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Escape Simulator VR Open Beta: Seeking Feedback


Pine Studio
Dec 6, 2023
Hey everyone,

I'm Igor from Pine Studio, and we've just launched the demo/open-beta for Escape Simulator VR. I'm reaching out to the RPG Codex community to gather your valuable insights and make the game even better.

First, about the Game

Escape Simulator VR offers an immersive escape room experience playable solo or in online co-op with up to 8 players (optimal 2-3). We've rebuilt the game from the ground up to deliver a comfortable and highly immersive VR adventure. At least we hope so.



Central to the gameplay is realistic physics, bringing the player as close as possible to a real-life escape room. Every non-nailed object is interactive—pick it up, toss it aside if it's not needed, and move furniture to uncover hidden compartments.


Escape Simulator VR supports various locomotion types, including teleport, smooth move, controller-based movement, and full room-scale setting. Whether you prefer snap-turning, seated, or stationary mode, the game is adaptable to player's preferable playstyle.

In co-op mode, you can team up with friends for voice-supported collaboration. Discuss puzzles, share items, and tackle challenges together. Notably, you can also play with non-VR players.


The game features 25 original rooms, developed in collaboration with real-world escape room designers, divided into four theme packs: Labyrinth of Egypt, Adrift in Space, Edgewood Mansion, and Omega Corporation. Additionally, there are five extra one-off rooms to explore.

Now, about the Beta

The demo, now available on Steam, serves as an open-beta for the VR version, offering a glimpse into the experience without being the final product.

What elements did we overlook? What aspects should be prioritized for improvement?

Also, a temporary fix for an issue with VR headset not connecting

If someone can't make the game work (not only ES, but any game) via Steam Link you need to switch to Steam VR as a current OpenXR Runtime.

I sincerely hope you guys will find time to test the game and let me know how you enjoyed it or didn't :)

Thank you

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