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Interview Inon Zur Q&A at Sorcerer's Place


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Icewind Dale 2; Inon Zur

<A href="http://www.sorcerers.net/">Sorcerer's Place</a>, the nice chaps who host us, have done up a little <a href="http://www.sorcerers.net/Articles/zur_interview.htm">interview</a> with the song chap, <b>Inon Zur</b>. He wrote the music for <a href="http://icewind2.blackisle.com">Icewind Dale 2</a> and <A href="Http://www.interplay.com/falloutbos">Fallout Tactics</a>. Here's a bit of it:
<blockquote>SP: What are some of your favourite game soundtracks you have worked on and why?
Inon Zur: This is a very hard question. I put lots of work into any project and always try to make it my best work. I do think that IWD II came out well and has some interesting moments in it. So do Baldur's Gate [Throne of Bhaal] and Fallout Tactics. Nevertheless, Klingon Academy and Starfleet Command are both projects that I'm very proud of. It all depends on the individual's taste in music.</blockquote>
I think we interviewed this guy once too, but I never can remember the names of the music people. Ivan Zor? Eden Zig? *scratches head*

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