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Game News Reclaim an infested subterranean city in Kingsvein, the next tactical RPG from Rad Codex


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Jan 28, 2011
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While all of the tactical RPGs from Eldiran of Rad Codex have been well-received on our forums, his first title Voidspire Tactics remains a favorite of many. Its metroidvania-style world design was a happy medium between the linear gauntlet of Alvora Tactics and the massive open world of Horizon's Gate. Fans of Voidspire will be happy to learn that Eldiran's next game Kingsvein is a return to that style. Set in the subterranean realm of Graven, in Kingsvein players will assume the role of a "Wisp Slayer" tasked with reclaiming the titular city from the evil forces that have overtaken it. It looks it's got all the familiar elements from previous Rad Codex titles, such as dynamic environments and an extensive class system. Here's the game's announcement trailer and description:

All contact with the city of Kingsvein has been lost. As Wisp Slayer, your role is to investigate and exterminate whatever evil lurks there.
  • Adventure through the castle and its outer reaches as you see fit - secret treasures and skulking beasts hide around every corner!
  • Dynamic and deep tactical combat - toss your enemies into spikes then electrify their blood, or cover the battlefield in flames
  • Customize your team by mixing and matching 15 different classes, each with upgradeable abilities and equippable passives
  • Use your abilities to explore - freeze rivers with your magic, blast through cave walls, and throw chains to topple statues
  • Ride your loyal steed in and out of combat, and train it to be as fierce as any Knight
  • Set in the realm of Graven, a weird subterranean world of living soil and half-stone Diecast
  • From the maker of the highly-rated Horizon's Gate, Voidspire Tactics and Alvora Tactics

Kingsvein is scheduled for release sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam.


Dec 16, 2014
Rad Codex aka Eldiran has a proven track record for making really good games.

You can't say shit about the decline if you won't support this dude but then turn around and buy the trash that Bethesda, Obsidian, etc put out.


Oct 9, 2012
Will there be "multiple solutions/paths" through the castle to suit different party combinations


Nov 8, 2007
I beat Alvora tactics today myself. Weakest of the three, but still good.

Yep, was incredibly relieved when it was confirmed there wouldn't be any procedural generation in level design in Kingsvein. Admittedly, in Alvora it was some of the better execution of it I've seen, but handcrafted is always better, particularly in a Rad Codex game, as has been made evident by his other two titles. I think if Alvora had been a handcrafted dungeon crawl, it would have been quite a bit better, but ultimately still the weakest (which I'm sure Eldiran would admit himself, considering it was always supposed to be a smaller project).


Jul 16, 2005
Small but great planet of Potatohole
This is not good. Not because of the technical quality which is ok, but the style. If you can into 16-bit console-like and similar looks then good for you. However it is hard to accept if you can't. The fun part is, I played many games on SNES (console not emulation) but i still have trouble accepting it today. Music doesn't make it better. It would probably work in some 16-bit Zelda-like, not TB tactics.

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