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Game News Prince of Qin patch 1.13 (take 2)


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Prince of Qin

I just spotted on <A href="http://shacknews.com">Shacknews</a> that that's a <A href="">patch</a> for <a href="http://www.princeofqin.com/">Prince of Qin</a>, the zany Chinese themed CRPG. This <A href="">patch</a> brings the game up to version <b>1.13</b> and does the following:
<blockquote>- More missions and scenes have been added in the network version.
- The number of enemies in the network game has been adjusted.
- Players now have more means to communicate than before. Players can now talk amongst themselves and they can shut down any dialogue channel if they want.
- A display bar that shows the experience required to upgrade has been added.
- Team member portraits will show more information such as the blood bar and special status. Now players can employ skills with other team members and give them tools directly through portraits.
- Summoned creatures now search for enemies automatically.
- Bugs in the network game missions have been fixed.</blockquote>
There's also a mirror at <a href="http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=1392">file shack</a>, since that's where I saw the news.

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