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Turn-Based Tactics The Outer Zone: Survival Tactics - Stealth/Survival Focused Strategy


Sappy Game Studio
Aug 17, 2023
Hello there,

A while ago a member of our Discord mentioned showing our game to the folks here at RPG Codex so I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our game The Outer Zone.
It's influenced by a bunch of different tactics games from Fallout Tactics to Invisible Inc. to Into the Breach.

The emphasis of gameplay is more on survival as you attempt to maintain relationships between teammates, keep everyone fed, and gather fuel to keep your caravan running.

While not a hardcore RPG (since each run will only be a couple hours) each teammate has their own inventory, abilities, passives, and skill trees.

The game is a roguelite where each run should be unique with different items, events, and scavenging missions.

If you're interested feel free to ask me questions here, follow out Twitter, join on our Discord, or consider wishlisting!:






Aug 14, 2008
Make the Codex Great Again!
Yeah I kinda dig the aesthetics too. I don't normally follow devlogs, but I'd be interested to find out more about how the mechanics work. All the best!

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