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Fluent Plays Skyrim

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I have all these packs installed and I'm getting to them one by one. Next up is Bruma or Vigilant.I

And yes, GCoN has an Italian CoC. It was a little weird and a surprise but it's an otherwise excellent mod.

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Dawnguard is very good content, I thoroughly enjoyed my vampire lord run through it. The ending lore about the snow elves was really interesting and unexpected. I thought it was pretty cool but I just wish these quests had more things you could do post-quest. I want to recruit new vampires, play a strategy overworld map of plotting our next recruitments, do archaeological quests to find ancient vampire relics and other interesting things other than inherit the clan (which is mostly useless besides some merchants) and the castle from the previous owner. You should be able to do more things in these games after you're done with the main quests and you are leader of the guild/clan.

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