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Game News Hidden Pass now on Kickstarter


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Jan 28, 2011
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Welcome to the World of Averon, where science, magic and sky-faring adventure are par for the course. You are to lead an expedition to the centre of a vast cluster of uncharted isles floating high in the sky, the Elyrium Belt. Previously inaccessible, the discovery of a new mineral—Elyrium—has sparked a new era of technological progress and exploration: The Age of Discovery.

Competing factions scramble to construct vast aircraft and launch expeditions into this uncharted and resource-rich region.Your goal is to assemble a team of the toughest adventurers to sail the skies, reach the heart of the Elyrium Belt and unravel its many mysteries

Hidden Pass is a tactical turn-based RPG set in a unique techno-magical fantasy world. Inspired by legendary strategy and tactical classics such as Xcom 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 as well as modern games like Songs of Conquest and Into The Breach, we invite you, as backers, to shape the future of the continent of Averon.

The Game
Hidden Pass is split into two key elements. In its strategic layer, you’ll experience its world as a lightweight 4X strategy game. When you send your units out on sorties, Hidden Pass becomes a turn-based RPG with tactical, grid-based combat. We’re especially proud of the game’s stylized aesthetic and visual effects, inspired most by Divinity: Original Sin 2. Breaking down the core gameplay loop a little, expect to spend around 70% of the game in tactical combat, and the remaining time on the strategic map layer.

That 30% is a very dense part of the experience, though, and full of that crunchy strategic goodness that makes the genre so compelling. Make your story your own by designing your base, levelling your characters, exploring and plotting your conquest of the game world, defending yourself against hostile incursions and interacting with the story as it unfolds.

As you can see, we’ve got strong foundations here, but even grander ambitions for Hidden Pass. With your backing, involvement and feedback as veteran strategy/tactics fans, we can make this the game of our dreams, and yours! Help us improve Hidden Pass, and spread the word.

Key Features
Multi-layered Combat: Combat in Hidden Path takes place across three map layers, each presenting their own tactical challenges, although flying units are free to move between them and outflank more limited fighters. Every battle takes place in a fully three dimensional space, and a single flying unit can turn an otherwise defensible position into a tactical liability.

Elyrium Madness: Magic is your most powerful weapon, and potentially your undoing. Every ability used brings you closer to the brink, the power of Elyrium slowly driving your units mad. There's a potential method to this madness, though - the further you push to the edge, the more powerful your abilities become.

Passing the Baton: Field your four best and brightest units in each battle, but plan for attrition. Casualties can be swiftly replaced mid-battle with reserve units from your Tower - don’t accept defeat!

Automatons: Not all of your units are flesh and blood. Your home base’s Factory can manufacture powerful Elyrium-fueled automatons with unique abilities and strengths.

Wanderer's Tower: Your powerful mobile fortress and home-away-from-home. A flying base where you produce fresh units, upgrade their gear and research new technologies. Your tower can also move between clusters of islands, giving it access to ever-shifting resource pools.

Expertise System: Keep your troops alive and they’ll reward you in kind. Level up your troops to unlock powerful new abilities that might just turn the tide of your next battle. We want every unit to write their own story from battle to battle. The unlucky rookie that rises to become squad MVP - the kind of stories you want to share with other players.​


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May 29, 2010
I see we're still in the zeitgeist of garish cartoony art styles.

Kev Inkline

Nov 17, 2015
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Rather a strong contrast between the quite cool concept art pic as a teaser and the migraine inducing inane graphic style of the game itself.

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