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Game News Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #42: Rituals & Talking Weapon Stretch Goals


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

The Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter campaign is in its final hours and the money is coming in fast. Owlcat have been surprisingly quiet all day, merely marking off stretch goals as they're unlocked and announcing new ones. After Areshkagal's megadungeon, the mysterious next stretch goal at $1,960,000 turned out to be "Magic on the Crusade". It's basically a new system for casting Master of Magic-style ritual spells within the game's strategic crusade layer.

The primary way a crusade differs from usual adventures is in terms of scale - giant armies march across the Worldwound at your command and battle hordes of demons and other abyssal spawn. Magic must accommodate, and also move to a global scale. With this goal, you will be able to research and cast strategic rituals, like in Master of Magic, Age of Wonders, and Dominions series, and change the rules of war.
It took only three hours to hit that and unveil another new stretch goal at $2,000,000. It's the ever-popular intelligent weapon.

Your supportive magic just made the magical goal get funded! But we are not done with sorcery yet, as there is another goal with enchantment involved. There is a weapon in your inventory that starts talking! But do not hasten to throw it away or sell at a flea market. It could become your mini-companion if we reach this goal together. A gossipy one, that's for sure! And pretty handy when it comes to slaying some demonic spawn. Take it with you, as it is dangerous to go alone, you know.
This stretch goal too is bound to make it into the game before the night is done. I'm not as sure about the one after it, which appears to be yet another new class.


May 19, 2019
They're smashing those stretch goals too fast for all the news haha. I think the got like 200-300k today or something like that.
Jan 17, 2015
The best talking weapon in any game will always be Lilarcor (followed by the Ego Sword from Bard's Tale) and no one will ever convince me of the contrary

Tim the Bore

Mar 20, 2018
I can't wait for this weapon to be all snarky and sarcastic.

That magic system sounds cool though. I really want to know how Owlcat is going to put all these things they promised in the actual game.


Jul 17, 2017
Tactical Battle for Armies will be a disaster but the stretch goals were really good. Best stretch goals I've seen on kickstarter.


Nov 13, 2013
I would have preferred Dinosaurs to a talking sword, but it'll be interesting to see what Owlbear delivers regardless. They got my pledge.

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