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Blade Runner


Nov 29, 2010
Shadorwun: Hong Kong
Director's/designer's cut apparently makes some dialogue shorter. Definitely leave it off for your first playthrough.


Feb 14, 2017
Just rerun it and finished it 3 times so far today...fucking loved it. Yes the gameplay itself is a bit thin on the ground, with combat definitely feeling like an afterthought, yes there are a few sections which feel a bit off, but fuckinghell the world, vibe, detective work, story and - most of all - the almost perfect mesh of perceived freedom and choice & consequence make it such an enjoyable experience still.

Honestly, it's scary how much better a 1997 game does C&C than modern games like Witcher 3, where everything is so fucking obvious and binary. I genuinely found myself sat there several times throughout the playthrough just thinking for 10-15 minutes of what course of action to take because of the potential consequences feeling so weighty.

How they built the world to evolve so well and all loop back within itself as the game grows is lush too. It truly feels as if you're unearthing another realm.



It's scary that so many developers now will waste 100's of hours on playing wank like Witcher 3 and Starfield to learn their trade, when a 6-10 hours with this could open their minds up to so much more.
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