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Development Info Prince of Qin hits version 1.26


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Object Software; Prince of Qin

<A href="http://www.avault.com/">AVault</A> has posted the <A href="http://www.avault.com/pcrl/patches_temp.asp?patch=prinquin">1.26 patch</a> for <A href="http://strategyfirst.com/games/GameInfo.asp?sLanguageCode=EN&iGameID=37&sSection=Overview">Prince of Qin</a>. Here's a taste of the new stuff and fixes:
<ul><li>The bug whereby the introduction text of each chapter cannot be displayed has been fixed.</li><li>The bug that makes computers crash when players talk to sages has been fixed.</li><li>The bug concerning the text display has been fixed.</li><li>The frequency of the occurrence of Heaven King Tally has been changed.</li><li>The bug whereby players can make null equipment has been fixed.</li><li>The bug whereby assassins will still be attacked after they use the skill to make them invisible has been fixed.</li><li>The bug whereby musclemen cannot attack the enemy who is stunned by the skill Roaring has been fixed.</li><li>The authorization of the Demo players has been changed.</li><li>Demo players now cannot log on with a character higher than level 5.</li></ul>
Welp, looks like a lot of demo players might actually have to spring for the game now.
Thanks, <b>James</b>!

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