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RTS Global Conflagration - C&C Generals clone

Feyd Rautha

Apr 17, 2009
Nestled atop the cliffs
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Early access this year.

About This Game​

Global Conflagration is a modern fast paced RTS
  • Three factions
  • A varied roster of tanks, infantry, helicopters and planes
  • Traditional base building system
  • Global abilities
  • Unit abilities and upgrades
  • Army camo customization
Three modes:
  • Multiplayer PvP, supporting 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
  • Skirmish vs AI
  • An upcoming campaign that will explore an unexpected military incursion in Europe


Nov 3, 2007
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"Early access coming in 2024".

So most likely will be mediocre at best.

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