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Management / Sim Mech Engineer (Early Access). Russian + Micropose old style Simulation Strategy Management Pc Game


Jan 25, 2021

I discovered this game a few weeks ago, and it is a very strange and complex one, but actually its problem is the complete absence of a real manual (the one in the game is not so well written) and an explanation of many mechanics and values. These are the same issues of Highfleet, another videogame from Russian developers published by Micropose.

By the way, in this game the world is doomed by an alien invasion, you control the resistance, made up of a sentient city that moves around the Earth. Your goal is to find a way to escape the planet while defending yourself from the aliens with a squadron of mechs that you design and repair.

You have to design each mech from the minimum details: reactor, engines, modules, cockpits, etc. Your pilots need rest and you have to monitor their blood pressure, stress and even heart rate.

The UI (as for Highfleet) is amazing, with many references to the masterpiece of the late 90s. It's still in early access, but there's plenty of room for improvement, so let's keep our fingers crossed.
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Apr 16, 2004
this looks like pure 100% weapons grade autism that was smuggled over the tijuana border to be cut and stepped on with a mix of rat poison and eastern european methamphetamine. i can hear the electronic dance music in each and every screenshot.

i like it, probably need to buy it...


Apr 16, 2004
this game deserves an effort post, but it's gonna get a shitty photo embed instead.

for the tweakers out there, here's the mission selection screen - you can see the grid-based worldmap that you move your city on, as well as a mission analysis summarizing the difficulty as well as my current squad of mechs and some pilots assigned to them


edit: a few more images



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Zionist Agent
Mar 9, 2019
Insert Title Here
Update 57 (Rigil Kentaurus and Toliman)

Thank you for playing the game and leaving your feedback.

Here is the changelog for May 2023:
  • The Bestiary is now available - review intel on enemy alien forces by clicking the monster icon next to the Hangar tab
  • The construction table in the Engineering tab now lights up to better indicate where to drag and drop a mech, weapon, or reactor
  • Toggle the tutorial on or off inside the game in the Escape menu
  • Additional information in the tutorial popup will inform you about weapon customization when installing a mech into the construction table for the first time
  • One of the battle screen filters now reduces the sensitivity of lighting in battle, which stops the screen from being washed out when firing strong energy weapons

  • Added sounds for the railgun, teslagun, plasmagun and corrosive gun

  • ///Buffs
  • Increased enemy turret rate of fire by 80%
  • Increased enemy turret ammo capacity by 100%
  • Increased Ovum's health from 1000 to 3000
  • Increased Ovum spawner (from labyrinths) armor from 7 to 22
  • Increased Titanus Araneus damage from 10 to 24
  • Increased railgun armor penetration from 3 to 4
  • Increased railgun rate of fire from 150 to 200
  • Increased resource cost of deploying Kinetic weapons in combat (Bjorn from 6 to 8, Skalaknit from 3 to 4)
  • Increased Kinetic shell duration by 1% for every 5 damage
  • Increased resource cost of deploying Explosive weapons in combat (Bjorn from 11 to 15, Skalaknit from 6 to 8)
  • Increased resource cost of deploying Thermal weapons in combat (Bjorn from 12 to 20)
  • Increased penalty for sending mechs into battle from District 62 from 20 to 25 for every level the district remains unupgraded (zero penalty at max level)
  • Increased the maximum number of city repair brigades from 3 to 5
  • ///Nerfs
  • Lowered Titanus Araneus claw damage to systems from 15 to 10 per attack (its armor penetration is still infinite)
  • Area of effect for Titanus Araneus claw attack has moved slightly - you should no longer take damage when behind its back
  • Reduced Colubra's starting damage to shields
  • Reduced Colubra's additional damage over time to shields
  • Reduced Ovum's armor from 22 to 0
  • Reduced Gammarus damage from 24 to 15
  • Flos now have 0 armor when attacking
  • Reduced enemy turret armor penetration from 8 to 6
  • Halved the reload speed of enemy artillery
  • Increased the minimum distance for the enemy's artillery to shoot
  • Reduced increased duration for the reactive projectile mod from 3 to 2
  • Kinetic projectiles will slowly lose speed and duration for each second spent inside enemies
  • Reduced the total amount of all Explosive ammo by ~15 %
  • Reduced system damage from the sunbeam weather effect from 2 to 1
  • Reduced number of damaged districts from a giant's attack from 10 to 5

  • The Particle Emitter has been added to the arsenal. It launches a self-guided projectile that creates bolts of lightning along its trajectory that deal massive damage. Its damage also depends on supplied energy. Uses the Explosive ammo type.
  • Energy weapons have been reworked - now all weapons that depend on supplied energy heat up the reactor with shots
  • Processor programs saved to a mech punch card will no longer be forgotten
  • Adjust the available ammo ratio for a mech by clicking the shield icon when a mech is on your construction table
  • Damaged text on mechs will now no longer overlap with the program numbers
  • The power circuits switch is now more visible in a mech's electricity menu

  • Open the whole research tree by fully upgrading District 17 in the city menu
  • Tutorial now highlights the pilot menu for a better navigation
  • Starting a fresh save file will now only spawn two giants: one red and one gold. The world will also have a random spread of infested terrain cells.
  • If you start on a city cell you will auto pickup a clue, instead of losing one as before.
  • Colored squares have been added next to the city stats to better indicate the colors of the graphs

  • The experimental orbital Earth defense gun map has been added. It contains one new boss: Glyptodont which bears miniguns. The map also has one huge defense turret that can be captured, and a new weapon, the Particle Emitter, which is rewarded for killing the boss.
  • The rocket barrage processor program now fires projectiles at the maximum rate of fire, instead of a one-time shot, for optimization reasons
  • Explosion animation and damage over time now depend on the source of the damage
  • Duration of fire zones now depends on the source of the damage
  • Size of fire zones now depends on the source of the damage
  • Explosions can now knockback Operarius
  • Napalm projectiles now slow down faster the closer they are to disappearing
  • Check how much a mech's systems have been damaged by mousing over the mech on the battle screen
  • A mech's damaged systems icons now appear on top of each mech card during battle
  • Allied turrets can now be damaged in the same way as mechs as by enemies
  • Find and activate allied turrets on city maps
  • Picking up a resource during battle will highlight the resource panel to show that it's been added
  • Doubled cabin heat from reactor overheating - pilots will now be more likely to be damaged by reactor overheating if cabin safety stat is low
  • Colubra act differently on infested maps - every few seconds they will launch a huge energy ball across the map at visible mechs. Colubra's energy dome also will not disappear until it has dropped to 25% of its total health, instead of disappearing at 75% on other maps.

  • Slowdown zones now render to one texture with a different sprite
  • Broken cabin now can be spotted by the cracked glass effect inside the pilot's window
  • Pilots shake their heads when they are panicking or the mech is walking fast
  • Added laser particle and size-increasing effect for the Colubra attack
  • Brucus now properly displays the turrets on its back
  • Rockets now have a particle trail effect
  • Fire zones and fire attacks now emit fire particles
  • Slight performance improvement by turning off unnecessary calculations during battle
  • Increased FPS during battle by getting rid of the second camera
  • Fixed similar colors for the first four graph lines when viewing city stats
  • City components obtained during a mission now correctly display
  • The game should no longer crash when using more than one anti-missile system platform
  • Water particles no longer endlessly stack when the game is paused
  • Fixed a slight darkening of the map when minimizing and expanding the game during battle
  • The frog boss no longer counts as a Gammarus in the final game score
  • Fixed the spawn of resources by Titanus Centipeda when fleeing from it to another cell in the labyrinth
  • Fixed a bug with not displaying the influence of the mech speed acceleration program on the displayed characteristics in various places
  • Mechs will now continue to move diagonally over long distances
  • You can no longer click the volume sliders after switching to fullscreen mode during battle
  • The wrong tutorial popup no longer appears when accessing the mech test chamber
  • Fixed a bug with not applying the projectile lifetime mod in the weapon testing room
  • Fixed a bug with not applying the energy mod in the weapon testing room
  • Fixed a typo in the underwater turbine research description
  • Fixed formatting of Russian text in the manual for the first page
  • Fixed displayed reload cooldown count
  • It should now be easier to drag and drop a reactor inside a mech
  • Fixed incorrect mention of available menus in the tutorial
  • Fixed issue with capturing cells not clearing infestation
  • Fixed issue with rendering minesweeper numbers on the map under infested cells - now you can properly see the numbers
  • No more double clicking when changing mechs on the construction table after fixing a bug involving the second camera
  • Added algorithm to automatically display mech resists in the components menu to fix incorrect numbers
it is recommended to start a new save or continue an old one in the oneversionback branch.

If your save files are not working correctly or something has broken with this update, please use the oneversionback branch, leave a message in the forums or join the Mech Engineer Discord to get support in the #bugs channel.


Oct 28, 2020
Just saw it here

I'm trying the game out now, it looks extremely interesting and promising.


Oct 28, 2020
Game is quite hard, although I suspect it's much easier for someone who knows what they're doing. Think I died and restarted 8 times at this point.
Aesthetically it reminds me of HighFleet with all the analogue button pressing which is nice. Just to control the camera in battle you need to plug some wires into the overhead drone so it's pretty immersive. Overclocking your mech components involves going to the electricity menu, clicking a button to open the reactor and then dragging wires around.

Gameplay loop is most similar to x-com but some big things are missing. Research is too simple for example, doesn't expend any resources and the research tree is very short. The main thing about fighting aliens (bugs) in order to get resources to upgrade your moving city, build new weapons, mechs, etc is there. Majority of time will be spent customizing your mechs though and it seems to me that the most important part of it is actually the weapons customization. There are many options and mods for weapons (not many weapon types themselves) but it falls down to adapting to the enemies you expect to encounter. And very importantly, making sure you don't end up reloading all your weapons at the same time so some rate of fire and ammo storage tinkering is required... You're also expected to make sure your mech doesn't overheat which heavily depends on their ambient temperature and again, the kind of weapons you're using.

Combat itself is fun, seems to center mostly about pre-planning and positioning. Won't go into more detail, my impression of the game is that it's very much an early access game still.


Zionist Agent
Mar 9, 2019
Insert Title Here
Update 60

Thank you for playing the game and leaving your feedback.

Here is the changelog for August 2023:

  • Added a mouse icon underneath the arrow in the end-of-day stats menu
  • Dispose of end-of-day information reports by right-clicking on them
  • Compare the number of AUX mech modules between mechs when you select a mech in the Production menu
  • Middle mouse click a mech in Engineering or in the Hangar to bring up a detailed information report about the model, such as reload times for each ammo type on the mech (right click to dispose of the report)
  • Enjoy a scrunching up sound when disposing of information reports
  • Added a picture of a drill to page 32 of the base manual
  • Added monster icons for Brucus and Ovum to the bestiary
  • The descriptions for research nodes DRONE, CYBORGIZATION and ATOMIC BOMB have been changed to better describe their mechanics
  • Base manual has been updated to include information not previously mentioned, more specifically: mechs will not shoot through allies, power circuits raising the base reactor temperature for mechs, how mech evasion and stability works, and fire rate reduction during melee attacks
  • Changed the order in which additional mech menus are mentioned in the manual to match the sequence in the UI
  • District descriptions have been updated to fix some grammatical errors
  • Plus sign at the top left of a weapon module in the weapon list will show you if it has unspent points
  • See the current mod installed in weapons when they are inside a mech on the construction table, without removing them from the mech

  • ///Buffs
  • Counter rocket module will add some kinetic ammunition
  • Sagittarius attack range has been doubled
  • Mechs will dig walls at twice the speed when the battle speed is also doubled
  • Reduced toxin sprayer research time from 20 days to 5 days
  • Fire pools created by the flamethrower have the weapon's initial damage instead of its end damage
  • Reload time modifier for mech model "Holo" reduced from 4 to 2
  • Increased the speed and duration of energy spheres from Colubra in infested map cells
  • Decreased the lifetime decay rate of enemy kinetic projectiles
  • Tripled the number of underwater currents
  • ///Nerfs
  • Increased flamethrower research time from 2 days to 5 days
  • Lowered the initial amount of armor layers
  • Removed endgame armor from the starting item pool
  • Fire weapon module will create fire pools with 20% less damage
  • increased fire damage reduction per point of enemy armor from 5% to 10%
  • Added damage reduction for underwater fire created by the fire weapon module
  • Reduced the starting number of engineers by 30%
  • Projectiles from weapons without a slow module will cause a slow debuff at 20% less effectiveness
  • Operarius armor and health is tripled in infested areas instead of quadrupled
  • Additional reactor overcharge module multiplies overheat time debuff instead of stacking the debuff, which will greatly increase it the more you have it
  • Bonus effect from District 15 on the number of engineers per day lowered from 3 to 2

  • REACTOR OVERCHARGE research node moved to the beginning of the research tree - the additional reactor overcharge module can be accessed by all reactors after research is complete
  • Set specific min/max engagement distances for each enemy type via the new menu to the right of the construction table when a weapon is placed there. For example, this will allow you to completely stop mechs from firing at certain enemy types that are out of effective range, or are too heavily armored to take damage from a particular weapon, so that mechs do not waste ammo or overheat.
  • Added a limit to maximum repair cost based on the mech's cost
  • Added an element of randomness for the optimal value of the damage repair cost, removing the ability to calculate the exact number of clicks required for optimal value
  • NEEDLE BULLETS and TORPEDOES research nodes changed - you will need to add these as weapon modules via the construction table in order to use them in underwater battles
  • ROBOTIZATION research node has been moved to allow access to cyborgs sooner

  • The following changes have been made to the city: District 17 has lost its food and spare parts bonuses and depends on District 18; District 40 depends on District 18, and a fully-upgraded District 15 will remove maintenance after battles for mechs
  • Changed the depth for minesweeper numbers on the world map, so you could see them over the mega storm
  • All world map scan layers will show you bosses that are near your city, so the player always knows when danger is close
  • A warning report will appear after skipping a day if bosses are near your city
  • Bolster your city assault squads with cyborgs via the new CYBORG SQUADS research node

  • Tornadoes can be redirected by a rocket blast
  • Colubra will destroy walls with its laser beam instead of firing over them
  • The tutorial text telling the player how to control mechs will persist for two more battles before disappearing
  • Added a transparent minimap to full-screen mode that includes a display of the camera's position
  • Buttons in the battle menu will highlight when you mouse over them
  • The special Bunker map cell now contains additional information about the huge weapons menu
  • Improved the visibility of enemy turret attack range by adding internal stripes
  • Added a message about unavailable artillery after trying to select it when it is unavailable
  • Added enemy artillery in caves in the form of digging from the ground
  • Increased turret attack priority radius by 20% from its attack radius
  • The camera will always appear near your mechs at the start of a mission
  • Boss HP has reappeared in the standard battle screen view

  • A settings config file is now available to manually edit (by default on Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mech Engineer\data) allowing you to keep the aspect ratio and lock the mouse cursor to the window - settings for these in-game will be added at a later date
  • Tutorial settings are saved between play sessions
  • Added transparency to target in the mech test chamber
  • Various text corrections made to Research
  • Limit set on the maximum stats of pilots when they are training in real-time
  • You can no longer pick up a pilot and a mech at the same time in the Pilots menu
  • Buttons will no longer overlap information reports when the latter is clicked on
  • The construction table used to show incorrect reload times - this has been fixed
  • Mechs in the mech test chamber used to be able to perform simultaneous reloads without the necessary processor program - this ability has been removed
  • You can no longer craft huge weapons until the technology is obtained from the special Bunker map cell
  • City legs cannot be infinitely improved anymore
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to reach the end of the weapons list if there are too many of them
  • Loud weapon sounds should no longer play at the start of each battle
  • Explosions change terrain textures and cause additional effects against walls
  • Mechs will no longer automatically reload unequipped ammo at doubled battle speed
  • Players should no longer accidentally select a mech when disabling weapons in battle
  • Pilots with higher stats will no longer take more time to make decisions between orders
  • Overlapping commands occasionally caused rare cases of disobedience by pilots - this was unintended
  • The underwater modifier will no longer persist after closing the weapon test chamber
  • Ovums spit out more large shards on death than before
  • Added tentacle animation for Fragellum's attack
  • Watch out: Fulgur have stopped spawning at the edge of a map cell meaning they no longer die instantly
  • Particle creation for volcanic artillery during a pause now works as intended
  • The starting tile of a labyrinth map cell should no longer spawn the player in next to enemies
  • Colubra weren't interacting correctly with fire and explosion effects - this has been changed
  • Colubra should gradually remove the slow debuff when attacking mechs
  • Colubra energy balls will no longer cause particle buildup while paused
  • Sagittarius used to be stationary but its AI behavior has been given a nudge
  • The incorrect destruction of walls by Titanus Centipeda in the maze map cell has been addressed - it was previously causing pathing problems for AI even if there were no more walls
  • Added adaptive direction for Titanus Centipeda when spawning in a maze based on past movement and mech position, so its tail won't appear on top of mechs
  • Enemies should no longer regenerate armor when battle is paused
  • Fixed persistence of slow zone grid over walls causing incorrect pathfinding after destroying walls
  • Walls on the right and bottom edges of a map cell are no longer endless
  • Various visual improvements - in particular when picking up nuclear reactor modules, when moving the city and how some textures appeared incorrectly at different resolutions
  • Changed names for monsters in the credits to correspond to the bestiary

If your save files are not working correctly or something has broken with this update, please use the oneversionback branch, leave a message in the forums or join the Mech Engineer Discord to get support in the #bugs channel.


Zionist Agent
Mar 9, 2019
Insert Title Here
Update 61 (Wolf 359)

Thank you for playing the game and leaving your feedback.

Here is the changelog:

  • Language mods can use É, Ú, Í, Ó, Á, and Ñ characters that have been added to the game's Latin font
  • Mod support has been added to the game but it is very early in development - a short guide.
  • Resource counters at the top of the screen will update more quickly than before
  • The art for the Castle mech has been given a new look
  • See a mech's loadout with additional info by mousing over icons in the mech card not only during battles but also in other menus
  • Not sure whether you should click on something during combat? Hover your mouse cursor over on-screen elements to see information pop-ups
  • Check your current keybinds by pressing Escape
  • Get more information on your city's needs by hovering your mouse cursor over the stats in Hangar > Calendar
  • Allow cursor to go to another monitor in fullscreen and restrict the aspect ratio from the new launch menu options (previously you had to manually edit a settings config file)

  • ///Buffs
  • Railgun spread reduced from 4 degrees to 1 degree, improving the accuracy
  • Railgun damage and armor penetration gain from energy has been increased significantly
  • Initial projectile speed of railgun has been doubled
  • Increased the lifetime of explosive shells by 10%
  • Reduced Tentacle mech's weight from 73 to 65
  • Reduced Tentacle mech's base reload time from 4 to 1
  • Explosive ammunition explosion damage doubled
  • The speed limit for projectiles has been removed, which led to low damage and armor penetration when using a mod with increased projectile speed
  • Rocket flight duration has been increased by 10% longer
  • Kinetic and thermal projectiles will properly damage multiple enemies within the same game tick, which leads to increased damage against clusters of enemies
  • Toxin sprayer damage increased from 3 to 4
  • Toxin sprayer projectile speed increased from 7 to 9
  • Removed gun recoil for all energy-dependent kinetic weapons
  • Plasma gun research time reduced from 20 to 14 days
  • Plasma gun projectile starting speed has been increased from 5 to 7
  • Number of scientists required for Tesla node in Research has been reduced from 100 to 50
  • Bjorn cost for a flamethrower has been reduced from 160 to 100
  • Flamethrower production time reduced from 3 to 2 days
  • Toxin sprayer production time reduced from 4 to 3 days
  • Toxin sprayer production cost in Skalaknit has been reduced from 150 to 90
  • ///Nerfs
  • Railgun rate of fire reduced from 200 to 20
  • Railgun weight increased from 24 to 40
  • Railgun energy consumption increased from 30 to 50
  • Railgun base damage and armor penetration has been set to 0
  • Railgun rate of fire no longer depends on energy
  • Increased Plate mech's reload time from 3 to 4
  • Increased Plate mech's weight from 50 to 60
  • Reduced Tentacle mech's base ammo amount from 1 to 0.5
  • Reduced the knockback effect of explosions on Operarius
  • Toxin sprayer spread increased from 5 to 10 degrees, reducing the accuracy
  • Plasma gun production time increased from 4 to 5 days
  • Plasma gun production cost in Munilon has been increased from 110 to 180
  • Research time for Tesla node has been increased from 4 to 8 days
  • Railgun production time increased from 3 to 5 days
  • Tesla weapon production time increased from 3 to 5 days

  • Dismantle any items in the production queue to refund resources with the new "Dismantle" button in Production
  • Fixed the bug with armor disappearing after loading a punch card onto a mech that already had armor

  • Resource grinders take note: the number of Brucus encounters available within one day persists across multiple encounters for each map type
  • Changed the spawn behavior of red and gold sword icons on the map; they were appearing either too close to the city or to each other, leading to random difficulty spikes at the start
  • Reduced District 4's production of artillery shells from 0.5-1-4-9-16 to 0.5-1-3-5-9

  • Depth charge research node added for city artillery - destroy enemies and open passages underwater
  • Ovums have been given a tentacle texture that connects them to the ground
  • Desert maps will always be affected by storms, similar to map cells affected by the global mega storm
  • Storms have been upgraded - all objects caught up in storm-afflicted maps will be moved in the direction of the wind for two seconds with a break of 10 seconds
  • Mech AI changed to be less likely to get stuck inside walls
  • Walls get tougher the deeper they are within terrain
  • Watch your step - volcanic meteorites have doubled in size
  • Tundra maps have a snow texture that helps distinguish them visually from others
  • Mechs will more often get into an optimal position for long-range shooting after reaching a destination
  • Tornado size doubled to make them look more scary
  • Both mechs and Operarius will circle inside bigger tornadoes
  • Tornadoes will have a 50% chance of disappearing when changing direction, allowing mechs trapped inside to escape

  • Changed the weights of monsters in the bestiary to make them more believable
  • Various spelling corrections in English localization
  • Fixed a crash related to the Orbital Gun map and Fragellum trying to grapple the gun with their tentacles
  • The rare error in line 2986 may or may not be fixed; let me know in the discord's #bugs channel if it reappears
  • Returning a mech from the Hangar to Engineering should not reset the ammo ratio if the mech has an auxiliary C-RAM module installed
  • Boss health will no longer extend outside the display circle in the regular battle screen view
  • Fixed exploit with an endless buff for energy weapons: swapping weapon modules with another module will no longer save the temporary wiring settings from the weapon test chamber
  • The hospital pipe texture is back; it disappeared due to a bug with cyborg research
  • Improved memory and particle clean up after battles
  • Fixed huge versions of weapons not receiving the correct increase in weight and energy consumption
  • Adjusted the volume of gun sounds and order bark to better hear shots in the distance
  • Corrected text on page 12 of the base manual about the type of damage received after blocking an attack with armor
  • More tutorial popups have been added to the post-mission window and Calendar
  • Fixed a bug with projectiles ignoring targets in front of the mech and teleporting behind them
  • Reduced the number of gib spawns from artillery strikes that was affecting performance (this was purely a visual effect)
  • Titanus Araneus' long range pull attack has been given a tentacle texture

If your save files are not working correctly or something has broken with this update, please use the oneversionback branch, leave a message in the forums or join the Mech Engineer Discord[discord.gg] to get support in the #bugs channel.


Zionist Agent
Mar 9, 2019
Insert Title Here
Update 62 (Lalande 21185)
Eight-mech squads available to deploy | Repair minigame less confusing | Blow up tornados | Fragmentation mod reworked

Thank you for playing the game and leaving your feedback.

Here is this month's changelog:

  • The repair minigame has been given icons that represent each pip of damage that needs repairing
  • Increased the visibility of the "Do not show again" checkbox for tutorial popups
  • Mouse over buttons in the post-battle statistics menu to highlight them
  • Banner art showing the terrain of your next battle deployment will look more distinct since the blue-colored animated overlay has been removed

  • ///
  • increased frequency of enemy artillery by 20%
  • Operarius health value increased from 12 to 13
  • Biomass growth on map cells with enemy bases increased by 25%
  • Increased the explosive area of effect of enemy missiles by 70%

  • Mouse over buttons when configuring a weapon for tooltip descriptions
  • The fragmentation weapon module has been reworked. It no longer reduces the weapon's armor penetration stat. Projectile speed is reduced by 30%. Kinetic projectiles will no longer ricochet with this module if they fail to penetrate enemy armor. If kinetic projectiles penetrate, they will be destroyed to create fragments. Fragments have the same armor penetration as the projectile, instead of half the value as before.
  • Placing wires in the power circuit menu plays a satisfying sparking sound

  • Updated stats for the starter set of mechs in the Hangar to make fresh campaign runs slightly easier
  • A new giant boss called Monstrum has appeared; it has its own purple sword icon on the world map
  • Deploy up to eight mechs on missions – scroll through tabs with the wheel on the left in the battle preparation menu.
  • A sound effect will play when dragging and dropping mechs into battle preparation slots
  • Don't be reliant on your favorite squad – some pilots may take the weekends off forcing you to use crew that might not be as experienced
  • When a district gets damaged, it also can kill pilots since they now travel across districts in real-time
  • Always have some components for your city on hand – damage to your city is doubled when you have none
  • Overall game time has been extended to make it more likely to visit unique map cells and encounter bosses.

  • If you manage to reach the endgame by launching the shuttle, and you wish to keep playing, the following happens:

  • Tornadoes disappear after reaching the edge of the map during battle
  • Destroy tornadoes with artillery or missiles – a tornado has a 50% chance to disappear upon contact with an explosion
  • Tornadoes change the flight direction of projectiles they come into contact with instead of shifting them
  • Objects will no longer move inside a tornado when the game is paused
  • The C-RAM aux module for mechs will no longer target enemy missiles behind walls
  • Enemy missiles will create an explosive effect upon contact, much like player missiles. This effect can damage walls, mechs, aliens and tornadoes. They deal less damage underwater.
  • Doubled the duration for how long battle screen notifications stay on screen
  • Stealing resources from Colubra is harder because they only drop them on death, instead of at spawn
  • Maps that start with 50 Ovum will try to maintain that number if the number of Ovum drops below 50 – another Ovum will spawn every three seconds if there are fewer than 50 of them.
  • Underground enemy bases have been updated. You can instantly teleport to another cell if there are no enemies on the map and no bosses near your map cell. In addition,

    Doing so will clear this cell on the world map.

  • Robotization research node overhauled: instead of consuming 20% of the city's energy, you are given the ability to manually create engineers in Production
  • Various spelling corrections and grammar changes in the base manual
  • Added a mention of the weapon testing chamber in the base manual
  • Fixed an issue where pilot cabin toy arrangements would disappear after reloading the game
  • Gibs will have different flight speeds when created rather than a default value across the board
  • Clicking RMB to clear away notes from after battle or inspecting pilots should no longer unintentionally leave exclamation marks on the world map
  • For modders: function create() for obj_battle_map script has been moved to the last line, creating the opportunity to change starting values
  • Empty slots between mechs in battle will no longer break the stats interface of all further slots
  • The graphical bug associated with repeatedly saving a mech's paintjob has been squashed
  • Incorrect text alignment issue when exiting from battle to the main menu has been resolved
  • Select single mechs during battle by shift+number – this feature now works as intended
Update 63 (Sirius)
Load multiple mods | UI improvements | More enemy variety

Thank you for playing the game and leaving your feedback.

Here is this month's changelog:

  • The game can now load multiple mods at the same time and the loading of LUA states has been optimised
  • Because of the updated system, you can't use the live_path variable to get the path. Now the path is stored in mod_info[v_modid]. v_modid is the second argument in every create() function.
  • Removed the create function for obj_pilot_item.lua
  • Removed the shoot function for test_mech.lua
  • test_mech will use the shoot function from obj_ally.lua
  • The maximum amount of Fulgur can be changed with a new parameter in the balance file
  • Fixed a crash related to the presence of the Create function in the Draw event obj_test_mech
  • Fixed copy/paste crash for mod id when updating mod

  • Resource numbers will start to abbreviate 1000s to a K if they get too high so as to prevent overlaps
  • Tutorial message window increased in size to better fit large texts
  • If the build days in the Production tab are impacted by a debuff, an animated flashing light appears to highlight its importance

  • ///Buffs
  • The purple sword boss has been made more dangerous: its health has been doubled, its armor increased by 5 units, its turning speed upped by 33%, and its missile fire rate is 25% faster. However, the cost of spawning the purple sword boss has been increased from 600 to 650 biomass.
  • Watch out: Fulgur’s AI and spawn rules have been redesigned.
  • The Sagittarius is more likely to hit you as it will reposition better to avoid walls in its line of sight
  • ///Nerfs
  • Mech dig speed reduced
  • Reduced biomass multiplier for infested zones from 5 to 4
  • Reduced the cost of spawning the red sword boss from 300 to 250 biomass
  • Mech stability is 20% less affected by storms in deserts or map cells inside the mega storm meaning you will not need as much impact resistance to enter a storm

  • Bonus fire rate for kinetic weapons from the CPU program has been fixed and works as intended
  • Remove all modules from a mech with one click via the button located on the bottom-left of the construction table

  • At the start of the game, a zone of infested cells appears around the golden sword boss, so the red sword boss won't head in its direction
  • The rules dictating the spawning of the sword bosses at the start of a new game have been changed to make it less possible for them to spot your city early
  • See all city locations on the global map at any time
  • Enemy pool rotation updated to change every in-game week, which will lead to players encountering more monsters that they don’t kill frequently (and fewer monsters that they do kill frequently)
  • Cyborgs will remain in the city after completing the endgame mission

  • When fighting Flos, mechs are less likely to avoid its attacks if they have enough energy shield
  • Fixed kinetic ammo not creating fragments with fragmentation mod during actual battle
  • Mechs stop avoiding Colubra's beam if given a new command, allowing for better control of them
  • See bosses' health all the time in underground bases
  • The Caecilia snake monster can appear in underground bases making for a harder encounter
  • Reduced collision size for missiles, which should reduce the chance of them hitting walls at launch
  • Team up pilots with higher relations in order to improve the ally drone repair perk during combat
  • Ally drone repair no longer repairs all mechs at the same time; they only repair one mech at a time
  • Tornadoes should no longer appear on top of your mechs, but it is still possible to appear right next to them, so be careful
  • Enjoy ten new map variations for each of the ten terrain types, increasing the total of regular maps available to 220.
  • Watch out for the return of enemy turrets: maps with will contain 15 turrets whose type depends on the map terrain

  • Improved descriptions for the processor programs
  • Fixed a bug with mechs disappearing when dragged from the battle preparation screen to the engineering menu
  • Storm effects should no longer mysteriously appear in underground maps
  • Fixed missing text popup in the underground base about nearby bosses
  • Removed the ability to
  • Removed the appearance of Titanus Centipeda in the underground base when re-entering the cell where it was destroyed
  • Lowered the amount of effects generated from dealing high damage to Titanus Centipeda to reduce lag
  • Fixed FPS drops in some rare situations like when too many enemies are grouped together behind a wall and a mech is trying to find the nearest visible target
  • Removed the ability for red sword bosses to spawn on top of special missions and fixed the additional biomass coming from these cells even if the player already cleared them
  • The global map should display coordinate numbers on the global map properly instead of shifting about
  • Pilots should appear on the correct visual layer when clicked and dragged about the screen
  • Alien cults should stop appearing in your city after completing the endgame
  • Updated Castle mech texture for both its research node and combat
  • Updated leg animations for mechs in combat
  • Added four-legged animation for the Castle in combat
  • Fixed red lines of the nuclear strike going outside of the global map screen

If your save files are not working correctly or something has broken with this update, please use the oneversionback branch, leave a message in the forums or join the Mech Engineer Discord[discord.gg] to get support in the #bugs channel.

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