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Cyberpunk 2077 VR


Mar 28, 2014
Well i mentioned it in other thread that i tried C77 with VorpX and my 3080 was just not enough to run it well and frankly it was a mess.

Turns out that this dude Luke Ross made mod for C77 to play it in VR and thanks to very nifty work it actually performs very well on default vr settings on my 3090 (60fps+). AER the name of his weird hack is that it effectively doubles framerate and uses some wizadry so it is not lagging.
Either way. With how it performed i even managed to crank up details to high and still got nice performance. I even managed to run VR with raytracing it was way below 60fps but playable.

LukeRoss patreon

unpack to where game exe is and run it once. When you will run game it will auto fire steamVR. If you don't want to use VR just cut out to backup folder .dll file.

Now for the review of Cyberpunk2077 in VR:

Game was completely made with first person perspective in mind which means it works perfectly in VR. The best part about that game aka the city simply looks stunning and the scale you get in VR is simply astonishing.

I played VR since GEN1 and this is pretty much FIRST vr game that literally stunned me. CDPRs night city even in 2D was stunning but when you take it into proper 3D with headtracing it completely changes end effect. You ARE in city.
Spent playing prologue as well as early game without single issue.

Shooting with weapons is a bit clunky but overall it is excellent experience.

here is video i recorded from quest 2. Opening part of video is where i was stunned the most. I just went up to balcony of some building randomly and i was walking through it when i looked down some music started playing and frankly i just sat down and looked down. IT felt "right" as if I was in that city.

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Mar 27, 2023
Perkel opens a Cyberpunk VR thread.

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