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Interview GameSpy interview with Pete Hines on Oblivion modding


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
MrSmileyFaceDude said:
Of course, like lens flare and page curl, it can be overdone, but we'll continue tweaking it until the game ships.

Oblivion should have eight suns so no matter where you're looking, you see the lens flares.

I really don't get lens flares in games like Oblivion, though. Lens flares have to do with photography, so unless your character is a photojournalist or something...


Bethesda Game Studios
Sep 24, 2004
Yeah, we have glare that appears if you look directly at the sun in addition to the HDR effects, but no lens flare. You're supposed to be IN the world, not viewing through a camera.


Jan 4, 2005
And in this, the RPG site of depth and concern with the truly important aspects of Role Playing, an item about the Construction Set becomes a thread about light bloom. Just be freaking glad it's not Orlando Bloom you're getting with this game, and can we now focus on this:

The construction set - this has to be the most exciting, important news for RPG lovers for a long while. The fact that a game studio is releasing something of this sheer power for anyone to make stuff with is unarguably fantastic, and makes them heroes, yes that's right, HEROES, no matter what you think of the actual game itself. Morrowind's CS was promising but the game engine was still too weak for anything substantial to be done with it.

This looks set to change.

Can't wait.

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