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Development Info Devil Whiskey demo patch


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Devil Whiskey; Shifting Suns Studios

Over that <A href="http://www.devilwhiskey.com/main.html">the Devil Whiskey site</a>, there's word that the patch for the demo has been released and is ready for <a href="http://download2.shifting-suns.com/DWDemo-patch-1.0-1.1.exe">snagging</a>. For those who have yet to try the demo, you can also <A href="http://devilwhiskey.hegglin.net/DWDemo-1.1.exe">grab the installer</a> for <b>version 1.1</b> of the hommage title. Here's a bit of the news about it:
<blockquote>A couple notes on the patch: We've received numerous bug reports and suggested improvements to the game, and have implemented as many as we could reasonably handle in the time we had. We feel the demo is much more stable than it was, and are excited to offer the user-interface improvements that are evident in version 1.1. Several things have *not* been included, such as mouse support (which will not be available in the initial release of the full game, either, but is likely to be added in a future update). But for the most part, we believe we have made a very reasonable effort to improve and fix-up the game!</blockquote>
Hey, as long as mouse support is coming, that's all I need to know.

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