual reality but still control the computer with their trackpad or mouse and physical keyboard.

The headset’s operating system, internally called xrOS, will have many of the same features as an iPhone and iPad but in a 3D environment. That includes the Safari web browser, photos, mail, messages and the calendar app. And it will also have apps for the company’s services, such as the App Store to install third-party software, Apple TV+, music and podcasts. The company is working on health-tracking functions as well.

There have been various rumors circulating about it the last few days regarding hardware and other capabilities:

With a 4K per eye resolution considering Pixels per Degree (PPD) clarity would be at least the equivalent of looking at a 27" 1440p monitor and at the very least open the way as a viable HD and 4K media content viewer and productivity device (graphics design or programming) that can measure up with some of the best OLED monitors out today.

The headset is the most complicated hardware product Apple has ever created due to its unconventional curved shape, thinness and ultralight weight—which has resulted in an expected budget-busting price tag of around $3,000. Several internal digital renderings of the device, which The Information has viewed over the past few years, show a piece of curved glass with edges wrapped in a smooth aluminum frame that appears to be slightly thicker than an iPhone.
A small dial located above the right eye lets users toggle between augmented and virtual reality, while a power button is located above the left eye. A small round connector—similar in appearance to an Apple Watch charging puck—is attached to the headset’s left temple, with a cable running down to a waist-mounted battery pack. And a soft, removable face cover is attached to the back of the headset for comfort. The headset’s headband looks to be mostly made of soft goods and is attached to two short and hard temples, containing left and right speakers.
Apple’s industrial design team, which is responsible for the look and feel of its devices, mandated that the front of the headset be made of a thin piece of curved glass to give it the appearance and feel of a premium product, according to people who have worked on the device. That required concealment of the more than a dozen cameras and sensors behind the glass for aesthetic reasons, The Information previously reported.


Mar 28, 2014
Worth noting this is micro LED not mini LED. Aka holy grail of display technology.
But this will be shithouse of VR headset due to this:

1.41" in diagonal 4000 PPI >5000 nits of brightness

This thing will have ultra low FOV. probably something like 60-70 FOV which is basically non usable for anything other than dev.


Aug 8, 2015
shithouse of VR headset
You mean spatial computer :troll:

Apple Won't Let Vision Pro Developers Describe Their Apps As VR, AR, MR, Or XR​

Apple is imposing strict requirements on how developers describe their Vision Pro apps.

In a new summary for developers of how to submit their app to the App Store for Vision Pro, Apple makes clear that acronyms like AR, VR, MR, and XR are not to be used. Instead, apps should be referred to as "spatial":

Spatial computing: Refer to your app as a spatial computing app. Don’t describe your app experience as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), or mixed reality (MR).
This is despite Tim Cook describing the visionOS operating system as "an entirely new AR platform" when announcing it at WWDC 2023 back in June, and one of visionOS's core SDKs being called ARKit.



Dec 29, 2010
AVP is between 100° - 110°. In the modelling and analysis below, we show wishful implementation resulting in bigger FoV than reported

Perhaps it's time to stop embarassing yourself with stuff like hdr working backwards with autohdr, stereo compatibility backwards with uevr, you can sit however close to a tv for fov etc. oh and oled antics . It has barely triple digit nit to eye at 5-10watt per eye. The holy grail lmaooooo.

You won't even get dev stuff because no one in their right mind would take this "market" serious.
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