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Codex Larian Hate Poll: Has your opinion about Larian Studios changed?

Which one of these statements most accurately describes your opinion of Larian Studios?

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Nov 20, 2010
casting coach
Never played a single game by them. Maybe I'll try BG3 if everybody loves it


Jan 26, 2020
Atop a flaming horse
I'm surprised by the hate Larian get on here... pretty strong words. IMO their games are decent but they have significant flaws.

They fill a fairly unique role.. that being a developer operating close to the 'AAA' end of isometric RPGs. It's good to have some contrast to the decent smaller games that are coming out.

My prediction is that BG3 will be better than people expect, partially because the D&D rules will eliminate some of the biggest failings of the DOS series (the revolving door of loot, and the armour system in DOS2 being two major ones).


Dec 3, 2017
Grab the Codex by the pussy Pathfinder: Wrath
I liked both D:OS I believe the base formula is very good and it needs a lot of tweaking in the right direction to produce something great.

Quest design is generally good but attributes and skills could come more handy in determining some more stuff, I mean there are skill checks but I felt most of the unique outcomes resulted from me screwing around with the abilities which is something good actually but I wished the way I decided to spec the characters played some more rule.

Encounters, level design were mostly great and I wish they expand upon them.
Itemization was retarded and that's being fixed in BG3, some others questionable decisions in combat are also being fixed with usage of another ruleset.

The mechanics are great and actually very fun to screw around with but they need more tuning. Lastly and obviously, their writing could use a lot of work.

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