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Interview Divinity: Original Sin 2 Post-Release Interview at PC Gamer


Oct 24, 2007
Chrząszczyżewoszyce, powiat Łękołody
Oh, and drop the cooldowns. Seriously, they are cancer. Attacks should be selected on cost/benefit basis and there is a lot to work with here. Basic attack should generally be most efficient and reliable way to simply deal damage, status and AoE should generally be weaker per AP spent. If an attack should be especially powerful, it could cost defence (which wouldn't be so crippling if it replenished on its own), hit one turn after casting (possibly while disabling the caster for this turn) or so on. There isn't much reason to reapply status over and over before it expires or to hit repeatedly with special attack if it's weaker than normal one. Cooldowns are a crutch and a bad one at that.

Also, it would be a good thing to readd melee range helping hand (help knocked down character up) as generic ability. Also an ability to willingly roll on the ground (knocked down, getting knocked down by anything should apply surface effect like wet to yourself - new effect 'oiled' - cold/water resistant, burning after any contact with fire damage).

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