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How much did you like Numenera's story?

  • Thread starter Whiny-Butthurt-Liberal
  • Start date

How much did you like Numenera's story?

  • I loved it!

  • I really enjoyed it, though it's not perfect

  • It's pretty okay but flawed in some major ways

  • I am perfectly balanced between my likes and dislikes

  • Mostly fairly meh, but not without its moments

  • A poor effort overall, not much good about it

  • I fucking hated it! Gimme back muh dolla billz

  • I did not finish it because it was too boring

  • I did not finish it because it was too exciting and I got a heart-attack and died

  • I never played it

  • I automatically dislike everything that was made in the last twenty years or so

  • I only like Kingmaker: Pathcomrade

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Sacro Bosco
Sep 14, 2019
The general plot was good enough. Actually let's say the premise of the story. But the devil is in the details and the execution was all in all horrible, from companions to the the actual story.

The story was okay if fanservice to ps:t, like poe was fan service to bg2. The intellect check was fucking broken, though, and the ending is cheap.

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