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KickStarter [IndieGoGo] World Slayer – East (JRPG) Meets West (DA:O) In Full 3D For Mobiles


Feb 27, 2017
Dear Fans (and Haters) of Role Playing Games a.k.a. RPGs! Some people even call them RPG Games ... How dare they, right?


No obligations, enjoy and be fair! A demo version of our game, World Slayer, is freely available for Android (primary) and Windows 8-10. (a bit later, Mac, Lunix, and even iOS as well).

Link to demo: https://world-slayer.com/demo

IndieGoGo: launch later today, 28th February 2017

For news and updates, please connect with us via Twitter

Youtube Trailer; FaceBook Page

Here is a Short Description of the game (full Pitch):

A mobile RPG. Obviously, we target mobile platforms, but what we mean by mobile has a broader sense - a game you can play anywhere.

In many modern mobile RPGs, the role playing practically stops after you’ve dressed and geared up your characters. The curse of free2play! We and many fans of old-school RPGs find it very disappointing that mobile platforms are not used to their full potential. Mobile platforms are always with you by definition. This is why our mission is to restore the essence of the RPG-genre by carefully bringing actual role playing experience to mobile platforms.

here are many legendary RPG series from Europe, US, and Japan that inspired us. Just to name a few, those are Dragon Age, Planescape Torment, Witcher, Persona, Suikoden, Grandia, Final Fantasy and many many others!

Our game is devised to have a higher degree of non-linearity. We want to give players a living sandbox-like world with multiple possible storylines, so that they can be either a hero, who will save the World, or a villain, who is going to destroy it. In World Slayer, players will be able to build relations with other characters, craft weapons, and even gather their own army.

Wherever you go and whenever you feel like playing, the game will give you chills and emotions from actual role-playing like in the golden age of RPGs.

Appreciate all the feedback and be glad to answer your questions!

Some screenshots!




Tags: IndieGoGo, WorldSlayer, Mobile, PRG, Indie, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Story Rich, Party-Based RPG, 3D, Choices Matter, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, SteamPunk, Modern, Nonlinear


Feb 27, 2017
The combat is turn-based. But it does not have very much depth, you can't change the position of your characters or even move in the battlefield.

Thank you!

I understood that you expressed some concerns about the graphics in the exploration mode earlier.

How do you find the graphics in the battle mode?

I absolutely agree with all your feedback about our Demo.


May 15, 2011
Does it contain substantial nudity? Can we rape people (tastefully or otherwise)? Does MCA contribute to this project? Drop the sales pitch and answer the important questions.



EDIT: Wait, I can't even play this on Windows 7?

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