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Indie Duel Corp -- 3D pixel art Souls-like action RPG -- coming to Early Access in 2023


Dec 16, 2014

  • Character Customization: Create an arbitrarily complex and unique class from a wide variety of weapons, armor, abilities, and talents tailored to your own play style. A rogue with a two-handed axe, sneaking up on enemies and throwing fireballs? Sure thing! In addition, there's a character creator that lets you customize your character with a unique look.
  • Retro meets modern gaming: Immerse yourself in a unique pixel-art retro fantasy environment with high-definition 2D textures in modern and never-before-seen graphics full of surprises, twisted monsters and deadly bosses.
  • Direction-based Combat: Take part in intense, challenging and fluid direction-based combat scenarios. Sense of Learning, Mastering and Accomplishment
  • Procedural World: Explore a varied, interconnected, procedurally generated world full of secrets, unique items, allies and challenges. Find your own way to overcome obstacles by repurposing your learned skills. Each playthrough will take you through a new world and provide countless hours of gameplay.
  • Customizable AI: The codex allows you to customize your partner's AI to suit your own unique play style. Would you rather heal? Send your ally ahead. Need a pocket healer? Your ally has you covered.

Personally I have a deep distaste for Dark Souls and the entire Souls-like genre, which after trying it, this clearly qualifies. But I realize I'm in the minority there, so maybe some of you will be interested.

There is an open alpha going on right now that lasts until April 10th, so you can download on Steam and try it out for yourself.


Nov 8, 2007
Saw this awhile ago. Was somewhat interested until I discovered it has procedurally generated level design. Into the trash it goes.


Nov 21, 2015
Beyond the Grave
Not interested in procedurally generated content.. I guess the crafting survival folks would be more into this one.

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