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RTS Broken Arrow - Modern USA vs Russia RTT

Taka-Haradin puolipeikko

Filthy Kalinite
Apr 24, 2015
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Last chance to get in the closed beta
We're offering you one last chance to opt in for the closed beta before we wrap it up.
Back on November 16 we started our closed beta for Broken Arrow and it's been a real ride so far.

Many thousands of testers have tried the game, offering invaluable feedback and playing countless matches. As the holidays break approaches we're about to wrap it up, but not before one last big wave of invites.

Tomorrow afternoon (roughly at 4 pm GMT) on Friday 15 December, we will be sending our biggest wave of invites up to date. It is our intention to invite all those who have applied to the beta and haven't been able to get in yet.

Furthermore, if you haven't applied yet, you're still in time to do so: head to our website and fill our sign-up form, last chance to do it. When we send our wave of invitations make sure to check your e-mail inbox (and make sure to check both the Spam and Promotions folders, depending on your spam filters) and the My Page section of our website.

As usual, remember that if you are accepted in the closed beta you'll be under NDA and you won't be allowed to divulge information about the game, show it outside the private beta channels or stream it anywhere.

Server stress test

We want this weekend to see the high peak of activity on our servers and really put them to test. We ask the current testers and all the new ones who are going to be invited tomorrow to engage in multiplayer matches over the course of the weekend, from December 15 to December 17.

When we release the game we want to ensure everyone across all regions of the world has a smooth and lagless multiplayer experience, and making sure we reach that goal is the reason behind this stress test. If you can help us out and test the limits of the servers that would be great.

End of the closed beta... and a surprise for January

Next week on Wednesday 20 December we will be closing down the closed beta as both Slitherine and Steel Balalaika get a break for the holidays... but no worries, we'll be back in January with a big surprise for you.

In January we will be opening a public demo on Steam so that everyone will be able to play it as well as post content online and stream the game!

Ol' Willy

Zionist Agent Vatnik
May 3, 2020
Reichskommissariat Russland ᛋᛋ
I think OOB does that to make it harder to build up 'doom stacks' (even though there is no stacking), its super expensive to buy back your very experienced high level units, I think they are trying to stop the rollover effect the longer campaigns can have where you just build up all 5 star units across the board by the 1st third of the game. If they slow experience point gains down too much then buying new units and losing units is too punishing and creates a scenario where losing any experienced unit can't be tolerated. So instead they made it very expensive to transfer experienced units, especially the expensive units like heavy artillery and tanks which cost a ton to transfer over. I think they are trying to force you to have to mix in some more green units etc..I understand why they did it, but yes its impossible to ever really afford your entire experienced army in carryover. At least I have never been able to do it..I have a bunch of units in every category I think I have never bought back.
Especially as this balance problem was already solved in PG3. You are just given the limited number of new equipment. Let's say 1942, you now can add Tiger to your force, but the game gives you just 1 Tiger unit. If you lose it, basta, no replacement until game rolls some more Tigers to roster - and then still, no more than 1 or 2 units.

And of course, no problem of 5 starts units as the entire experience system was remade, no longer exp adds points to your stats
Glory to Ukraine
Nov 22, 2020
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Ayo, yo, yo, yo what up niggers? Dropping in to tell you that there is a free MP beta happening right now. Technical side of things aint perfect, as I basically have to restart the game after every MP match, but the game itself is p. gud. Both US and rusniggerians are p. well balanced in the game (lol) and I find the game to be very enjoyable, though the devs better get it in proper working order before release.

Go give it a try!

Hace El Oso

Jan 5, 2020
Just playing through the demo mission. Feels a bit arcadey so far which was my issue with regiments.

I looked up some gameplay out of curiosity and got the same impression. E.g. Troops and vehicles can suffer direct hits from ballistic missiles and just lose some health bar. Without a deeper simulation of damage it’ll be regiments all over again.


Jul 16, 2009
I watched stream, and the game feels horribly dated. Where are MLRS deployed mines, where are hordes of drones, where are lancets flying from off-map positions?

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