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Completed Shadowrun (1996) for Sega CD [シャドウラン]


May 6, 2019
Strap Yourselves In


So, what can oba-chan tell us? Let's find out.

Grandma: ... I see... Some people can think of terrible things. Indeed, there are still mysteries in the world of magic that are beyond our reach. What cannot be done by one man can be done by many through ritual.
Mao: So I'm assuming it's for that ritual. There was a large stone slab at the top of the pyramid, and it was used to focus the magic.

Grandma: Yes... So that's why you came to me for advice. All right, tell me what it said, as best you can remember.
Mao: Okay... It was hard to read because of all the little emoji. Elendil said this...
(she repeats the whole spiel once again, copypasted)
Mao: 'He who robs the power of the great sun will bring us great calamity, and give us the power of the earth and all that inheres it. Then the earth will thunder, and those who stole the sun's power will fall, and our ordeal will be over.' 'He who robs the power of the great sun' means this country. By defeating it, Elendil and his men will regain their power. That's what it said, but... do you have any idea what it means?
Grandma: Hmm... Wait a minute... ...
(grandma walks away, then comes back)
Mao: What's that?
Grandma: ... It's a very old book. Central America... It contains records of excavations conducted in a country now known as Aztlan.

Mao: ... Yeah, it is.
Grandma: I knew it...
Mao: So what on earth is it?
Grandma: That was over 40 years ago. Aztlan... Or Mexico as it was called then... There was an excavation of the newly discovered site there. The site was extremely old.
Mao: That tablet was taken from there...
Grandma: Most likely... A large number of stone slabs engraved with prophecies were dug up from this site. Those stories were eventually forgotten, though...
Mao: So? What does it say about the tablet I saw?
Grandma: It contained a prophecy that said, "Those who take away the power of the sun will be destroyed"... But before it could be studied in detail a company called Aztechnology has monopolized all of the information.
Mao: "Aztechnology... Yes, the company that Elendil is from."
Mao: Elendil said, 'Give us the power of the earth and all that inheres it. Then the earth will thunder, and those who stole the sun's power will fall, and our ordeal will be over.'

(that's right, repeat it again in the same dialogue)
Grandma: Apparently the prophecy you saw was quite difficult to interpret. Especially what the demon-like humanoid creature in the prophecy represents. If the current interpretation is correct, then "the power of the Earth and all that inheres it", that would point to the monster.
Mao: The power of the earth and all that inheres it... Elendil is about to sacrifice the orcs. So the "power of the earth and all that inheres it" refers to them?
Grandma: ... I don't know, I'll have to spend some more time looking into it.

And that scene ends, with us going to D-Head's.


D-Head: I don't have any clues about this. Let's consider the parameters used to simulate... It would take an enormous amount of magical power to cause enough earth spirits to destroy Tokyo. Judging by the data, the more sacrifices they make, the fewer mages will be needed to perform the ritual. This should give us a rough estimate of the size of the ritual...
D-Head: ...
D-Head: I'm afraid I can't deal with the magic data. Let's see what the expert has to say. I'm sure Mao's at Tokaido, so I'll call her and see what she has to say.

(picking Tokaido from contacts menu)

Voice: Yes, Tokaido.
D-Head: Mao? It's me.
Mao: D-Head, what have you got?
D-Head: I was just researching the simulation program. I don't know how to deal with the magic data. Can I ask you a few questions?
Mao: Okay, but don't ask anything too hard.
D-Head: I can't tell if it's hard or not. How many mages do you need to participate in ritual magic?
Mao: The number of mages for the ritual? Well, that depends on what kind of ritual you're doing, so it's hard to say.
D-Head: So, if we were to use the stuff at the pyramid, how many people would be there?
Mao: I don't think we'd need that many mages for that one... Hold on a sec, I'll ask grandma.
D-Head: ...
Mao: Sorry to keep you waiting... But from what she's seen, there's at least 20 of them.
D-Head: If the number of participating mages is 20, then the number of sacrifices they'll need is nearly 100.
(that's five virgins per priest... oh wait, wrong game, hehehehe :smug:)
Mao: Anything wrong with that?
D-Head: No... Can I ask you one more question? I wonder if all the sacrifices have to be offered at the same time.
Mao: ... I don't know. I have no idea. I suppose they could do it little by little and gradually work through the ritual.
D-Head: Okay... The number of orcs abducted is close to a hundred. Maybe they're not ready yet...
Mao: What do you mean?
D-Head: No, it's nothing... Did you find anything on your end?
Mao: Now I know why they chose orcs as their sacrifice. Elendil is using them according to the prophecy... I really want to stop this crazy plan.
D-Head: Has there been any word from Rokudo and Shiun?
Mao: Yeah, they should be back by now. I've finished my research and I'm going to meet you at the Silver Moon.
D-Head: Okay, I'm going to work a little longer.
(hangs the phone)

D-Head: "Now all we need is this... The file that Emmy left behind... if I could only read the hidden part."

D-Head: ...
D-Head: "The name of the offering... Mao said, they are using orcs according to the prophecy... Then the name of the offering is... Orc!"

And we cut to the bar.

Mao: "It's been a long time since I've left the guys. Were we able to get even a little closer to Elendil?"
Barman: You look very tired, Mao-san.
Mao: What? No, not really, I'm fine. Anyway, are the others here?
Barman: They're not here yet, but... Oh, Speak of the devil.
(噂をすれば影 - uwasawosurebakage, google translates it literally as "If you make a rumor, it's a shadow")

Shiun and Rokudo come in.

Rokudo: Mao, you're here. Did you find out anything?
Mao: A bit. How'd it go over there?
Shiun: We've made contact with ORC. And then things have gotten pretty ugly.
Barman: Yes... They're all here. Rokudo-san, D-Head-san is on the phone.
Rokudo: Yeah, what's up?
D-Head: I was able to read all the way to the end of the file that Emmy left.
Rokudo: Really?
D-Head: Uh-huh. Can you come over?
Rokudo: Okay, we'll be there soon.

We cut to D-Head's again.

D-Head: It's pretty important, and I want you to see this.

D-Head: At the center of it all is that pyramid...
Mao: I see, they're using it as a source of magic.
D-Head: The following appears to be a record of the ritual procedure. Little by little, they offer sacrifices to feed the magic.
Mao: What's this "computer-assisted" thing?
D-Head: It's a pretty complex magic, and they've got machines to help them.
Mao: Ooooh, I can't even imagine a machine assisting me.
D-Head: If we want to sabotage the ritual, this might be the place to do it.
Rokudo: So what's the next file?
Shiun: Looks like an energy line allocation chart...
D-Head: Uh-huh, this is pretty important, too. It's the information about the energy supply to the facility.
Mao: Energy supply? What's the deal with that?
D-Head: Apparently, the ritual requires a rather large amount of energy. They've gone to a lot of trouble to secure the energy lines for the power supply. Look at this. For this project, an independent company in Shibaura was acquired and converted into a power supply facility. That's where the energy lines are routed from. They've had to go this far to cover the energy consumption of the facility.
Shiun: Normally, they'd run out of juice, but they're trying to make it work by pulling in a line from somewhere else.
D-Head: That's what I'm talking about.
(so why was the file passworded?... that's crucial info that we could have ages ago. actually maybe emmy stole it but didnt manage to find the password)
Rokudo: I guess that's all the information we need. How far along do you think the plan is, given the circumstances?
D-Head: To tell you the truth, I think Elendil has everything he needs. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an earthquake any day now.
Rokudo: ... I see. If they've got what they need, there's no way that guy's gonna delay the plan. I think we're in some serious trouble...
D-Head: It's all speculation, though, and I hope I'm correct.
Rokudo: Either way, we can't afford to dawdle.
Shiun: He's got the ritual facility and equipment, mages to perform the ritual, and the sacrifice. Elendil could trigger an earthquake at any time if he wanted to.
D-Head: That does seem so. And he turned a blind eye to us at the pyramid. I think it's because he's confident he can't be stopped now.
Mao: But that doesn't mean we can let him do it. I've lived in this city my whole life! I won't just let it be destroyed!
Rokudo: I know, Mao. Things are definitely not looking good but let's not be pessimistic.
Shiun: The plan can no longer be sabotaged. But we can interfere with the ritual itself. They've even shut down the Tokyo office, which was planning the expo, so they could go ahead with the ritual. What if we can exploit that weak spot.
Mao: What do you mean?
Rokudo: As D-Head said earlier, there's a major weakness in this setup.
D-Head: The power distribution facility?
Shiun: If we can take over that place, we can subdue the energy needed for the expo, even temporarily. It'll make things a lot easier.
D-Head: Indeed. And maybe I can hack into the pyramid computer from there. It can be quite disruptive to the ritual.
Mao: But we don't have enough manpower to do that, do we? We're gonna have to split up, right?
Rokudo: That's true, I don't think we can pull off a plan this big by ourselves.
Shiun: If we're short-handed, we can always invite others. ORC and Nagafune should be able to help us.
Rokudo: Also Izo and the Metals.
Mao: That's right.
Shiun: I'll contact Nagafune.

I pick Izo from the contacts menu.

Rokudo: It's Rokudo.
Izo: Oh. What's up?
Rokudo: Actually, I'm looking for someone very skilled, and I was wondering if you could help me.
Izo: I don't wanna get all the way to your place... All right, let's hear it on the phone.

Meanwhile Shiun calls Nagafune.

Shiun: Hey, it's Shiun.
Nagafune: Oh, I've been waiting for your call anxiously.
Shiun: I was just making arrangements to go see Elendil. There are a few more things I'll need from you.
Nagafune: Anything you say.
Shiun: Thank you very much, I'm on my way to the mansion, so please leave the gates open.
(possibly some polite saying)

Rokudo makes another call.

Rokudo: It's Rokudo.
Hajime: It's been a while, what's the biz?
Rokudo: Are you willing to do some violence for me? I know it's been awhile.
Hajime: You're gonna do something, aren't you? That would be fun, let's talk about it.

And another one for Shiun.

Mute: ... Yes?
Shiun: We've met today.
Mute: That voice... Shiun-san, did you learn something new?
Shiun: We've decided on how to stop them, and I need your help.
Mute: ... Okay, so what do I do?
Shiun: I want you to gather a few of your best men, and then I want you to come down to Nagafune's mansion.
Mute: I understand.

Rokudo: Hmmm, I guess we've talked to them all.
Shiun: Let's check our gear before we go to Nagafune.
D-Head: Let's go to Silver Moon.

So we go over to the bar, and from there on we can visit all of the shops for the final time in the game. We've got 16315 numoneys and that's how I spent them. Firstly, there's armor for Rokudo and this will take the most of it. Secondly... well, there's really no secondly, that's it. So I decide to spend the rest of the money on upping Mao's magic. I also find out the maximum level for spells, it's predictably six.

フル・スーツ - Full Suit (BD 8, ID 6) (10000y)

Up Heal +2 = 6
Up Sleep +4 = 6

And that leaves me with 315 nuyen. Maybe the sleep spell actually works? (fabulously optimistic)

We select Nagafune from the contacts menu, and now there's a ton of people there.

Shiun: ... And that's the situation. First, we're going to seize the facility that's supplying power to the Aztech Expo. That's our first priority.
D-Head: If we can secure this place, I can use the computer to disrupt the ritual.
Izo: I see. You're going to attack the place of the ritual itself right after?
Shiun: Correct. Me and D-Head will secure the power distribution facility, then two more people will be in charge of the attack.
Mute: It's a good idea to hit their power supply, but how are you planning to get into the Aztech Expo?
Rokudo: It's gonna be me, Mao, and two more people at the grounds. We broke inside once through an underground drainage ditch. We're gonna use that drain again.
Nagafune: No, that's not a good idea. Once a place has been infiltrated through, it's pretty much on lockdown, so you might want to think about something else.
Rokudo: But what else is there?
Nagafune: ... I have just the toy for you, look at this.

Nagafune: It's a simple glider for personal use, though it's quite capable. It's a triumph of technology, and it can be controlled remotely.
Rokudo: I see... We attack from the sky, then.
Nagafune: They wouldn't expect you to be in the air.
Rokudo: There's no time to lose... Let's play that hand.
Shiun: All right, let's go over the plan again. First, team one, led by me and D-Head, will hit the power facility. The objective is to stop the power supply to the expo. Then D-Head will disrupt the ritual through the computer system.
Rokudo: Once team one seizes the power supply, the assault team, led by me and Mao, will use the gliders to descend onto the ritual site. The goal is to stop the ritual and to get rid of the mastermind, Elendil...
Izo: That's a big task.
Rokudo: Perhaps. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give it to someone else.
Mao: Same here.
Shiun: Okay, let's start picking the members. I want the members of the Metal Labyrinth and ORC to help with the attack on the power facility.
Hajime: So we attack with flash and oomph, is it? No problem.
Random ORC Member: Agreed.
Rokudo: As for the rest of the assault team, it's a dangerous mission, so can you let me choose?
Nagafune: We've come this far, we're on the same boat, no one's going to say no to you.
Rokudo: The assault team's gonna be me and Mao, then Izo, and Mute.
Izo: ... It's what I wish for as well.
Mute: Please leave the magic to me.
(yeah, do some magic, mute...)

We click on the menu option.

Rokudo: All right, let's get moving.

Shiun: Yeah, you're the ones who should be doing it.
Mao: I'll fight as long as I can, and we'll both do our best.
D-Head: We'll have a drink after the mission.
Rokudo: And we'll chat about some idiot who tried to magically wake up the spirits of the earth. Is the chopper ready?
Nagafune: No problem, we've got some capable pilots on hand.
Rokudo: That's good to know.

Rokudo: Uh-huh. You can pray to God if you want.
Nagafune: And for once, I really feel like it.

Mao: See you later, Nagafune.

(the artist been drawing non-stop)

Pilot: ... Auxiliary wing... Good.
Nagafune: Put those on, it's the gliders.
Mao: It's pretty heavy.
Rokudo: How does it work?
Nagafune: I'll control it remotely from here. Leave it to me. I'll make sure I get you down where you need to be.

(the next bit of dialogue is not available on video because i didn't press LE BUTTON. the one that starts recording, that is :argh: i think i'm missing one image, too :cry: not only that but i've missed recording the first one or two failed attempt at storming the power facility. not to worry, i have one recorded, and you'll see why the first stage of it is the toughest battle in the game)

Rokudo: Yeah, when the light goes out, that's when we go in.

(insert image of power plant here, we'll use this one)

Shiun: We're going to storm the power plant now. The objective is to secure the terminals of the computer system. And then to cut off the power supply to the ritual place.
D-Head: How much time do we have?
Shiun: Rokudo's team should be on their way to the ritual site in a helicopter by now. We can't afford to take too long.
Someone: Got it. We'll do our best.
Shiun: Let's go. The target is a room with computer terminals.


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May 6, 2019
Strap Yourselves In


We start off at the power facility with Team Hax0r consisting of Shiun, D-Head and two ORC goons. There's a door leading north and stairs leading down. Now that I think about it, I never went into that door... Oh, well, yet another unsolved mystery, another question to ponder with a restless mind. Let's go down the stairs. We're met with this.

Five dudes. They're called 整備?1-5 (maintenance X, worker or security, I guess). Doesn't look took hard. Shiun starts great as usual.

D-Head hits with both shots.


I control both of our goons, btw. Good start, goon one! Goon two misses.

Now for our opponents...

BOOM! Goon one is down.

BOOM! D-Head is down.


A bit more damage to goon two and Shiun...

And one more shot into Shiun. At this point this is unsalvageable but still we go on. Shiun does well with his next shot but misses the second one.

Goon two finishes the third guy off.

Now it's bad guys turn. Shiun and goon two both go down and game over.



I haven't recorded two more tries before that one but they went the same. See, close combat is a bad idea in this game because just like you the opponents hit way better and harder. That's why I don't really believe in cybersamurai tactics, Rokudo would just get pounded with lead. And this fight is the only one in game where we just go up the stairs into it with no cover available. The only thing I could think of (and started trying on last try, though incorrectly) was to kill off top two guys and rush to cover provided by the things on the left. Let's see how the next one goes.

This time Shiun just runs up front to the top guy and unloads into his face.

D-Head shoots the center one, luckily twice.


Goon one misses point blank.

Goon two doesn't.

Opponents turn. Goon one goes down.

So does goon two. One of the opponents misses both of his shots.

Annoyingly Shiun can't step over the body, so he has to go forward. I stick to the plan, so the next guy on the top goes down.

D-Head goes closer to the cover (probably it's already working against the remaining enemy) and shoots good enough.


Well, it turns out no, the cover doesn't work and he gets shot. Thankfully, the distance works in his favor.

Not against the second opponent, unfortunately.

Shiun goes closer to him and downs him.

Everything starts to look rosy now. Our goons worked well as meat shields, D-Head is almost dead but our prime damage dealer is in top shape. The last enemy misses both of his shots. So Shiun goes up to him and takes him down hard.

Phew, that was a hard one. The goons automatically go up with the help of medkits with full health and we can explore some more. I heal D-Head immediately and go into the door to find myself in another combat.

This one is way better because these tables or consoles or whatever it is work as a cover. And the enemies are, as usual, too reluctant to go around them. D-Head is moving first, so I position him to hide behind the console and shoot the only guy on this side. He only hits with his second shot.

Goons are expendable and both miss. Shiun's fine, though.

The enemies skip the first turn (I guess they were surprised to see us, huh?) so D-Head does more damage. So does one of the goons.


Four of the enemies skip their turn since the AI can't find a shot but the last one does a nice chunk of damage to D-Head...

... taking him down.

FFS. Well, he's expendable, too. Shiun quickly avenges him.

I slowly maneuver the team to the left until Shiun can peek out and take a shot.

Getting one in return...

Goddamit, that's way too close for comfort...

... and getting even closer!


I spend the next few turns hunkered down behind cover and doing medkits one after another. Okay, round two. Hey, guy!

This time the opponents skip their turn passively again (I mean the game doesn't register them trying to move). I position Shiun for the next kill and BOOM.

Dammit, he could shoot with that angle.


Angrily, Shiun jumps from the cover and shoots him in the face, ending the battle.

We go up to the console.

D-Head: I found it, this one should work fine.
Shiun: Make it quick, we'll be on the lookout for reinforcements.
D-Head: Understood. It won't be hard.

(some time passes)

D-Head: Mission accomplished. Now it's up to Rokudo's team.

Guard: I don't know, but just stay alert!

Shiun: I repeat, the arrow went through the heart.

Nagafune: ... Rokudo?

Rokudo: Are you scared, Mao?
Mao: Oh, you're worried about me? I've gotten used to the danger. I'm fine.
Rokudo: All right... Let's go.

(a nice montage follows)




Elendil: Now is the time to offer the final sacrifice. Born with the spirit of earth and the blood of orcs, bring me the power promised in the great prophecy!

Elendil: Promised in the prophecy! Now is the time for the great calamity to make the earth roar! ...
Elendil: Well, well, well, here's an audience worthy of a climax.

Elendil: Yes. But I didn't expect you to come along now. If you had been just a little quicker, you might have saved this poor orc's life and prevented my ritual. What a shame. Hahahaha.
Rokudo: Bastard.
Elendil: I'm not going to tell you to drop your guns. You guys are in for a great show. Soon the power we've gathered on the tablet will be released. It will be a sight to behold as this city falls. Look at your surroundings. You will die with helplessness in your heart.
Mao: "There's a lot more magic gathered here than I've seen before... Oh, no! Are we really too late? What the hell have we been doing all this time?"
Voice: "... Mao... Mao... Shaman, awakened to the truth of the Great Spirit... Do you hear my words?"
Mao: What... You are... That orc shaman from the underground! Are you going to help us? It's too late, no one can stop him now...
Voice: "Don't worry, it's not over yet. Mao, you must help us. Release the hidden power of the Great Spirit!"
Mao: The Great Spirit? How? What am I supposed to do?
Voice: "Think of the spirits that live in the city. The power of the Great Spirit that rules all the others. Surrender to its power once again..."
Mao: The power... Of the Great Spirit...
Another voice: "So, taking over the flesh, I will reveal myself once more..."
Elendil: What's going on? Why isn't anything happening? The magic is weakening... And the ritual should be perfect... What the hell am I missing?!
Mao: ... Now, Rokudo! We can beat him!

It's time to do eet.

Elendil doesn't attack in this phase and I don't think you can attack him at all. Let's run into the fray and murder some security.

Good thing Rokudo has two moves.

Stubbornly, I will try to use Mute to sleep the enemies. No luck. Izo has both decent shooting and weapon.



The opposition focuses on Mute, taking her down.


And I will totally use this maybe last chance to try Mao's new and improved sleep on the enemies! No luck again. Rokudo shoots next.

The opposition attacks Izo this time but his armor is decent and he is holding up.


Meanwhile, Rokudo finishes another one.

And attacks the last one.

I try to heal Izo which also doesn't work... FFS, the magic is that useless in this game. Izo misses both of his shots but Rokudo finishes the last opponent.

We start the next chat with those other runners appearing out of nowhere.

Elendil: My theory must be correct... The ritual must have been a success...
Flare: Come with us, please! It's not safe here.
Elendil: Shut up! The tablet! The great prophecy! Why do you not answer my call?!... Of course... It's not enough blood... Not enough mage blood in it. Yes, that must be it.
Flare: What are you doing?
Elendil: For the great prophecy... Die.

Elendil: ... Yarrrgh! It's done! It's done! Hahahahahaha.

And we start the next combat. Mute tries to attack Elendil with power bolt and it doesn't work. Well, I guess it's up to Rokudo, then. Amazingly, he hits with both of his shots and the evil is vanquished, that easily.


What I still find surprising is how Elendil just killed their teammate right in front of them and these assholes still fight on his side! Black Swan misses his shot but Rockbreaker hits Rokudo once.

I decide not to push it and attack from distance.

Mute tries to sleep them again. Black Swan shoots Izo and it looks like he scores but is not able to break his defense. Mao tries to heal him and derps again. So I just move him away and use a medkit.

Rockbreaker hits Rokudo for just one damage.

While our boi retaliates murdering Swan.

It's time to have a Dramatic Chat.

Rokudo: You had a brother!
Rockbreaker: I... I don't... I don't have any siblings. I've been alone since I was born!... I'll kill anyone who messes with me. I have to keep going! I'm gonna survive no matter what. I'm not afraid.
Rokudo: The man who helped you escape from this city a long time ago! Remember! Rockbreaker!

Well, I guess it's time to put an end to this. Rokudo misses twice, then Rockbreaker misses twice. Then finally Rokudo hits once... He just can't bring himself to do it!

I use this opportunity to waste some more time on useless magic. And looks like it's up to Izo, our other samurai. BOOM!

Rockbreaker goes down.

Mao: "The magic of the Great Spirit has stopped it..."
Rokudo: ...
Mao: ... Rokudo.
Rokudo: I... What did I do to deserve this?
Mao: ... Rokudo.
Mao: "The spirit's power is fading!... What's wrong with it?"
Mao: What? An earthquake... It's an earthquake!

D-Head: ...
Shiun: Talk to me!
D-Head: Someone hacked into the computer and shut down the system. I've been locked out, too...
Shiun: What?!
D-Head: Look, the letters on the terminal...

Shiun: An earthquake? Did they fail to stop the ritual?

Rokudo: ...
Mao: Rokudo, pull yourself together! If you don't hurry, the enemy will be here soon!
Rokudo: ...
Mao: Rokudo, snap out of it!

Mao: Please, hurry!
Rokudo: ... Mao?
Mao: Finally with me? They'll pick us up from here.
Rokudo: ... Got it.

Mao: Come on, let's go!
Rokudo: ... Rockbreaker...

Guard: Shoot them!



Shiun: This is Spearhead.
Voice: Shiun? This is Nagafune. The mission is over, the ritual has been stopped. And Elendil is down! I need you to fall back now.
Shiun: ... Roger that.
D-Head: What's up?
Shiun: The mission is over. Let's pull out.

Pilot: Congratulations!
Izo: At one point I wasn't sure how it would go.
Mao: Yeah, well... The quake has subsided, and I think we're through... Hey, Rokudo? ... Rokudo?

And just like that we're back at the bar.

Here's some appropriate soundtrack for the TV and credits scene.

TV 1: The shaking continued for a relatively long time, but the earthquake intensity was very small in each location. No major damage has been reported as a result. The epicenter is believed to be in the Haneda area. As you can see above, this earthquake is very distinctive.
TV 2: When you say distinctive, can you be more specific?
TV 1: Of course. To sum up, one thing is that the shaking of the earthquake lasted for a long time. And the effects were felt only in the urban areas of Tokyo. I guess that is how I would put it.
TV 2: Indeed. I was also in the studio when it hit. I was so worried about how long the shaking would last. There are certainly a lot of opinions out there about this earthquake! What do you think the cause is, doctor?
TV 1: I'm going to have to do some more research on this. You might want to consider the possibility of a "magical earthquake".
TV 2: Magical... you say?

We move on to the datanet.

... Earlier today, a shooting was reported near the Aztech Expo site. According to the organizer, Aztechnology, Inc., five people are dead, seven injured, mostly security guards. The victims' names and other details have not yet been released. The perpetrators fled the scene after the attack. Aztechnology's security division is expected to be in charge of containing the incident. We don't know the motive of the attackers. It is believed to be a terrorist activity related to the issue of the reuse of the former Haneda Airport site...

We cut back to the bar.

Barman: Welcome back. I heard about your activities from Nagafune-san. Thank you for what you've done.
Shiun: Looks like we made it through... Though I'm not convinced yet.
Barman: Speaking of which, where is Mao-san?
Shiun: She said she'd stop by Tokaido, and she'll be here soon.
Barman: I see, well, I'm very happy that you're all in good health.
Rokudo: ...
Barman: What's wrong, Rokudo-san? You don't look too well, can I make you something?
Rokudo: ... Yeah.
Barman: D-Head-san... Something for you, too?
D-Head: ... Oh? Me? I'm fine, thanks.
Barman: Glad to hear it. You seemed to be lost in your thoughts ever since you arrived...
D-Head: No, no, it's not like that... I've always been like this.

The phone rings.

Barman: Yes, Silver Moon... Yes, he's here...
Barman: Shiun-san, you have a call.

Looks suspiciously like his corp buddy Johnson, if you ask me.

Shiun: Are you all right?
Saegusa: Somehow, I'm still breathing through my own lungs.
(probably a japanese euphemism)
Saegusa: More importantly... Elendil is dead. I don't know who did this to him, but I feel like I should thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Shiun: For sure. I'll just say congratulations on your return.
Shiun: "We each had our own motivations. I didn't do it to help Saegusa. I'm sure he is aware of that..."
Shiun: You've confirmed Elendil's death, right?

Saegusa: Yes, by the time the medics got to him, he was already dead. I'm pretty sure it's him.
Shiun: Okay... What about the team of runners that was working for him?
Saegusa: A female mage named Flare Wind was shot dead on the ritual location. But the three remaining members, Black Swan, Rockbreaker, and Trinity, are missing. Some of the other mages involved in that ritual have disappeared, too. Probably fled for fear of being punished by the security department. We're trying to track them down, too, we should know soon enough.
Shiun: ... I see.
Saegusa: Reportedly, the men who prevented the ritual from taking place were quite good at their job. I'd love to work with them... That's all I wanted to say. It's been a long time since we've talked. It's been fun.

Shiun: ...
D-Head: What's the matter?
Shiun: Elendil is dead.
D-Head: Eh. That's what I heard, too.
Shiun: ... However, the runners team that was working for him, they're still alive.
Rokudo: !

Well, that's the end, folks. Game over. Thanks for reading, it's been fun! See you in the next letsplay some time!

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Dec 11, 2016
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I helped put crap in Monomyth
So there's no resolution for the Rokudo/Rockbreaker plot? Shame


Dec 31, 2010
It's not the real end. Right after disturbing the ritual you return to the Ork tunnels and fight that annoying kid.


May 6, 2019
Strap Yourselves In


Yes, that wasn't the True Ending, of course. So, let's cut to Mao in the park.

Mao: "It was just the other day. It feels like it's been a long time since I've been back to this city... I didn't say a word back then. When I rode to the pyramid of ritual magic, I was prepared to never come back. Though I should be relieved it's all over, my mind is strangely unsettled. The ritual has failed. With the call of the orc shaman, the power of the Great Spirit was awakened. I've felt this once before. That power has sealed the ritual. Elendil fell, and there was no one left to finish it. We certainly saw to that."
Mao: ...
Mao: "But the enormous spirit power that I had felt so viscerally until then suddenly vanished. The doubt is lodged in the darkest corner of my mind... Did we really stop Elendil's plan? I don't talk about it openly, but my friends may be troubled as well..."

Mao goes back to grandma.

Grandma: Oh, you're back.
Mao: ... Yup.
Grandma: You've come to the right place, and Killer is coming.

Killer comes in.

Killer: I'm back. I wanted to come with you, but I think it's too late.
Mao: Killer... Yeah. But if we'd had you with us, it might have been easier.
Killer: Hahaha. Nah, you got it.
Mao: But I have a question for you, grandma.
Grandma: What is it?
Mao: When we tried to stop the ritual, I felt the power of a great spirit. If I didn't have that power... I probably wouldn't have made it.
Grandma: ...
Mao: I told you about the orcs we've met in the underground, right? The shaman who was leading the orcs called out to me. He helped me unleash the power of a great spirit.
Grandma: ... The power of a great spirit, you say... No one has yet revealed the whole truth of spirits. There are still mysteries beyond my knowledge.
Mao: ...
Grandma: ... but I've heard this story before. This city is inhabited by spirits, as you know. It becomes a part of Mother Nature over time. Collecting the thoughts of the city people and creatures, it will come to possess the power of a great spirit. It rules over all the spirits of the city, you know... There is no doubt that this spirit has much power... but it is something that even we shamans cannot touch.
Mao: I see, so that power I felt...
Grandma: Is likely this spirit. Perhaps the orc shaman you speak of is privy to its mysteries. I'd like to talk to him some time, if I could.
Mao: ... So that orc saved this city.
Grandma: It is a spirit so powerful that it can cancel out even the most powerful ritual magic. I hope nothing happened to the orc shaman who summoned it...
Mao: ...

He who robs the power of the great sun will bring us great calamity, and give us the power of the earth and all that inheres it. Then the earth will thunder, and those who stole the sun's power will fall, and our ordeal will be over.

Mao: ... That's it!
Grandma: What's wrong?
Mao: That prophecy I talked about, the ritual that would have succeeded without the power of that spirit. And if the orc shaman has awakened its power, then "the power of the earth and all that inheres it" refers to him.
Grandma: !
Grandma: Then, the only way to fulfill the prophecy is to offer that shaman. If anyone noticed that, then perhaps Elendil's plans are not yet over.

Mao: !
Mao: I need to get back to the underground once again! To that village!

Killer: Wait, Mao-chan... Do you want me to come with you?
Mao: Yes, please. If the survivors of the ritual battle know about this, I don't know what's gonna happen.
Killer: Yeah, I got it.

Meanwhile, D-Head is practicing his internal monologue.

D-Head: "It makes me feel like I'm being hunted again... Even if the only ones who survived are from that runner team. It wasn't very pleasant news, but..."
D-Head: Terminal started up by itself? That's not possible.

The prophecy has been revealed. There's nothing more you can do. Destruction and calamity awaits this city.

D-Head: !
D-Head: ... No way the surviving runners...

The phone rings.

D-Head: ... Yes.
Mao: It's me. I know what Elendil meant when he said that prophecy. The underground orcs may be in danger. I'm gonna go there now.
D-Head: I got a weird message on my computer too! Maybe it's just as you fear, Mao-san. Apparently, some people haven't given up on an earthquake yet... You'd better hurry.
Mao: I've already called Rokudo and the others, and they'll go with me. What about you?
D-Head: I'm sorry, but this time... I don't think there's much I can do to help... So I'll be here praying for your safety!
(you see, we only implemented four party member limit...)
Mao: Oh...
D-Head: What? If Killer's with you, she's all you need. But please be careful anyway.
Mao: Okay, okay.

This time we don't bother with exploration mode.

Shiun: Looks like it. Apparently, they're not ready to get off the stage just yet.
Mao: What about Nagafune?
Shiun: We've notified him, but we can't afford to wait for help. We'll just have to do it ourselves.
Mao: Yeah, we're always seem to be short on time...
Killer: Is that so? Come on then, let's hurry up.
Rokudo: Yeah... Let's go.

Killer: It's awful! Why did they have to go this far!
Mao: ... Are we too late?
Rokudo: Well, that's not a given yet, let's look for survivors anyway.
Mao: Terrible... I won't forgive whoever did this.

Some time passes.

Shiun: ... What about the survivors?
Rokudo: There's just debris and bodies.
Killer: There's someone in here! Where are you?

She finds a badly wounded orc.

Killer: Stay with me!

Rokudo: Anyone else survived? Are there any survivors?
Mao: Wait a minute, he needs to get medical treatment first.


Mao: ... There, I'm done. Just do this for now and you'll be fine.
Shiun: What kind of people attacked you?
Orc: ...I don't know, I wasn't paying attention at all... They attacked us in the blink of an eye...
Shiun: There may be other survivors. Find them.
Killer: All right.
Mao: And the chief? Where's that shaman?
(took me awhile to gather that the chief and the shaman are one person)
Orc: Chief? He was badly injured in the earthquake. I believe he's escaped with his guards.
Mao: Injured?
Orc: ... The chief used his power to protect the city. But he had to wield too much of it. He took all the repercussions of that on his body...
Rokudo: So where'd he run off to? There's nowhere else to run in this place.
Orc: The earthquake that struck the other day... It caused a large crack in one of the caves. He must have gone to the back of it... We... We can only hope that he's safe now.
Mao: The fissure from the earthquake...
Killer: We've got a couple who are still alive, and I've done some quick work on them.
Shiun: Nagafune should be coming with reinforcements soon. We don't have time so I'll leave the rest to you.
Rokudo: Yeah... We know what we're supposed to do.
Killer: Eh?
Rokudo: We're going after the orc shaman.

Rokudo: Yeah, it looks pretty deep.
Mao: ... It's such a big crack. I knew I couldn't fully contain the power of the ritual.
Shiun: what do you mean?
Mao: If the same ritual were to be performed again, this time we may not be able to protect this city.
Rokudo: ... Let's go and find the shaman.

And we're in the exploration mode.

Did I say exploration? I meant we make two steps and start the combat. Of course, not the final combat, just some more mooks to get you going.

There are two mercenaries and two メイジ which is meiji - mages. Rokudo starts well enough.


Next is Killer's turn and I use this opportunity to check out her stats.

BOD 6, AGI 7, STR 8, CHA 6, INT 4, WIL 6, MAG 0, REA 5+0, CYB 0
Unarmed 5, Melee 4, Firearms 4, Heavy 0, Magic 0
ワィチェッティ・セキュリティ500 - Fichetti Security 500 (F: Semi-Auto, PL 6, DR L, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (400y)
Bare-handed, DMG 8
プレートイ寸ベスト - Vest With Plates (BD 4, ID 3) (600y)

The bitch is tougher than Rokudo, I'll give her that (he only has BOD 6, AGI 4, STR 6 with skills Unarmed 6, Melee 3, Firearms 5). But her skills are a bit worse. More importantly, her firearm is garbage since she's supposed to be a physical adept. Well, I'm not sending her into close combat with this armor unless she has a hidden dodge bonus or something...

Actually, no. There is that very close mage, he'll be a good test.

Derp. She only gets one attack per turn and it's just three damage. Not impressed. Even D-Head was marginally better with his two shots of pistol. Oh, well. Our heavy hitters will get the job done, I guess. Like Shiun, for example. BOOM.

And Rokudo.

The enemy mages try some useless mage shit. This isn't magic, this is garbage. Now it suddenly occured to me that maybe I could fiddle with magic dice pools. So I did that, putting all five into attack (out of attack/resist/defense equal split) for Mao and then cast sleep once more.

Well, it was useless, as usual. Killer does another kick, this time she misses and the mage misses in response. Shiun misses twice so it's up to Rokudo to finish mage one.

And almost finish mage two.

Who gets one last useless magic attempt. Note to self: make opponents try to run away or surrender in my DND RPG. Rokudo kills him ending the combat.

Moving a few steps ahead.

Rokudo: What?
Mao: A child? But that horrible atmosphere...
Shiun: I've seen that face before. It's one of the team of runners hired by Elendil. Yes, his name was Trinity!


Oui, monsieur, you see, I consider myself somewhat of an artiste in murdering orcs! :D

Trinity: I can't believe you're still alive, dragging your miserable existence. Would you rather prefer to end it? It surely looks this way. You won't be able to summon the power of that bothersome spirit, of course.
Trinity: It seems that the audience has arrived at the perfect time. I bid you welcome, Rokudo-san, Shiun-san, Mao-san, and Killer-san. It's the first time I'm seeing you all with my own eyes. Pleased to meet you, I am Trinity.

(this kid talks very formally like an old aristocratic adult in japanese, so i embellished the translation a bit)

Rokudo: Heh, you've got a lot of nerve for a kid.
Trinity: "Kid" would not be the proper word. My body has stopped growing a long time ago and this form indeed has its uses. For example, noone has ever figured out who I am just by looking at me. It was the same with Elendil. He never thought he was being manipulated, did he?
Mao: Just who the hell are you?
Trinity: Let's just say I'm in the same business as D-Head-san.
Mao: "What does he mean? The way he talks, that mood. It's just like Elendil did."
Rokudo: Was all of this your doing?
Trinity: That is correct. I was there when they unearthed the stone tablet with the prophecy on it. Those ruins were absolutely magnificent. Numerous objects of unknown magical power laid dormant. Among them, the one that fascinated me the most was that stone slab. I took some of the things I found in the ruins as souvenirs. I've made contact with Elendil. I gave him the clues to the prophecy, I figured out how to perform ritual magic, and I even helped with all of the arrangements. To be honest, Elendil did a great job. And all that while having no idea he was being manipulated.
Mao: ... Why are you so obsessed with this prophecy?
Trinity: That's because I... I was born to be an elf with a unique constitution that allows me to control the aging of my body. But I've cursed that blood more than once. No one can ever know the weight of being born a metahuman... Well, I think we've chatted long enough. Shall I make my wish come true then?... Swan, this is your last chance to bury them.
Black Swan: Ha!

We spend the first turn just getting close to the enemies. And that's not enough, too. Rokudo misses both of his shots but he finally manages to hit on his bonus turn.

We've got two security guys, two mages and Swan against us this time. And Trinity, too, but no Rockbreaker, it seems. Swan goes forward and, ow, that hurt! Shiun gets six damage.

Shiun misses but Rokudo responds in kind to Swan, and more.



Black Swan: Rockbreaker, huh?... I don't know, haven't you killed him?
Rokudo: What?
Black Swan: I don't give a shit about traitors! He disappeared from that pyramid. But there's no way he could have survived those wounds. And even if he did survive, the wind of cowardice has blown him out of sight. After all the time I've spent on him, he ran away at the last minute.
Rokudo: ... What do you mean?

The enemies position themselves, and one of the security guys hits Shiun again! This is getting dangerously close!

I think it's time for Mao to heal... Dammit, she can't get close enough to Shiun on her turn.... Oof, that just got very serious.


Our heavy hitter is down. But so is theirs. I guess it's all up to Rokudo now.

Killer misses her shot (also one for some reason). While one of the security guys gets one on her.

Mage two gets a single point of drain damage.

While Mao finally gets a chance to try her Heal 6 on Killer.

And heals three points of damage... Just like a medkit.

While getting three points of drain damage in return.


She starts the next turn so I use heal again. This time it's zero points healed, and a single point of drain.

Rokudo gets one good shot.

And one of their mages goes suicidal. He runs up to Killer and casts his power bolt in despair. I think he's realized the futility of his life-long magic studies and decided to end it right then and there.

"Kill me!", he screams. "KILL ME! LET'S JUST END THIS RETARDATION!", he rants, raising his hands up to the indifferent skies.

Ignoring the shouts of a madman, Rokudo puts another slug into security guy one, downing him.

"No, I'm not that heartless", he thinks. He turns around and shoots the raving mage but misses somehow.

Killer misses too. Nobody has it in them to finish the sad loser in front of their faces.

"Fuck it", says Rokudo and puts a bullet into security guy two instead. And then another one.


Security guy two starts pounding Killer.

And mage two gets another point of drain damage.

Mage one turns to Rokudo, screaming again. "DIE, YOU BASTARD!", he shouts and does one of those useless power bolts. While Mao seems to be determined to either heal Killer or die trying. Or both. Another three points of drain damage but this time no healing was done.

This battle is very dramatic. Trinity is pretty much shocked to see all this and just stands there agape. "I never thought it would be this retarded...", he ponders quietly shaking his head.

Killer decides it's time to stop dicking around and uses a medkit.

Rokudo deals with security guy two.

Killer calmly heals her remaining damage, ignoring the drama around her.

While Rokudo finally deals with the mage that couldn't.

The opponents go forward, and mage two continues to slowly suicide himself with drain, just like Mao.

But Mao comes to her senses and starts shooting Trinity. Unfortunately, it's of no use. Her hands are shaking too much. Same with Killer. It is, indeed, all up to Rokudo. He takes three turns one after another, hitting twice out of six shots.


The last mage goes down and Trinity starts to talk again.

Trinity: I didn't think you'd be so tenacious. Well, it looks like you're gonna be going on for awhile, otherwise it's not much fun. I'm getting a little impatient, though... But then again, it wouldn't be interesting. It looks like I'm going to have to deal with you personally. I'm going to make you suffer as much as possible as a reward for your hard work!

And we're in the combat mode again. Killer misses her shot and it turns out, the kid is also... a mage?! Casting power bolt... Well, you know how that ends up, do you?

Also I'm wondering if decker mages are even possible with Shadowrun rules?

Mao misses both of her shots and Rokudo moves in for the kill.


... that doesn't happen yet. Mao skips her turn and there we go.

Trinity: It cannot be... I... I was defeated... This future... Cannot be allowed to happen! Why... Why?!

Rokudo: ...
Shiun: ...
Killer: Phew... I'm beat.
Voice: Chief! Stay with me! The enemy is down!
Mao: !
Mao: I've got to go!

Mao: Are you okay? Hang on.
Orc shaman: ... Mao... Mao-san?
Mao: Yep. I'm going to dress this wound right now, so stay with me.
Orc shaman: ... No, don't worry about me. But... But hear me out... The power of the great spirit is getting further and further away from me... The shock of receiving a wound seems to have caused me to lose the ability to speak with spirits.
Mao: ... No!
Orc shaman: ... But there's nothing to worry about. When an old shaman dies, a new shaman is born... My power will be passed on to these children...
Mao: Children?
Orc shaman: Born among the orcs of our village.
Mao: To these kids?
Orc shaman: Yes... Though now human, they may eventually turn into orcs. But these children have... inherited my power. Take care... of these kids and all the others who... survived.
Mao: ... I got you.
Orc shaman: ... It was good to be in touch with the power of the great spirit one last time...
Mao: ... I knew it was you who were trying to help us.
Orc shaman: ... No, I did it for my own good... I wanted to touch that power one last time... I can safely surrender my body to the great spirit...
Mao: No, don't die!
Orc shaman: ... I've lived too long... I think it's time to take a rest...
Orc: Chief! Pull yourself together! Chief!
Mao: ...

Nagafune: Did Elendil survive? What about the orc shaman?
Rokudo: It's done. We've managed to get it all sorted out. We've lost a lot, though...
Nagafune: Great! I'm so glad!
Shiun: We've taken up a huge burden, for sure. I present to you the brave orcs who saved this city.

Nagafune: What the hell's going on? Tell me everything.
Shiun: Yeah, one of these days.
Killer: ... Anyway, it's over. Let's go!

D-Head: My friends and I don't think about it as much anymore. After what happened, my life is still the same. Exchanging all kinds of information through the world of Matrix. The mysteries of the real world, however small they may seem, pale in comparison to the wonders of the electronic world. It seems that way to me. Getting to know Nagafune and Mute was probably the biggest thing I got out of the whole affair. They're trying to figure out how to get along with...

There was a moan coming from somewhere around him. Then another one. And another. D-Head got up abruptly, crossed the room, and swung open the door into the bathroom. He hated being interrupted. He. Hated. Being. Interrupted. Especially when he was writing, especially when he was in the groove. He hated it so much that he was willing to bring serious pain to the cause of interruption...

After some time has passed, the door into the bathroom opened again. D-Head switched off the bathroom light, closed the door and walked to the table leisurely. The moans have stopped. The room was quiet again. He took a deep breath and reached for the deck.

D-Head: Ahem. Where was I?... Right... They're trying to figure out how to get along with humans. I feel like they're teaching me something. I don't believe that humans and metahumans can understand each other. But as long as they try and my friends are here for me, I will never lose hope.

Shiun: I certainly thought this at first. But now that I think about it, that's not clear either. One thing's for sure. Now I can face the past head-on. What did I fight for? And for whom did I fight? We'll know the answer to that question sooner or later.

Rokudo: Rockbreaker... My brother has disappeared again. He's obsessed with the idea of "survival". It's what I gathered before we were separated again. Maybe it's some kind of curse... I'm sure we will meet again. This is no longer a hunch, it's a certainty. And no matter how this reunion will end, I'm not running away. This case is just the beginning for me.

Mao: We began to teach the children of the village how to use magic. Now I'll have an apprentice of my own. That makes me both a little proud and a little embarrassed. The shaman was right when he said that all the children that survived had outstanding talent. With talent like this, they'll eventually end up like him. They will have great power. Then they will be able to touch the power of the great spirit again! I'm looking forward to that moment!

Cue the credits.

Now that the game is really over, we've got a lot of questions. What was that device in orc underground when we visited it for the first time? What about that magical sword? Is melee cyber samurai even a valid strat? What about the dice pools? And cyberware? You can't grind for money, so unless you're cheating, I don't see how you can own more then one or two implants. What about changing weapon firing modes? Never did it. What do all those Other Choices do? And finally, what is up with magic in this game, seriously? Loads and loads of questions, and perhaps someone will some day answer them. Thanks to everyone who've read this, next time it's gonna be way more quality japanese smut, I promise :bounce:. See ya!

P.S. I'll make a post next week with all the important menu stuff gathered in one point as guide.

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Dec 11, 2016
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag. Pathfinder: Wrath I helped put crap in Monomyth
And one of their mages goes suicidal. He runs up to Killer and casts his power bolt in despair. I think he's realized the futility of his life-long magic studies and decided to end it right then and there.


"Kill me!", he screams. "KILL ME! LET'S JUST END THIS RETARDATION!", he rants, raising his hands up to the indifferent skies.


For decker mages, I think it's possible in most version of the RPGs; at least it was the case for the recent games by HBS, but not very optimal
Vatnik Wumao
Jan 29, 2019
I think it's possible in most version of the RPGs

Somehow it stuck with me that efficient use of a deck requires an implant, hence no sane mage would ever do it, they only do minor cosmetic implants or maybe something like a phone. But maybe I'm misremembering.

It actually would make sense. That guy can't age, and not aging is a possible symptom of high or unusual essence levels. He might have gotten cybered to lower his essence, since he was clearly unhappy about his physical condition but it didn't work. He would still have essence to spare to learn magic.


Dec 27, 2008
And so, it ends. It was an interesting read. Shame the characters behave more like standard JRPG characters than proper Shadowrunners. Well, the guy hiding in a building to kill off the entire army pursuing him was badass, but he too quickly has a patriotic attack to save Tokyo, instead of ditching the city like many runners would. Even the elf that should be in the ghetto but isn't for "reasons" cared about the city that hates him so much. Making him a psycho off-screen was funny.
Lastly, making magic useless sounds like it's some sort of emulation glitch. Otherwise, it's disappointing considering how important magic is in SR, even this game. Also, the bad guy is of course a shota, an elf that became immortal like the "true elves" but didn't age, not even with cybernetics. Shame he wasn't smart enough to use his immortality to join the rest of the other immortals' great game. At least he doesn't transform into a horrific form, unlike most JRPGs.

Overall, this one waay weaker than the SNES and the Megadrive games.
Vatnik Wumao
Jan 29, 2019
And so, it ends. It was an interesting read. Shame the characters behave more like standard JRPG characters than proper Shadowrunners. Well, the guy hiding in a building to kill off the entire army pursuing him was badass, but he too quickly has a patriotic attack to save Tokyo, instead of ditching the city like many runners would. Even the elf that should be in the ghetto but isn't for "reasons" cared about the city that hates him so much. Making him a psycho off-screen was funny.
Lastly, making magic useless sounds like it's some sort of emulation glitch. Otherwise, it's disappointing considering how important magic is in SR, even this game. Also, the bad guy is of course a shota, an elf that became immortal like the "true elves" but didn't age, not even with cybernetics. Shame he wasn't smart enough to use his immortality to join the rest of the other immortals' great game. At least he doesn't transform into a horrific form, unlike most JRPGs.

Overall, this one waay weaker than the SNES and the Megadrive games.

The magic glitch is apparently part of the actual game.


Dec 27, 2008
Well, magic being weaksauce on purpose is odd, considering how important it is to the plot.


May 6, 2019
Strap Yourselves In


Most of the game is spent in the visual novel mode. There's the standard menu (some of these items appear and disappear as necessary). The full contents of that menu are:

  • 見る - LOOK
  • 話す - TALK
  • 仲間 - PARTY
  • ... - a lot of other people
  • 移動 - MOVE
    • ... - a sub-menu of locations
  • アイデム - ITEM
    • ポケットセクレタリー - POCKET SECRETARY
      • セーブ - SAVE
      • メシセージ - MESSAGE
        • 遅い - SLOW
        • 普通 - NORMAL
        • 速い - FAST
  • コンタクト - CONTACT
    • ナツト - Natsuto
    • データネット - Datanet
    • 十日堂 - Tokaido
    • トリプルZ - Triple Z
    • エンジェルクリニック - Angel Clinic
    • ジョンソン - Johnson
    • ハジメ - Hajime
    • アラクネ - Arachne
    • ミュート - Mute
Not all of these are avaiable at first. Your contact list, for example, only includes Nat and Datanet and usually only contacts appropriate for the current game state are open.

LOOK/TALK/MOVE are self-explanatory, they exist in most of VNs of a certain era. ITEM menu usually has one option - POCKET SECRETARY. This is the game settings menu. You can save and set message speed here. Mostly you save in the visual novel mode but sometimes there are save stations in the exploration mode (maybe two or three times since exploration is pretty limited in this game). There will be one time where ITEM menu will feature the comm-link option to call the other members of your party.

CONTACT menu has three functions. Firstly, Nat and Datanet are sources of additional information about what is going on now. Secondly, there are shops that you can visit through it at various points during the game (be sure to do that because these points are very much rare). Thirdly, there are plot-related contacts that will allow you to progress sometimes.

When you start at the bar (and you will always return there between missions) the first thing you should always do is browse through the contacts making vid-calls or visiting them. If the contact is there, it's for a reason and the next time they'll be there might be an hour of play time later, like shops. Visit shops first, too.

After that, just select LOOK/TALK/MOVE until you progress to the exploration mode. The first chunk of the game has you walking around Tokyo while investigating. This will be removed later on, replaced with exploration mode sections.


In this mode you can run around JRPG-style in a "dungeon". Usually, it's pretty short and exploration is not at all rewarded. There's this magic sword you can find at one point that seems to be useless and that's about it. No loot, no random monsters, no nothing. There are some key activatable items that progress the story. You can call up the menu by pressing A button. The menu gets very short here:

  • ポケットセクレタリー - Pocket Secretary
    • メシセージ - MESSAGE
      • 遅い - SLOW
      • 普通 - NORMAL
      • 速い - FAST
  • 医療キット - Medkit
    • ... - opens up a list of your party members
Don't forget to use medkits after each combat if your characters got hit. They're free and endless but not automatic. I think that each use restores 3 hp. At key points in the exploration mode you will be presented with a choice, often it's yes or no. I've found "yes" to usually be more beneficial.

    • はい - YES
    • いいえ - NO

At key points in exploration or visual novel modes you will run into the turn-based combat. The game chooses the order of movement (Rokudo gets to act a second time due to cyberware) and each character goes one by one. First you can move the character around the highlighted area (B button cancels the movement returning them to the starting grid). After the movement the combat menu appears:

    • 待機 - Wait
    • 射撃戦闘 - Shoot
    • 狙い撃ち - Aimed Shot
    • 接近戦闘 - Melee Attack
    • 呪文を唱える - Cast Spell
    • アイデム - Item
      • ポケットセクレタリー - Pocket secretary
        • ダイス表示ON - Dice On
        • ダイス表示OFF - Dice Off
      • 医療キット - Medkit
    • ステイタス - Status
The first time you get into combat I recommend doing two things. Firstly, go into the pocket secretary and set dice to off. That means that dice rolling won't be displayed. On one hand, you can try to get a better result by slowing down the emulator or something, but on the other hand it's just a waste of time and the game is perfectly winnable with the first option.

Secondly, go into the status screen and select better weapon for at least two of the characters iirc. Mostly it's gonna be the second option - shooting, or sometimes medkit. Spells are useless, and melee and aimed shot bring significant disadvantages. The firing weapon accuracy in the game is based on distance, the closer you are to the enemy, the better they'll shoot (same for you). That means melee range puts you right where you don't want to be. Also, melee attack provokes a melee response from the target. The basic shoot option gives you two shots, the second one has a lower chance of hitting. Aimed shot, however, only gives you one shot. The basic tactics is to upgrade your weapons range ASAP with scopes, stay as far as possible from the enemies and shoot them one by one, they don't get aggressive preferring to stand and shoot if possible.

Shadowrun game system features two types of hit points: stun and lethal. The first one you receive from blunt weapons and magic drain, the other one is from slashing or shooting. In this game stun is featured in a couple of brawls, mages rarely drain themselves to death.


Only in combat mode you can open the status screen for your characters. Stupid design decision, I know, but it's the only place where you can swap gear that you bought in the shop.

Status screen shows you abilities and skills of your character. These are static and cannot be upgraded.

On the left side:
能力值 - Abilities

体力 - Body Strength (BOD)
敏捷力 - Agility/Quickness (AGI)
筋力 - Muscle Strength (STR)
魅力 - Charisma (CHA)
知力 - Intelligence (INT)
意志力 - Willpower (WIL)
魔力 - Magic
反応方 - Reaction
改造スロット - Cyber Slots

On the right side:
技能 - Skills

素手戦闘 - Unarmed
武器戦闘 - Melee weapons
小火器 - Firearms
重火器 - Heavy weapons
射出武器 - Emitting? weapons [UNUSED]
手投げ武器 - Throwing weapons [UNUSED]
魔術 - Magic
召喚 - Summoning [UNUSED]

The lower left side features a menu:

    • 装備 - Equipment
      • 射擊武器 - Shooting weapon
      • 接近戦武器 - Melee weapon
      • 防具 - Armor
      • サイバーウェア - Cyberware
    • 呪文 - Spells
    • ダイスプール - Dice Pool
You can select a different shooting weapon, melee weapon and armor from the available. Note that each character has their own items and you cannot move them between characters. Also note that shooting weapon has its base power level which becomes a modded power level on this screen when the character wields it and has a high ability to get the bonus. In case of a shooting weapon we can switch the firing mode (each weapon has a different subset). How these change the game I can only guess from the tabletop rules.

This is a screenshot of a firing weapon:

射撃モード - Firing mode
パワーレベル 9 - Power level 9
ダメージルール S - Damage Rule - S/M/L
射擊回数 2回/フェーズ - Number of shots (2 times/phase)
発射彈数 3/回 - Number of bullets(?) 3/shot
射程距離 8 - Range 8

標準裝備 - Standard equipment (static weapon mods)
改造スロット - Remodeling slot (additional mods)

The most important number is power level. When the weapon is wielded by character it will be modded by their ability mod. So you cannot compare the number in your status and in the shop directly. The second most important number is range and it's in your best interest to get this as high as possible with a scope.

Below the numbers there are two lists:
標準裝備 - Standard equipment (weapon mods)
改造スロット - Remodeling slot (additional mods)

The first one is mods that the weapon comes with (most of them do). The second one is mods that you install yourself.

The firing modes are:

セミ・オート - Semi-Automatic
バースト・ファイア - Burst Fire
シングル・ショット - Single Shot
フル・オート - Full Auto (+2 PL, +3 shots/turn in the tabletop rules)

From the tabletop rules:
Recoil, semi-automatic +1 for second shot that Combat Phase
Recoil, burst-fire +3 per burst that Combat Phase
Recoil, full-auto +1 per round fired that Combat Phase

Melee weapon screen is way simpler. There are only power level and damage rule here. Same thing with armor, only two numbers:

These are:
対弾防御 - Bullet defense
対衝撃防御 - Impact defense

Characters that have cyberware or spells will see them here too. Spells have levels 1-6, supposedly making them more powerful. If only magic would work correctly...

The last menu option is dice pool. Shadowrun game is based on a tabletop version so you can split the dice between three pools for magic or shooting/defense. I haven't bothered playing around with this so I can't comment on how effective it would be to change these. Once again, the game is completable as is.


Here are the starting stats and equipment of your characters.

Rokudo - 六堂
BOD 6, AGI 4, STR 6, CHA 2, INT 5, WIL 5, MAG 0, REA 4+2, CYB 6
Unarmed 6, Melee 3, Firearms 5, Heavy 1, Magic 0
ウージーIII - Uzi III (SMG) + Laser Sight (F: Burst, PL 9, DR S, 2t/p, S:3/t, R:8) (600y)
ハンド・レザー - Hand Razor (PL 7, DR L)
アーマ・ジャケット - Armor Jacket (BD 5, ID 3)
== Cyberware
サイバーアイ - Cyber Eye
スマートリンク - Smart Link
強化反射神経1 - Wired Reflexes 1

Shiun - 紫雲
BOD 5, AGI 4, STR 5, CHA 2, INT 3, WIL 3, MAG 0, REA 3+0, CYB 5
Unarmed 6, Melee 1, Firearms 6, Heavy 4, Magic 0
HK227 Sバリアント - HK227 S-Variant (SMG) + Gas Vent 2 (F: Burst, PL 10, DR S, 2t/p, S:3/t, R:8)
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 5, DR S)
アーマ・ジャケット - Armor Jacket (BD 5, ID 3)
== Cyberware
スマートリンク - Smart Link

D-Head - Dヘッド
BOD 2, AGI 5, STR 2, CHA 5, INT 5, WIL 4, MAG 0, REA 5+0, CYB 3
Unarmed 1, Melee 1, Firearms 3, Heavy 1, Magic 0
ブローニング・マックスパワー - Browning Max-Power (pistol) (F: Semi-Auto, PL 9, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7)
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 2, DR S)
アーマー・クロージング - Armor Clothing (BD 3, ID 0)

Mao - マオ
BOD 4, AGI 3, STR 2, CHA 5, INT 4, WIL 6, MAG 6, REA 3+0, CYB 0
Unarmed 1, Melee 1, Firearms 3, Heavy 1, Magic 5
ベレッタ・モデル101T - Beretta Model 101T (light pistol) (F: Semi-Auto, PL 6, DR L, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7)
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 2, DR S)
アーマー・クロージング - Armor Clothing (BD 3, ID 0)
== Spells
マナ・ボルト 2 - Mana bolt (Fr 3, Dmg S, Dr 1 S)
スリープ 2 - Sleep (Fr 2, Dmg M, Dr 0 S)

Note that both Rokudo and Shiun have smartlinks. Which means that there are different weapon mods available to them.


There are three shops in the game, they are all closed at start. These are:

    • 十日堂 - Tokaido (magic)
    • トリプルZ - Triple Z (weapons and armor)
    • エンジェルクリニック - Angel Clinic (cyberware and implants)
Since there are no random battles and loot in the game, the amount of nuyen you'll receive is very finite. Which means that cyberware is completely useless, being priced very high. Magic pretty much doesn't work, neither for you nor for your enemies. That means that you can safely spend all cash on weapons and armor, playing around with cheaper cyberware if you have some left.


Going to Tokaido shows you the following menu (note that Grandma will also provide useful plot information at various points during the game):

    • 話す - Talk
    • 呪文の習得 - Learn spell
    • 呪文のレベルアップ - Level up spell
    • 店を出る - Leave
The learn spell option gives us a list of spells that Mao can learn:

マナ・ボール - Mana Ball (Fr 1, Dmg M, Dr 0 S) (2700y) - AOE, Useful against enemies with high physical strength
マナ・ボルト - Mana Bolt (Fr 1, Dmg S, Dr 0 S) (2000y) - Against enemies with high physical strength
パワー・ボール - Power Ball (Fr 1, Dmg M, Dr 1 S) (3400y) - AOE, Bad against enemies with high physical strength
パワー・ボルト - Power Bolt (Fr 1, Dmg S, Dr 1 S) (2000y) - Effective agains enemies with strong will and low strength, like wizards
ヒール - Heal (Fr 1, Dmg L, Dr 0 S) (1400y)
スリープ - Sleep (Fr 1, Dmg M, Dr 1 S) (2500y)

The notes are just a summary of what Grandma says, btw. Not what they really do (that is nothing).

The level up spell option shows a list of acquired spells and their levels. You can level any spell from 1 to 6, each level costing 1000 nuyen.


Triple Z has the most amount of options in all of the shops since you not only buy weapons and armor here but also mod them.

    • 買る - Buy
      • 統器 - Ranged Weapons
        • ライト・ピストル - Light Pistol
        • ヘビー・ピストル - Heavy Pistol
        • サブマシンガン - Submachine Gun
        • アサルト・ライフル - Assault Rifle
        • ライト・マシンガン - LMG
        • ミディアム・マシンガン - MMG
        • ヘビー・マシンガン - HMG
      • 接近戰武器 - Melee Weapons
      • 防具 - Armor
      • 銃改造 - Gun Mods
    • 売る - Sell
    • 店を出る - Leave
When the weapon shop opens, only light pistols, heavy pistols and SMGs are available. The remaining four options will open up later in the story. Moreover, sell option won't be available too. And don't forget that you buy stuff for a specific character, you cannot move equipment between your party members. Same thing with gun mods. When you choose that option, first you will be presented with a list of characters, then with a list of weapons that this character has. And then with a full list of available mods to try to install on a chosen weapon. If you try to buy a mod that you cannot install on that weapon, Triple Z will say it. A lot of weapons come with pre-installed mods. I will note that in the lists. Almost all weapons have open slots for mods, I will note this too. So here they are:

ワィチェッティ・セキュリティ500 - Fichetti Security 500 (F: Semi-Auto, PL 6, DR L, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (400y), 1 slot
ベレッタ・モデル101T - Beretta Model 101T (F: Semi-Auto, PL 6, DR L, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (350y), 0 slots
ベレッタ・モデル200ST - Beretta Model 200ST (F: Semi-Auto/Burst Fire, PL 6, DR L, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (750y), 1 slots

アレス・プレデター - Ares Predator (F: Semi-Auto, PL 9, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (450y), 1 slot
ブローニング・マックスパワー - Browning Max-Power (F: Semi-Auto, PL 9, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (450y), 2 slots
ルガー・スーパー・ウォーホーク - Ruger Super Warhawk (F: Single Shot, PL 10, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (300y), 0 slots
アルス・プレデターII - Ares Predator II (F: Semi-Auto, PL 9, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:7) (550y), 0 slots

ウージーIII - Uzi III (SMG) + Laser Sight (F: Burst, PL 6, DR M, 2t/p, S:3/t, R:8) (600y), レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight, 2 slots
HK227 Sバリアント - HK227 S-Variant (SMG) (F: Burst, PL 7, DR M, 2t/p, S:3/t, R:8) (1500y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent 2, 1 slot
MP-5 TX (F: Semi-Auto/Burst/Full, PL 6, DR M, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:8) (850y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent 2, レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight, 3 slots
イングラム・スマートガン - Ingram Smartgun (F: Burst/Full, PL 7, DR M, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:8) (950y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent 2, スマートガン・システム - Smartgun System, 1 slot
サンドラーTMP - Sandler TMP (F: Burst/Full, PL 6, DR M, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:8) (500y), レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight, 衝擊吸收パッド - Shock Pads, 2 slots
vz88v (Shiun's stats, pretty much unique gun in the game) (F: Burst, PL 11, DR S, 2t/p, S:3/t, R:11), ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, 衝擊吸收パッド - Shock Pads, レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight, スコープ2 - Scope 2

アサルト・ライフル - Assault Rifle
FN-HAR (F: Semi-Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:9) (1200y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight
AK-97 (F: Full Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:9) (700y)
AK-98 (F: Semi-Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:9) (2500y), グレネード・ランチャー - Grenade Launcher
M22A2 (F: Semi-Auto/Burst/Full, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:9) (1600y), ガスベント I - Gas Vent I, グレネード・ランチャー - Grenade Launcher

ライト・マシンガン - LMG
イングラム・バリアント - Ingram Variant (F: Semi-Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:0?) (1500y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, 衝擊吸收パッド - Shock Pads
アレスMPLMG - Ares MPLMG (F: Burst/Full Auto, PL 7, DR S, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:10) (2200y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, 衝擊吸收パッド - Shock Pads

ミディアム・マシンガン - MMG
アレスMPMMG - Ares MPMMG (F: Full Auto, PL 9, DR S, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:8) (2500y)
FN-MAG5 (F: Full Auto, PL 9, DR S, 2t/p, S:5/t, R:8) (3200y), ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight

ヘビー・マシンガン - HMG
MPHMG (F: Full Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:9) (4000y)
M107GPHMG (F: Full Auto, PL 8, DR M, 2t/p, S:1/t, R:9) (5200y), ガスベント III - Gas Vent III, レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight

Looks like I forgot to write down the amount of slots for the weapons in the last four categories. Oh well.

Here are the remaining list:
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 6, DR S)
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 5, DR S)
素手 - Bare Hand (Empty) (PL 2, DR S)
ハンド・レザー - Hand Razor (PL 7, DR L)
ナイフ - Knife (PL 7, DR M) (30y)
刀 - Katana (PL 7+XXX, DR M) (1000y)
雅黒 - Masakuro (PL 10, DR M) - not sold but written from Rokudo's stats after he receives it

アーマー・ベスト - Armor Vest (BD 2, ID 1) (200y)
アーマー・クロージング - Armor Clothing (BD 3, ID 0) (500y)
補強コート - Reinforced Coat (BD 4, ID 2) (700y)
プレートイ寸ベスト - Vest With Plates (BD 4, ID 3) (600y)
アーマ・ジャケット - Armor Jacket (BD 5, ID 3) (900y)
パーシャル・スーツ - Partial Suit (BD 6, ID 4) (4000y)
フル・スーツ - Full Suit (BD 8, ID 6) (10000y)
合成レザー - Composite Leather (BD 0, ID 1) (250y)
天然レザー - Natural Leather (BD 0, ID 2) (700y)

ガスベント I - Gas Vent I, 200y, 1 recoil compesation
ガスベント II - Gas Vent II, 450y, 2 recoil compesation
ガスベント III - Gas Vent III, 700y, 3 recoil compesation
衝擊吸收パッド - Shock Pads, 200y, 1 recoil compesation, SMG and higher.
二脚架 - Bipod, 400y, 2 recoil compesation
三脚 - Tripod, 600y, 6 recoil compesation, for heavy machine-gun
超音波サイト - Ultrasonic Sight, 1300y, Reduces modifiers from light/invisibility
レーザー・サイト - Laser Sight, 500y, –1 target number modifier for firearms tests, cannot use with smartgun system
スマート・ゴーグル - Smart Goggles, 3000y, analog of smart link, receive signals from smartgun systems
スマートガン・システム - Smartgun Systems, 600y, needs smart goggles/smart link, -2 target number modifier for firearms tests
スコープ1 - Scope 1, 500y, "extends the range of the gun", may not be used with smartlink. change a weapon’s range category by a number equal to the device’s rating. A Rating 2 targeting scope firing at long range, for example, would shift the weapon’s range two places to the left on the Weapon Range Table, changing long range to short range. The base target number, normally 6 for a long-range attack, would drop to 4 for short-range attacks.
スコープ2 - Scope 2, 800y
スコープ3 - Scope 3, 1200y
スコープ4 - Scope 4, 1700y

Just like with spells, the notes are from SR 3e rules. But in this case they do seem to work that way or close to it.


This is the shop that I pretty much know nothing about since the prices are so steep. But I did spend a lot of money testing magic so you probably can install a couple of the cheaper mods on somebody instead of doing that.

Two options here:

    • サイバーウエア - Cyberware
    • クリックを出る - Leave
List of cyberware (again, notes are from SR 3e rules):
サイバーアイ - Cyber Eye (2500y), When fighting in the dark, you won't have your hit rate reduced. (you won't be fighting in complete darkness at any point in this game so this might be completely useless. or not, who knows)
スマートリンク - Smart Link (1200y), Needed for Smartgun.
強化反射神経1 - Wired Reflexes 1 (12000y), REA +2, this is the thing that gives Rokudo the ability to go twice in one turn so it might be worth it to check it out if Shiun can do the same. just don't neglect the armor, you WILL need the best one at least for Shiun and Rokudo later on and it costs 10k nuyen.
強化反射神経1 - Wired Reflexes 2 (17500y), REA +4
皮膚護甲1 - Dermal Plating 1 (3000y), BOD +1
皮膚装甲2 - Dermal Plating 2 (7500y), BOD +2
人工筋肉1 - Artificial Muscles 1 (10000y), AGI +1, STR +1
人工筋肉2 - Artificial Muscles 2 (20000y), AGI +2, STR +2

I guess that's about it. I could add some hints for some situations that I can think about but you can just consult the letsplay if anything goes wrong.

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Jan 23, 2016
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Finally got around to reading the rest of it. Thanks a lot, I have evolved my distaste for Shadowrun video games, now to figure out how to properly hate the xbawks MP shooter....
Shame we'll never get a shadowrun game made in the style of Commandos/Shadow Tactics where you're actually supposed to be stealthy and use all your fancy skills instead of the existing pattern of gunfights and visual novel segments.

Thought Trinity was going to be an Otaku(kids who were able to use the Matrix with their mind ala Neo). Looking them up on the wiki they were indeed a thing in the earlier editions.

Derp. She only gets one attack per turn and it's just three damage. Not impressed. Even D-Head was marginally better with his two shots of pistol. Oh, well. Our heavy hitters will get the job done, I guess. Like Shiun, for example. BOOM.
I think the only time melee was able to compete with guns, outside of situations where guns would draw too much attention, was in 5th edition because not only did they limit everyone's attacks per turn to 1 (mages exempt) they forgot to print a Big Guns book so the heaviest hitting mundane attack in the game was a Strengthmaxxing cyberadept troll's fistl.

For decker mages, I think it's possible in most version of the RPGs; at least it was the case for the recent games by HBS, but not very optimal
Magic can do everything in Shadowrun though depending on what it wants to accomplish it might take a lot of investment, cyberware lets one get the best stuff early and then cry because an incremental upgrade costs a bazillien¥. A hackermage is usually limited since the points spent on being magic aren't going into electronics and hacking programs. Losing essence isn't a big deal to experienced mages since the top powergay move is to buy a pain editor implant and ignore drain damage.


May 6, 2019
Strap Yourselves In
Shame we'll never get a shadowrun game made in the style of Commandos/Shadow Tactics where you're actually supposed to be stealthy and use all your fancy skills instead of the existing pattern of gunfights and visual novel segments.
Well, you know who to blame for that. But who knows, maybe at some point Shadow Tactics guys will move on into cyberpunk franchises.

I think the only time melee was able to compete with guns, outside of situations where guns would draw too much attention, was in 5th edition because not only did they limit everyone's attacks per turn to 1 (mages exempt) they forgot to print a Big Guns book so the heaviest hitting mundane attack in the game was a Strengthmaxxing cyberadept troll's fistl.

I recall physical adepts were hyped up at some point but I haven't had much experience with them.

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