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Review GameRaiders put the raid on Prince of Qin


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Prince of Qin

<a href="http://www.gameraiders.com/">GameRaider</a> hammers <a href="http://www.princeofqin.com/">Prince of Qin</a> in their <a href="http://www.gameraiders.com/reviews.asp?platform=PC&reviewid=680">review</a> of the Chinese themed CRPG. While noting the setting of the game is very well done, they didn't seem to care much for other aspects. Things they panned would include the voice acting, the lack of non-stop action, and the graphics.
<blockquote>Self-billed as an action-RPG, Qin simply doesn't have enough action. Though the game speed can be adjusted up or down, the title's overall pace fails to keep up with the genre's established norm. Products such as Diablo, Darkstone and Prince of Qin are all built upon the concept of hack-'n'-slash treasure hunting. Because of the tedium inherent in this model, it's imperative that designers keep players busy at all times. Though Object does offer a serviceable plot to help maintain interest, in the end, the developers leave players with too much downtime spent running across fields and wandering through towns.</blockquote>
Honestly, I've played <a href="http://www.princeofqin.com/">Prince of Qin</a>, and I really have to wonder from where all the <b>Diablo 2</b> comparasons come. The character system may be a little Diablo 2-ish, but the game itself plays more like conventional RPG than a <b>Diablo 2</b> or <b>Icewind Dale 2</b>.
Spotted at <a href="http://rpgdot.com">RPGDot</a>.

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