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Paradox of Hope VR - be a stalker in the Russian metro [early access]


Oct 23, 2017
Just released today. One man's passion project. 93% positive reviews as of writing and looks fun. Only $17 with the launch discount. Cooperative multiplayer mode coming in the future.

Paradox of Hope is a story-driven VR shooter with survival and horror elements. Feel the life of a real stalker as you explore the mysterious labyrinths of the post-apocalyptic Moscow metro. To achieve your goals, use stealth to sneak up on your enemies or fight your way through. Expand your arsenal, find modifications for your weapons and upgrades for your equipment. Survive: keep an eye on the supplies of filters and first aid kits, and always be on the lookout in the darkness of abandoned dungeons.


Embark on an exciting journey through an atmospheric single-player campaign: play as a stalker dragged into the chain of horrific events. Rectify your mistakes and find a way to save the Metro.



"Raids" is an endless game mode with a procedural level generation. Test your survival skills in a deadly environment.

  • Prepare yourself. Choose your gun, stock up on filters and first aid kits.
  • Survive. Collect a valuable loot and find a way out of the location, but be careful, if you die, you will lose all equipment.
  • Repeat. Sell loot and use the money to buy a cooler gun, or spend them, for example, on a larger backpack.



  • Single player campaign
  • Replayable game mode "Raids" with a procedural level generation
  • Unforgettable atmosphere of Russian post-apocalypse
  • The possibility of stealth walkthrough
  • Weapon modifications and equipment upgrades
  • Immersive game mechanics
  • Accessibility Options (seated mode, left-handed mode, different movement/turning types)

Doktor Best

Feb 2, 2015
If the metro setting doesn't interest you I suggest this as an alternative.

Been diving into this game recently and wanted to make a post about it when i'm through. Its really fucking great. Probably my favorite single player VR game. Its Stalker in VR basically.

Paradox of Hope looks good too but i reckon it needs some more development time.


Apr 2, 2012
Very little content in Paradox of Hope at the moment, so it obviously needs more time in the oven. Dev said the story will be short as fuck: 3-4 hours even in a finished version. But there is also some procedural raid mode which is longer.

I have Into the Radius but right now wasting time in TWD game (it's great) and some arena types of games.

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