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Interview KotOR2 queries at HomeLAN Fed


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

<A href="http://www.homelanfed.com/">HomeLAN Fed</a> has posted <A href="http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=24687">this interview</a> with various members of <A href="http://www.obsidianent.com">Obsidian</a> about the upcoming <A href="http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swkotor_sithlords/index.html">Knights of the Old Republic 2</a>. Here's a bit from <b>MCA</b>:
<blockquote><b>HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the storyline for the game and how it relates to the first game?
Chris Avellone</b> - The game takes place five years after the end of the first game; much of the backstory of what happened will depend on choices the player makes in the first portion of The Sith Lords that describes the events that followed after the end of the original KOTOR. I don’t want to give any spoilers right now, but there’s no one answer for what happened – it all depends on what happened in KOTOR I.
The story is a classic tale of good vs. evil, humanity vs. the Force, punctuated by a lot of blaster fire. Not much of the backstory was in place before Obsidian started the project – there were some early drafts that were tossed out, and the current version was all created from scratch by Obsidian. LucasArts did have a number of story elements that they wanted to see (and didn’t want to see in the game) that we have adhered to: the player must start as a Jedi, the Sith must be a prominent force in the game, don’t play head games with the character with memories or future sight, and a few others here and there that would be spoiling things if we mentioned them.</blockquote>
Yeah, <b>Chris</b>, but will blasters actually be useful this time around?

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