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Competition Kron MS Paints his way to a Staglands Leather Journal


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Jun 18, 2002
Tags: MS Paint Competition; Serpent in the Staglands

After much arguing over who wants to pick a winner discussion about the entries, the judges decision is in on our recent Staglands Competition. Congratulations goes to Kron for his winning entry, "Spooky Pixel Stuff":

Special mention to runners up Zorba the Hutt for his entry, "Homo Blakemoriensis":

.. and Onholyservicebound for his "The Red Troll":

Kron will get the sexy leather journal along with a digital copy of Staglands and art book, while the runners up will get nothing. As is fitting.

You can view all of the entries in our gallery here. Thanks goes to all those who participated!


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Aug 7, 2013
Congratulations to the panel for a choice well made.

A user named cat

Ima let you finish but Phantasmal deserved to win something.
All my entries were jokes and I just traced from real photographs in Photoshop :oops:


Kron obviously deserved to win but judging from his two pics - appears to be an actual artist which already put him at an advantage. That'd be like Tim Cain entering an RPG Maker contest on IGN forums.

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