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Codex Interview Oxygen interview


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Oxygen

Our first interview with Ariel Chai, the guy currently developing Oxygen, a space trading, action CRPG. Here's a taste:

9.) Are there outlets for players who aren't interested in combat? Will there be a way for those players to earn a living without killing lots of things? Can you rig a ship for running away by adding more engines and stripping weapons?

Well, nobody said you can't be a pacifist trader (I can't imagine a person buying a trading vessel for the weapons), but it's a tough world out there, you'll need to make sure you can defend yourself. (of course, you're going to see a lot less action in a trading ship)

Weapons will have no effect on cargo and vice versa, so if you don't use their space, too bad. (if I don't have it this way, things get mixed up, and too many ships will have access to powerful weapons). But in the economical level, you could invest your funds on an engine/thruster-upgrades rather than a shiny new (and big) weapon.​

Well, at least trading will end up resulting in less combat situations. That's a plus.

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