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Torment Tides of Numenera Playlist

Mar 27, 2013
Austin, TX
If anyone has created a special playlist for experiencing Numanuma, feel free to share. Here's what I've come up with so far:

(Not very ambient) Instrumental sci-fi full albums:
  • Stellaris Soundtrack
Ambient sci-fi music full albums (not as good as the individual songs IMHO):
  • Andrew Odd - Discoveries (great atmosphere and more melodic than other sci-fi ambient albums)
  • Chronos - Helios (good sense of discovery here. Slow-moving but it keeps grandeur with good melodies.)
    • Sunset and a Star
    • Moon through Lense
    • Out of Chaos
  • Echo Delta - Blue Eon, also Digital Lifeforms (synthy and like an exploration, but gets stale after 20 mins)
  • Kyoto - Scapes & Spheres (little synth, no melody, just sounds like the sounds of the ocean but from space instead. Good emotions here.)
  • 36 - Hypersona (This is just ambient, but good for the moods. The album has about 4 good songs.)
    • Forever
    • Hypersona
    • Inside
    • The Box

Individual Songs:
  • Between Interval - Aerolith
  • Cell Hanging Masses
  • Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, Skip Murphy - Perspective of Disappearance
  • E Mantra Since You Were Gone Feat. Athena Etana
  • E Mantra Words You Said
  • Ascendant - Remains
  • Hibernation - Hibernation
  • Sonus Lab Interstellar Travel
  • Sundial Aeon Secret Glory
  • Uberhuman Floating
  • Fahrenheit 02 Jaia L'ivresse Des Profondeurs
  • Jamez presents Tatoine Music (Da Lounge Mix)
  • Koan - Alone in a Canoe
  • Alex Doan - Time Machine
  • Sonus Lab - Interstellar Travel
  • Hinkstep - Drifting Away
  • Hinkstep - Like a Mirror
  • Hinkstep - Beautiful Afterglow
  • Hinkstep - Drips
  • Hinkstep - Follow Me Down
  • Hinkstep - Opium
  • Hinkstep - You and the Sea
  • Reasonandu, Adrian Enescu - Peaceful Heart
  • Braveheart Theme - Wasteland Ambient Mix (debatably appropriate)
  • Vangelis - Cosmos Theme
  • Circular - Complex A
  • Ascendant - Expansion
  • Ascendant - Matter
  • Intangible - Anant
  • Intangible - Entering Base Reality
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init 2015 remaster (without the intro)
  • Millions Light Years Away (Story 01)
  • Solar Fields - Sol (remix)
  • Solar Fields - The Road to Nothingness
  • Stellardrone - Eternity
  • Stellardrone - Red Giant
  • Wim Daans - DeepMind Meditation (Great subtle melody & sounds, but must edit length)
  • Enoch Prusak - Into the Light
  • Enoch Prusak - Sleep
  • Aes Dana - Lysistrata (ambient parts only)
  • Asura - An Talamh
  • ConnectOHM - Take Off (album edit)
  • Daft Punk - Veridis quo (Vijay remix)
  • David Helpling and Jon Jenkins - Sun Racer Found
  • Emog - Oshun
  • Koan - Eagle's Tale
  • Takkra - Elements
  • Vibrasphere - Forever Imaginary
  • Mystical Sun - Incense
  • Kaya Project - Vijaya
  • Kaya Project featuring Omar Tekbilek - Eye of the Storm
  • Aural Planet - Exposure (original mix)
  • Miracle Meditation in 432 Hz - Spiritual Song (for temples, this is a chanting song)
  • Arcadia (Original Mix)
  • AlienHand - Catarina
  • AlienHand - Circle of Life (without horrible middle part)
  • AlienHand - Shadow of the Sun
  • Grains of Sound - Vintage Voices (Cacti Mix)
  • Rustboy - Infinity Artifact (Original Mix)
  • Andrew Odd - Spark (Original Mix)
  • Vangelis - Blade Runner OST - Blush Response (without intro)
  • Chronos - Shining Parallel World
There are some old-school techno songs that are much more experimental and could fit as well. Mostly I'm thinking of Fluke, but I'm sure there's more I don't know of:
  • Fluke - Bullet, O.K., Goodnight Lover, Absurd (version with Robert Miles), Amp, Reeferendum, Zion, Electric Guitar, Mosh, Switch / Twitch
  • Prodigy - Climbatize
  • Chemical Brothers - Sunshine Underground
  • Crystal Method - Bad Stone
  • Moby - Volkswagon Jetta Commercial Remix (Jung At Heart is the original song name)
Good synthy instrumental songs that aren't oldschool and also don't have cheesy techno beats:
  • Moby - soundtrack to Southland Tales

Spacey "post-rock":
  • Aurora Borealis by Pelican
Other Rock:
  • Radiohead - Everything in It's Right Place
  • Muse official instrumentals
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Jan 14, 2016
Institute of Tchort
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Zionist Agent
Jul 20, 2009
When a game is so bad that you feel the need to create a playlist instead of appreciating the music and atmosphere of the game, why the fuck would you want to continue?
Mar 27, 2013
Austin, TX
Updated. I'm particularly fond of sci-fi ambient with a sense of "discovery" like Andrew Odd's "Spark". Hinkstep was a great find too, as they have a semi-sci-fi sound with great melodies. Unfortunately 80% of their songs still suck, but they have the most songs of any artist that work in my opinion. It's incredibly hard to find quality music that fits this weird genre. Ambient + Melody are basically dichotomous so it's not surprising artists rarely provide a song with both.
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