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[PFKM] UNFAIR run as a Thassilonian Necromancer - With videos.


Glory to Ukraine
Jul 11, 2019
Sorry. No videos for ch 1/2. I only started to record in ch 3. But here is the achievement :


First. Why Thassilonian Necromancer? Many argue that it is the worst wizard specialization. Simple. Because I like. I like all aspects of the lore behind "sin" magic, each school representing a "corruption" of a virtue. Enchantment being lust, evocation, wrath, transmutation, greed(...) and necromancy a ethernal hunger for lifeforce hence gluttony. A vampire necromancer with a endless bloodlust is a cool concept. The drawback of a Thassilonian specialist is 2 prohibited schools.

Not merely a opposition school like a normal specialist, two prohibited schools which are the opposite to your school in the sin magic "chart". Many argue that losing abjuration, enchantment is a huge price to pay, mainly in unfair difficulty, but I always play with a druid mercenary which can cast powerful and necessary abjuration magic to help me.

Thassilonian specialists also require a Use magical device check to cast protection from energy from schools. that is a huge drawback. However, when a wizard reaches lv 7, he can cast one time per day, animate dead. I as a Thassilonian necromancer, can cast it 3 times. Feyfolk also has poor fortitude saves, and often has evasion/improved evasion. Hence necromancy is effective in kingmaker.

That said, my run so far :


Was a nightmare. A constantly reload, reload, reload, insta kill, insta kill, insta kill... I din't leveled to not increase the cost of merc and quickly hired a druid merc with a pet. Then turned XP share off and started to run around triggering random encounters with just two party members till I reached about lv 6 and took about 55 in game days.

After it, I started to do the objectives and got into lv 7 close to the Stag lord. Killed him easily with my army of skeletons.

  • CHAPTER 2 :

I just unprepared my boneshakle spell and prepared more acid spells by obviously reasons. The entire chapter was rest scumming + skeleton spam.

  • CHAPTER 3 :

Here I have a video

The unique part which I really had a lot of trouble was in the womb of lamashtu. Because you have a lot of high hp mobs after high hp mobs and no place to rest. I had to burn a lot of scrolls in this the late fight. I also played a bit solo with XP share turned off in the DLC dungeon.

  • CHAPTER 4 :

Having two large animal companions helped a lot with carrying weight. So I could rest a lot. As you can see in the video bellow, I exploited the poor AI + Sirroco a lot in this chapter. But in general, was much easier than the chapter 3.

  • CHAPTER 5 :

Since there are a lot of golems which are SR immune, instead of sirroco spam, I used a lot of acid fog in this chapter

The unique mob which gave me a bit of trouble was the wicked chanter since I was soloing this part for more XP. At 12:42 of the video bellow :

  • CHAPTER 6 :

Nothing was that hard in ch 6. Except the king which constantly dominate my party and killing him without losing any party members took me a couple of tries. Video bellow

  • CHAPTER 7 :

Chapter 7 is the worst chapter of kingmaker IMO. Too much boring slog. If wasn't by the challenge and achievement, I would't play TBH. I had a bit of troubles in the last ancient curse which costed two revive spells and in the house at edge of time, was a rest scum fest.

The final boss, my party would be insta OHKilled by wail of the banshee dealing 2x damage with crazy high save, so I had to cheese the final battle by using persistent AoE and Ice Prison, Mass. While avoiding being in her spell range at any cost. You can see in the video bellow. Ice prison, mass with spell specialization will deal 22 damage every round for 22 minutes. And the DC to break it via strength check is 42. That strategy obviously wound't work in P&P since any sane DM would dispel the spell or cast resist energy(cold) in himself.



Is possible to play this game in the hardest difficulty with a pure role play build. Many people criticize Kingmaker as if you need to play with a pun pun build, but is not the case even in unfair difficulty. You just need to play smart. I din't did the optional chapter by only one reason. I already experienced too much wild hunt spam and don't wanna more 20 hours of unfair wild hunt spam.

The end game of this game is great.


Apr 16, 2004
That reads like a thoroughly miserable way to “enjoy” a game. You didn’t play smarter, you ground XP and exploited bad AI and map/path finding, as well as game the rest and XP sharing systems.

perhaps for other NPCs such as yourself who enjoy 3.5e this is impressive, but for a 2nd ed old timer like myself this is like bragging you beat a game while the cartridge is still sticking out of the game genie…

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