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Development Info Brian Fargo's Talk at Reboot Develop 2016


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Brian Fargo; InXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

You might remember that two and a half months ago, before E3, before Digital Dragons, there was a gaming conference in Croatia called Reboot Develop. Among the visitors were Chris Avellone, Brian Fargo and Swen Vincke, and the talks that they gave there sounded interesting indeed. But somehow, other than an interview with Chris on the day of his arrival, nothing that happened there ever reached the public, and the world moved on. Until last week, that is, when the Reboot Develop organizers quietly started uploading videos of the conference's talks to its official YouTube channel.

The first video of interest to the Codex is of the talk Brian Fargo gave on April 29th entitled "Embrace the Chaos". In the 40 minute speech, Brian described his development philosophy as an executive producer - setting the tone, the importance of iteration, etc - using Wasteland 2 as an example. It's familiar Fargo stuff, but hey, at least he's moved on from talking about Kickstarter. Note that the audio quality is rather bad, and between 17:00 and 18:40 it completely spazzes out. The video also doesn't show Brian's slides. You have much to learn, Croatians. Anyway, if you want to watch it yourself, here it is:

There was a hint in this talk that Torment was going to be delayed (apparently Brian had to issue a "gag order" on the writers for writing too much) but we already know that. He also off-handedly mentioned that inXile have a secret project. Wasteland 3, I assume?


Jun 17, 2012
Each time they delay Torment, they delay Brad's Tale 4. It's going to be 2020 before that game gets released with the way they are going.

I thought BT4 was being handed off to the new studio they put up in Kajunville. Are they really waiting for Numanuma to finish for full production to start?

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