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Interview Riftrunner Q&A at RPGRadar


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Apparently the folks at <A href="Http://www.larian.com">Larian</a> have been busy with the media blitzing of the last few days, because they've also done <A href="http://www.rpgradar.com/exclusives/interviews/riftrunner.html#">an interview</A> with the guys over at <A href="http://www.rpgradar.com/">RPGRadar</A> about <A href="Http://www.riftrunner.com">Riftrunner</a>. Here's one of the seven questions of doom <b>Swen Vinche</b> had to wrangle:
<blockquote><b>RPGRadar:</b> What values do you believe make RPG?s developed by Larian Studios stick out above others?
<b>Swen Vincke:</b> Just as for Divinity 1, Riftrunner and Divinity 2 will have a distinct type of humor, the game never takes itself too seriously. We are also proud of our so-called ?Gameplay Boosters?, which can be found all over the game. These are little things the player can find/do but supply a great deal of amusement for the player. We put a large emphasis on creating games the player will enjoy to play and will have a lot of fun with.</blockquote>
My vote is still on <i>less combat</i> and <i>more interaction</i> in the next ones to up the fun factor, but that's just me. I'm pretty sure every Orc in the setting was killed off in <a href="http://www.divinedivinity.com/">Divine Divinity</a>!
Spotted this at <A href="http://www.larian.com">Larian's homepage</a>.

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