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Daggerfall is totally awesome


Shitposter Bethestard
Mar 21, 2018
Character creation system was also fun. Broken and easy to abuse (but on the plus side, also easy to manipulate to make the game more challenging to you, slow leveling speed etc), but entertaining to play around with.

And dat atmosphere.

Actually wouldn't it be harder to level faster? Because of level scaling and stuff.

The level scaling only really applies to encounters, and you can still bump into Ancient Vampires as low as Level 6, and that's ignoring the pre-placed ones in main quest dungeons. Certain dungeon types will also kick your ass at a low level. Even at Level 3, I had a nightmarish experience going through an Orc Stronghold where the game would spawn Shamans whenever I rested in an attempt to completely fuck me up. Vampire Haunts are similarly nightmarish for obvious reasons. So levelling quickly means that you have quicker access to better gear due to random drop rates etc. and the difficulty of dungeons arguably declines as you get better gear, even though you encounter more dangerous enemies.

Actually that's true, the stat gain break the game if invested on speed. Though low level locks you out of main quests so that kinda sucks.


Sep 13, 2017
Hell yeah, looks I totally bugged the main quest.

I dealt with Lysandus spirit, missed Helseth subplot and kill werewolf for Cyndassa. Now I should get quest from Mynisera (The Emperor's Courier, as UESP specifies) to move along main plot, but Mynisera have no quest for me. What the fuck? Am I really unable to complete Daggerfall main quest now? Fuck, I hate those annoying bugs

a cut of domestic sheep prime

Has OP made it to Morrowind and been disappointed by the fact that cookie cutter NPCs and quests made it through to the sequel, but procedural content didn't?

Though even that is miles above Oblivion.

Skyrim and Oblivion haven't been able to replicate this experience. The saddest part is that Bethesda doesn't even try.
Todd called ia lot of content in Daggerfall "procedural garbage" and specifically refused to try to replicate it. Though I suspect he just didn't have the capability.
Comparison between Daggerfall and Morrowind isn't as easy. Morrowind doesn't have secret doors, elevators, switches (IIRC) and the dungeons don't require nearly as much thinking. However, its much more advanced technology allows it to use elevated surfaces and underwater areas better to create SECRET AREAS.
Daggerfall had underwater areas and elevated surfaces too.

Also, you could own your own home and even a ship. They mainly served as areas to stash loot in, but it was enjoyable at the time.

Also, consider that you didn't play Morrowind after Todd and co had promised the moon and delivered a lump of cheese. Originally, stilt riders were supposed to jump through the skies, you were supposed to be able to ride a gondola through the canals of Vivec city, quests were supposed to be extremely interactive and the Fargoth quest was used as a just a small example, even though it was actually one of the most complexly scripted quests in the game by comparison.

Instead we got a world that felt even more dull and lifeless than the one filled with "procedural crap".
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Deuce Traveler

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May 11, 2012
Stuttgart Germany
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Resurrecting this thread just to drop this video on everyone. This is the guy who runs the Ancient DOS Games videos, and in this one he is covering spell effects in Daggerfall. I found it an interesting look under the hood. Now I know why my Chameleon spell never really worked the way I thought it should:



Jan 5, 2019
Everything he says is true.
Daggerfall is about the vision though. No game has ever been so ambitious.
Dare we hope the new project pays out?

Lonely Vazdru

Pimp my Title
Jan 10, 2007
But unfortonately they tried to bit way more than they could chew...
True, but if more game companies had followed suit, they could chew so much now. :(


Apr 8, 2015
Yeah it true. If more companies were as bold as Beth was in those days, the medium wouldn't be as stagnated as it has.
But usually the best games are those the devs know exactly what the game should be (their focus and limitations) and commit to that vision.

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