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Review The Codex reviews Oblivion again. It's THAT good.


Aug 8, 2005
Elhoim said:
And don´t forget the 1984 newspeak they enforce.


RPGCodex is translated to "I love Oblivion".

I hate when people fuck with my words and signatures, and make threads banish into thin air.

Oooh, but consider the subversive potential:

I love Oblivion is a site full of guys who hate Oblivion. I love Oblivion's VDweller is an outspoken critic of Bethesda.

Pure poetry.

7th Circle

Dec 13, 2005
The Abyss
I liked the following comments:

Bethesda seem to have taken the path of least resistance on nearly ever design decision, and so you end up with a horde of unexceptional features built around simplistic mechanics. Arguably, that's a good thing, since it's very rare for a player to feel as though the game has wronged them, but ultimately, it just doesn't wind up being very interesting.

It's far from a failure, since it doesn't really put a foot wrong, it just doesn't set the bar very high.

Generally speaking, Oblivion didn't piss me off but it didn't inspire me either.

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