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Game News Colony Ship Early Access Update: Hydroponics New Zones


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

Last month, alongside its latest price increase, the release schedule for Colony Ship was quietly pushed back. The game is now scheduled for release in the fall, closer to the end of the year. Furthermore, the next update for the Early Access build was split, with the first part released today. Players can now visit the Yellow and Red Zones in Hydroponics, where judging by the lore quote in the update's announcement, they'll encounter a variety of hazardous genetically engineered critters. I quote:

You can continue your adventure and explore Hydroponics Yellow and Red Zones:

Esteemed members of the Synod,

Our division has been tasked with protecting the precious crops and plants, the everlasting gift of Mother Earth to Proxima, our promised land.

We know that the dangers will be many: pests, fungi, pathogens, even the soil itself, but with the right tools the pests can be driven off, the fungi controlled, the soil enriched.

Our Forefathers have given us these tools: keystone species that define entire ecosystems and hold them together, and like any tools they must be shaped and even reforged, if needed, to fit the task at hand.

These species will be our first line of defence in the battle that's yet to come. They will safeguard our fields and tirelessly protect them from any local threat that burrows, crawls, or flies in the most humane and environmentally-conscious way possible.

Our floaters can disrupt brain waves, gently turning away anyone approaching a designated perimeter. Should it fail they can rapidly generate an electric charge of up to 1,200 volts - more than enough to make the trespasser leave and never return.

The frogs can easily hunt down any intruders ... but you've already seen what they're capable of. Suffice it to say, our little friends have shown a remarkable capacity for learning, and their genetic variety makes the possibilities truly endless.

Our most interesting project is a sand striker, uniquely suitable for any desert environment. It's an ambush predator that can detect vibrations and anticipate its prey's movements.

What's fascinating is that its nutrient-rich waste is a perfect fertilizer that can enrich the soil and feed the plants. In this way, it turns threats into gifts that will help grow the land.

This update brings us closer to the release, so let's take a look at what's left:

- Mission Control lower levels and the Armory, level 3
- Bridge
- Endgame events

It will probably take us 3 months to do the next two updates, so by the end of July we should be done with level design and creatures, and we'll be able to fully focus on the endgame events.

Thank you for playing.​

As mentioned, the next update for Colony Ship will include the promised new Mission Control content along with the final level of the Armory. After that comes the Bridge, which is now a standalone update expected by the end of July.


Antiquity Studio
Aug 24, 2013
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Resisting the urge to jump back in... I haven't played it since about 2 or 3 big updates ago. Easily GOTY every year it's been in early access. If they push it back to 2024 it can be GOTY for that year, too.

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