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Game News Edge of War is an isometric turn-based RPG from the creators of Iron Danger, now on Early Access


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Action Squad Studios; Edge of War

Why Early Access?
Edge of War's journey began in spring 2020 with a passionate, small team that has since grown to 15 dedicated members. By 2022, we were elated to secure a publishing deal for a 2024 release. Yet, the tides turned unexpectedly in 2023, when our agreement was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances within the publisher's domain.

Faced with these challenges, our path shifted. While full-time development became untenable, our commitment to Edge of War remained unwavering. A few of us, fueled by passion and a shared vision, have chosen to champion this game during our personal hours, aspiring to realize its full potential.

The road to Early Access was steep, driven by our determination not to let the game fade into obscurity. Now, more than ever, the feedback and camaraderie of our community are paramount. We're unveiling Edge of War to you not just as a game, but as a shared journey. Together, in the fragments of our free time, let's shape its destiny.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
Edge of War will be in Early Access for a while and we are expecting the full release to happen by the end of 2025. We will keep updating the game and its content as much as we can during this period. The reception and popularity of the game will affect the progress of development timeline.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
The heart of Edge of War lies in its emergent storytelling—a dynamic canvas where players craft their individual tales within our expansive world. But like any great tale, our game has its chapters yet to be written.

Upon our unforeseen pivot from traditional publishing, we solidified the game's foundational mechanics: thrilling combat and adventurous explorations. Yet, the depth of our world-building and narrative intricacies are still blossoming.

Imagine Edge of War as a sumptuous feast. We've prepared the appetizers and set the table, but the main course—our rich narrative experience—is still simmering.

Beyond story, other game elements await refinement and introduction. Elements like strategic traps, nuanced character personalities, and a vibrant world that cycles through seasons, affecting visuals and gameplay mechanics. While our Early Access version offers a glimpse into one season, the complete journey spans an entire in-game year. And while characters can currently progress to level 7, the envisioned cap stretches between levels 20 to 30.

We acknowledge that certain features, including polish, tutorials, and user-interface enhancements, might not yet meet player expectations. This translates into a steeper learning curve, with some in-game knowledge possibly requiring external sources.

While our vision for Edge of War is grand, we understand it's currently a work in progress. As you consider joining us in Early Access, recognize both the potential and the present state of the game. While it's an exciting opportunity to co-create, experience, and shape the narrative, it's essential to approach with a clear understanding of the game's current limitations. We cherish our community, and we'd rather you embark on this journey with us fully informed than risk any misplaced expectations. Your decision now will play a vital role in the legacy of Edge of War.​


Feb 14, 2017
Looks interesting. Refreshing too considering that rainbow inspired eyesore which got posted the other day. At least some people still get it


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Feb 22, 2006
Perusing his PC Museum shelves.
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I like destructible environments but I hope it isn't over used as a gimmick with each encounter screaming, "This one structure right next to the bad guys looks awfully unsteady, gee what should I do?" Their physics system seems to have enemies throw their swords and shields straight up into the air when they die. Looks weird. Also, furries are going to love this game...:lol:


Apr 2, 2012
lol'd when i saw the huge oy vey nose race and deer kin in character creation.

Trailer looks good. I'm actually tempted to buy it at some point because the regional price is weirdly low and the devs already have one finished game under their belt.

Lyre Mors

Nov 8, 2007
I heard Iron Danger was more of a puzzle game than an actual RPG, which is what kept me away from it. Will there be any of that in this one?

Taka-Haradin puolipeikko

Filthy Kalinite
Apr 24, 2015
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This is more conventional turn based tactics with skill checks.
Great! Thanks for the answer, Taka! Glad they decided to go that route.
That said those skill checks are mostly easy and level cap is quickly reached, game is still very much work in progress on content side.

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