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Wasteland FINALLY ready for the Wasteland!


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Feb 22, 2006
Perusing his PC Museum shelves.
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Took quite a while but my Doomsday Kit finally arrived for Wasteland 2. Only thing not there is the update disk which I have received an email from InXile saying it will be sent soon. They sent this US Priority Mail which is one of the most expensive ways so I wonder how much sending these out actually cost them.

W2 #1.jpg

W2 #2.jpg

W2 #3.jpg

W2 #4.jpg

W2 #5.jpg

There are fewer signatures than I believe they originally promised but each item is well made. The canvas bag is pretty solidly sewn together (made in India, not China if that makes a difference), the figurine is very detailed and the badges and coin are solid metal. Overall, I'm pleased with the entire package just wish it had not taken so long to finally arrive. I suppose with the re-balance patch just around the corner it's time to enter the wasteland! ;)


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Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
After the re-balance patch, some those physical goods will be out-dated... ;)

I'm waiting for them to announce a final patch, like "we're not touching it after this!", before I'll play this game again. Because I will play it.


Well, i guess if you keep your expectations on the low side you could have a decent single run. When you are seeing everything for the first time the novelty takes the edge off. :P seriously though, there are at least a few interesting locations overall.
Nice loot.


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Oct 28, 2010
Your wallet.
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Yeah, that's funny. I've read high praising things about this game everywhere on the Internet... But I've been playing for 5 hours or so and so far, compared to Shadowrun : Dragonfall, this game is an utter disappointment.

WIll probably post more about that later. But I'm really sad now.

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