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Game News Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Update #24: Gamification Story Concludes, Backer Site Progress


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Bard's Tale IV; Chris Keenan; InXile Entertainment; Underworld Ascendant

inXile have published a new Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter update, the first since the campaign's conclusion, although they don't have much to say yet, and probably won't for a while. The quite cool Enclave of the Fairy Host story, which was revealed in parts as a reward for unlocking social media achievements during the campaign, has been concluded. Its real ending isn't any more upbeat than the initial one. There's also a report on the development of the game's backer portal. I quote:

As you know, it's been a couple of weeks since our campaign concluded, and we've been working behind the scenes on pre-production as we work to solidify details on the game. You can expect our updates to slow down for the coming weeks and months until we have more tangible details to share with you guys. But for today, we have a quick update to cover a few odds and ends.

The Story Concludes

During our Kickstarter campaign our backers were able to unlock a series of social media achievements. With each achievement unlocked, we in turn updated progress on a dungeon map, along with an ongoing story told by our lead writer Nathan Long.

With the campaign now concluded and 21 achievements/rooms unlocked total, Nathan concluded the Enclave of the Fairy Host story, which gives a bit of insight into the game's tone, lore and characters. You can see the final two chapters below, and for those who haven't been following along, the full story and dungeon map are available here.

Backer Site Progress

Last week we had the final pledge data from Kickstarter collected, and our production team has been working through that data, getting it ready for importing into our own backer site, and of course, building the backer web site itself. There are many moving parts involved, and while we have a great base to build off with our previous campaigns, every campaign is also a little different in terms of its exact needs.

We did want to give you a quick sense of where we're at, though. First, we'll have our backer account system, where you'll be able to manage your rewards and add-ons by selecting them from a list. You'll also be able to make brand-new pledges, if there was an add-on you missed first time around, or if you wanted to upgrade your pledge.

Beyond that, we're hoping to have a number of features that we'll be taking advantage of as time goes on, such as a news posting system, and galleries for screenshots, wallpapers, and video. Many of these features made it to our other web sites later on, but we're hoping to have these earlier for our Bard's Tale site so that you'll have information on the game in one convenient place.

Keep an eye out for more information. We'll alert you through a Kickstarter update as soon as the backer site is ready for you to check out.
Hopefully it doesn't take too long, because I want to unlock my Loyalty Reward and get some Torment goodies.


Feb 16, 2011
Hopefully it doesn't take too long, because I want to unlock my Loyalty Reward and get some Torment goodies.

Really, hurry up guys, I want to at least check out a few hours of WL2 before the DC/EE/GOTY drops in october.

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