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Underrail builds. Let me post my fav one to get going.

May 1, 2013
The border of the imaginary
So underrail systems are fun to play with, though the crafting procs my OCD...
I finally landed up with a psionic/melee hybrid that pulverizes shit once it gets its thing going after 100+ hours of playing.

Starting Stats:
3 Str/10 Dex/ 7 Agi/ 3 Con/ 3 Per/ 8 Wil/ 6 Int
At levelups:
+2 Will (by level 14 for Locus of Control); +4 Dex

Skills:(Highest to lowest priority)
Melee/Psychokinesis/Thought Control - MAX at every level
Mechanics/ electronics / Tailoring
Oh also 40 Dodge is required by Fancy Footwork so squeeze that in too.

Feats (in no particular order):
Nimble, Sprint, Recklessness, Lightning Punch, Cheap Shot, Expose Weaknes, Premediation, Combo, Locus of Control, Critical Power, grenadier, Force User , Fancy Footwork, Escape Artist.

Weapon: Reinforced Leather Gloves reinforced
Weapon 2: Renforced Electric Leather Gloves
Armor (Body): PSI Carparace Tactical vest
Armor (Head): Motion Tracking Night Vision Googles / PSI headbands
Belt: Utility belt/Doctor's Belt
Boots: Tabi Boots (of Infused Cave Hopper Leather for the reduced Sprint Cooldown)
Shield: An Efficient Shield.

Utilities: Taser / EMP Grenade / Flashbang + whatever

I like playing unarmed/with gloves so this is my personal Hand to hand wrecker. This is the non-stealth build I personally enjoyed playing the most.

Playstyle is keep shield on and use electrokinesis/Force Punch/ Taser / Flashbang /Frighten/ mental breakdown for CC. Enemies with shield/ robots are softened nicely with a EMP grenade.

Then move/sprint to a scrub and use fists to punch them into meat paste with Force Emission on. If it has high mechanical damage threshsold, use Expose Weakness and switch to electrified gloves before gibbing them. 14 Dex + lightning Punches + Tabi Boots = 4 AP punch with leather gloves. That is a max of 12 punches per turn. 17 punches with an adrenaline shot.

Lightning Punches only works with less than 25% encumbrance. hence Nimble is essential for the PSI carparace Armor

If you need to block line of sight so as not to get mobbed/ use psi packs/ refresh cooldowns use Force Field! with Force user it lasts 4 turns enough to get ready for a second round. You could change Force user with another perk like Three pointer for grenade crits, which si also an excellent option with your high dex, but Telekinetic Punch damage is halved and so is force field duration.

Sprint/Fancy Footwork/ Escape Artist takes care of all mobility issues. hence the 7 Agi.

10 Will/6 Int is for Premediation and Locus of Control. premediation = 1 free PsI ability every 5th turn an Locus of Control is the best feat ever.

Cheap Shot/ Combo/ Critical Power / Recklessness give quite a bit of additional damage to the punches.

Grenadier reduces the cooldown of the most useful grenades so there is that.

Initially till you get Force emission (lv5) its a bitch playing and i resorted to combat knifes and throwing knives (ab)using Line of Sight to deal with 1 enemy at a time. After that its time to go unarmed with spiked boots till you get lightning punches and craft/loot a decent pair of electrified gloves.

One major downside is that a 3 con non-stealth melee char is quite squishy until you get a shield so you will have to be careful and utilize grenades smartly.

Another variant is dump agility and get 10 will at start with 7 int. This will allow you to get a couple of cool crafting feats like power management and clothier/skinner. With clothier/Skinner a good quality raw material Tabi boots will add quite a bit of movement points and your shield will be a lot more powerful and allow you to reach 16 Dex...but that still sacrifices a lot of mobility and utility fo escape artist (FUCK YOU BOLA NETS).

So whats your take on this build? Fellf ree to post your own builds here or improve the one I posted.


Klytus, I'm bored
Jan 15, 2015
Riding the train, high on cocaine
Shadorwun: Hong Kong BattleTech
God of sniping and lead spraying. (currently tested up to lvl 14)

str 5/ dex 10/ agi 6/ con 3/per 9/will 3/int 4

On upgrade +1 per, then +2 dex, rest I'll think about as I go. Either dex all the way or per all the way. I think PER, I wont get over 7.62 3 bursts without adrenaline/4 with treshold upping DEX anyway.

guns (max)
traps/throwing (traps up to about 50-70, mostly for the quick tinkering around the corner thingie - then throwing up to a good enough hit ratio).
mechanics,electronics,tailoring (max)
stealth (max until equipment starts giving obscene bonuses and you feel points are better spent somewhere else)
Lockpicking (max til it is 100, then maybe up to 130 before endgame)
Hacking (same as lockpicking, will require longer point investment because of low INT).
If using non-7.62 sniper - maye pick some chemistry/bio/whatever for ammo or basic molotovs.

Starting: aimed fire, sprint
lvl2: expertise
lvl4: quick tinkering
Rest in no visible order: snipe, spec ops, sharpshooter, commando, suppresive fire (low priority).
The build itself is quite feat rich, so go to town. Everything above (except for suppresion) makes the build.

Good tac vest is nice, tabi boots and bloody good shield are a must. Guns: 7.62 Smart muzzled Jag + 7.62 Spearhead with retractor and rapid reloader. If you have abundance of smart modules replace retractor with a good module.

Sniper rifle pending discussion - I prefer to open with snipe from stealth and follow up with aimed shot on the same turn - two dead. Then sprint (no interloper :() and get to covered position, possible quick tinkering a bear trap just around the corner.

Spray everything dead with SMG as they come or pop up for quick sniper shots from time to time.

Carnifex barbecue in 3 turns*. Apparently people on fire are easier to hit ;)

*Sweet fucking jesus on a pogo stick, if you win the initiative. If not - gg.


Jan 26, 2016
So whats your take on this build? Fellf ree to post your own builds here or improve the one I posted.

Remove Sprint and Escape Artist and use THE boots of this game - Infused Siphoner Tabi Bots. They provide immunity to immobilization. Yes, that's right. For melee it's almost like cheating. They also provide useful fire resist and alot of dodge/evasion (less damage from grenades). They also give more MP than Cave hopper. Sure Excape Artist can deal with immobilization issues but why use a feat if you don't have to?
Congratulations, you made yourself stronger and have 2 spare feats. You can use them to add bleed flavour (Taste for Blood, Vile Weaponry) or whatever you fancy.

Never dump AGI and always take Fancy Footwork for DEX based melee.

I have a build i'd love to share but i'm afraid Styg will nerf it if i don't keep quiet about it. I need to finish the game first.


Dec 9, 2011
Here are my 2d and 3d (con)current playthroughs:



A thief build, basically. Made it to solve things with stealth, learned that stealth can also be used to kill all things. I wanted to see how many bullets per round I could put into enemy, but I think I will use 8.6 SMG because enemy armor takes a lot of damage I make. SMGs are probably a lot better with crit based character.

Skills: Guns, Throwing (a little), Crossbows (a little slacking behind guns, to use Deus Ex shock and tranq bolts), Stealth, Hacking, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Traps, Mechanics, Electronics, Chemistry (a bit, for grenades).
All DEX skills are underdeveloped but are beyond 100 already with that DEX.

Feats: Burglar, Expertise, Hit&Run, Marksman, Ninja Looter, Opportunist, Pack Rathound, Interloper, Spec Ops, Commando. I think I'll take Quick Pockets next to have all the gadgets I want.

Equipment: Smart goggles, 15% overcoat with +stealth, Bullet belt (you'll need that with SMGs), Smart 7.62 Impala LS (planning to change for rapid reloading smart 8.6), Scoped Pneumatic Cyclone (I only need it for shock bolts), Ninja Tabi, taser, various special bolts, flashbangs and other grenades.

Tactics: Stealth behind them, activate Opportunist with taser/shock bolt/flashbang and burst away, then hit&run to next enemy, repeat.




A remake of flavour space marine librarian build I'm derping around with on Hard because I like pain. I removed a lot of points from STR&CON and increased WL instead. This one turned out a lot more successful than previous build because of ability to pass quests with speech skills better and stronger PSI due to WL.
With the help of Junkyard Surprise I crafted this weapon and now am going to Depot A:


Skills: Melee, Traps, Mechanics, Electronics, Tailoring, Biology (just a few points for psi headbands), Thought Control, Persuasion, Intimidation.
This build is complete opposite of JC Denton - no opening doors, crates, or METAL BOXES, since I had enough of that.

Feats: Conditioning, Juggernaut, Sprint, Stoicism, Expose Weakness.
My plans are now to increase INT to 6 and progress with Psi feats. I will go for critical path since it suits character more (Psychosis, Psionic Mania) and Premediation. Then point goes to WL and I plan to grab Locus of Control & Neural Overclocking.
Then we'll see how it goes.

Equipment: Mark I Scrapmade Adeptus Astartes Power Armor (boots with springs included), Power Hammer, Psychic Hood (+Thought Control), Lifting Belt and uh, a Crowbar.

Tactics: Kill kiters with psi, kill robots and others in melee.
May 1, 2013
The border of the imaginary
Critical Power

what weapon do you use? Whats your critical dmg bonus? I've only dealt with knifes which got over 100% bonus and I add feats on top of that. Do you actually have it over 100% to utilize this?

I mainly use fists. Fists give 100% but there is a feat cheap shots. which increases critical damage of melee attacks by 50%. Thats a 125% increase in critical damage from two feats. not bad!


Dec 2, 2014
Turn right after Alpha Centauri
Starcraft had a unit called "Ghost" which inspired me to my PSI/Sniper/Infiltrator hybrid:


ST 5
DX 3
AG 7
CO 3
PE 9 -> 10 (lvl 8)
WP 8 -> 10 (lvl 12,16)
IN 5 -> 6 (lvl 4)


Guns max

Dodge rest
Evade rest

Stealth max
Lockpicking max
Hacking max

Thought Control max
Psychokinesis max
Metathermics max

1 Aimed Shot+ (PE 6)
1 Sprint+ (AG 6)
2 Interloper (AG 7)
4 Tranqulity
6 Premeditation+ (IN 6)
8 Snipe+ (PE 10)
10 Meditation (WP 7, IN 5)
12 Cryogenic Induction
14 Force User
16 Locus of Control

This build rocked so far blowing shit up with Snipe and Aimed Shot+Cryogenic Induction Combo. Tons of CC and Locus oc Control takes care of enemy CC if need be. The only real weakness it has is in situations here I cannot start combat in stealth like Arena which is highly annoying. I have yet to decide what to to with my final 2 attribute points and the rest of my feats though. Plus a lot of options against for example shields which cannot handle a TK PRoxy+TK Punch combo for example.


Jan 26, 2016
I've finished the game on Normal+Oddity (that's how Styg wants us to play and who am i to deny his will?) with this build:

Synergistic Glass Cannon of All Trades

The goal was to make a build that can do everything, which obviously is not possible. But i'm pretty happy with my results anyway.

It's not a build for beginners as it lacks defense. Well, passive defense, at least.

It can not into psi. But psi is basically just a weapon and we're going to use other combat tools. Many of them.

I really don't know if it's viable for hard difficulty. Zero passive defense can make you die incredibly fast, but maybe our active defense would be able to carry us.

Weapon type that fits best into this build is, well ... not the best one, but at least it's not a crossbow.
It's pistols and not even firearms but energimp/chegimpal pistols. But we'll manage!

This build has good initiative, good secret detection, good traps detection, excellent fishing, good active defense, can open any doors. It's great for exploring the game but you need some experience with combat or you'll die.

Ability scores:
DEX 10 (+6)
PER 10

We're starved for ability scores, hence no Steadfast Aim for us. But it's not very important for this build. We'll manage.
Enough PER for Sharpshooter, max DEX for attack speed and skills. 4 AGI is enough for our stealthy needs. 7 INT for crafting perks (important) and skills.
130 carry capacity is bad for a trap user so Pack Rathound is something to consider. You can also craft infused pig boots with +30 capacity.

Guns 135
Throwing 55

Stealth 135
Hacking 85
Lockpicking 50
Pickpocket 38
Traps 55

Mechanics 40
Electronics 110
Chemistry 83
Biology 95
Tailoring 110

Persuasion 60

There are some unspent point you can use to raise crafting should the game throw some q160+ components at you.
We harvest some real benefits from our godly DEX: throwing, traps, lockpicking and pickpocketing can be half skills and still effective late game. We get some benefits from synergies as well. We also gain significant combat benefits. Marvelous.
But our INT is not far behind as we develop all 6 INT related skills. 40 (50) mechanics to craf adv. repair kits, breaking things apart and using metal plates for traps. High mechanics does not give us any significant benefits and that's the reason we focus on energy/chemical pistols. With all crafting bonuses, however, we can use surprisingly good ballistic panels (up to q108 i guess) but because armor penalty is bad for this build riot/gear is not out armor of choice. Early game we can craft 35 AP sniper rifle, quaff adrenaline shot to have just enough STR and shoot twice per turn. I haven't try this but it's and option to consider.
Enough hacking and lockpicking for endgame checks with the best tool.
Bio/Chem get sweet synergy bonus. We'll be able to craft the best stuff. Fishing for components is very easy with our DEX (and x5 speedhack). We'll also benefit from crafting chemical pistols. Synergies of this build just don't stop to amuse me.
Crazy tailoring is not needed since we are not going to craft ancient rathound armor.
60 in persuasion (with +2 WIL from Surpsise) is enough to pass most check in this game. There is one
check that may require more but no more than 75 (effective value). There's one 110 check in DC but it only allows to skip a fight that is easy for this build anyway.
At lvl 20 with 38 pickpocket and 16 DEX (+1 from food) we can pickpocket Coretech oddity which was my goal. 35 should do the job if you are willing to savescam junkyard surprise.
Hint: you need 90 traps to recover Spoiler King's traps. Jackkinfe and Trapper's belt can help.

Aimed Shot - Our bread and butter ability. Needed for Sharpshooter.
Nimble - Good for our sneak and movement points. We can even get some extra dodge/evasion from tabi boots.
Critical Power - Crucial feat for our primary tactics.
Power Management - Crucial feat for our defense as it buffs energy shields. We need defense badly. Will also make reloading your EW more ... managable.
Ambush! - Crucial feat for our primary tactics.
Gunslinger - I like cost reductions in my RPGs. I also like resistance reductions, in case you want to know. More pew pew is good.
Opportunist - There will be many, erm .. opportunities to use it coming from traps, taser, cryogun/acidgun/shockgun, crawler poison.
Quick Tinkering - Good active defense, great vs melee. Helps enabling Opportunist.
Practical Physicist - Useful for all energy guns that we are going to use.
Sharpshooter - Same as Practical Physicist but includes all chemguns as well.
Mad Chemist - Mandatory for cryogun - 2 turns of iceblock are MUCH better than 1. Increases DOT damage for 2 other guns which is nice for acid and very good for pyro. It could be skipped but chemguns are soo fun i simply couldn't resist.

Skinner - To craft some badass leather armors. Skip if you prefer riot/tac vests but leather armors is what i recommend.
Recklessness - Good if our primary tactics does not work (rarely happens) but not critical (pun intended).
Pack Rathound - Useful for someone with 3 STR and traps in his backpack. But with speedhack i've managed without it. Once i got infused pig boots i was doing just fine.
Quick Pockets - We can certainly make use of extra utility slot and reduced cost of switching weapons. Handy, but second tier.
Three Pointer - Works great with our DEX. Works with molotovs too. Once molotov's burn damage is fixed it's gonna deal some apex damage on crit.
Grenadier - We can make good use of that one. Works good with Quick Pockets and Three Pointer but taking all 3 of them is difficult.
Point Shot - Smart plasma pistol's best friend. Take it if you like smart plasma. But this build is more about default attacks with laser and accuracy drop with range is not good for us which makes this feat a second tier. It has non obvious synergy with Grenadier as it allows us to loose only one laser shot if we throw a granade.
Execute - Good feat and we have options to make it work but short range is bad for this build. Second tier.

Kneecap Shot - Bleed from energy/chem guns is immersion breaking. Also i'd take Point Shot and Execute before this one which leaves us with only one perk to spend. Avoid unless you just love smart plasma.
Steadfast Aim - Would probably be better than Recklessness - 1% less crit for our primary weapon but no extra chance to get critted. But we simply have no spare points for STR.

This build has moderate feat requirements but because it can use so many of them there will be some tough choices to make.

Our weapon of choice is Amplified Laser Pistol, others will be Amplified Electroshock, three chemicals (+ one unique) and perhaps Smart Plasma. Of course we will be using SMG for quite a long time because they just roflstomp pistols that much. We'll switch around lvl 14. Laser's range is good for getting benefit of Sharpshooter and precision bonus is unique among many weapon types. It's not always the best choice tho, shockgun will be better vs clustered groups or energy resistant enemies like Spoilerless or metal armor jerks.

Our default armor is Infused Pig Leather Armor + Boots. On lvl 20 it adds about 200 HP ... to our 300. It's like jumping from CON 3 to CON 8. It's sick for a glass canon like us and would be even better on hard. +30 carry helps alot. Boots are galvanic for some zap resist. My current armor gives me 61% mech resist, about 75% vs xbows/hammers/wildlife and about 90% vs knifes/fists. q160 leather + skinner.

Our secondary armor is Infused Mutant Dog Armor and Infused Siphoner Tabi. You can use Siphoner Tabi with primary armor as well, they are just that awesome. Mutant Dog is for our secondary tactics. Certain Special Armor from Military Organization can also be used - better resistance but worse stealth.

Because we are neither Tranqulity psion nor Neo we'll be using efficient energy shield. And that's good since it synergizes well with Power Management.

For exploration we'll use trapper's belt. It's also good for placing traps. For combat it's gonna be either groin guard or doctor's pouch for tougher encounter. Once i crafted my pig armor i discarded groin guard.

Smart Goggles by default, Seeker Goggles in larger fights with spread out enemies. Seekers will eventually become useless for our primary tactics.

How to play:
Reroll into an SGM user. J/k of course but with little modifications this build can be tailored for SMGs.
We'll stick to our toys however, since they're just sooo fun to play.
Use your stealth to start combat on your own terms, use bear traps to disable melee and hide behind a corner to avoid getting attacked.
Use out of combat gas granades for encounters you can't win otherwise. More on that later.

Strategy 1: Ambuscade! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hEIzls7qPc)
Stay in shadow and Ambush! enemies who are 'enlightened'. If they are not then throw a molotov and make them! I can't stress enough how much i LOVE this feature of Molotovs. Underrail rocks for allowing creative gameplay like this. This is why Laser rules: your range allows you to ambush enemies at the other side of fire zone, you also don't need to move much and will get sharpshooter bonus more often.
Ambush is rather tricky. Sometimes it wont work where you think it should. Sometimes it's the opposite. But incendiary nades were pretty consistent at enabling it, contrary to flares and pyrogun.
Quicksave tends to disable Ambush! while quickload can remedy this.

Strategy 2: (spoilers) XALnage! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_1e7ql3VZI)
There's unique acid gun called XAL and it's really badass. There's a serious flaw, however - you will hit yourself as well! With our secondary armor set we resist 80% of that damage (or 100% with Special Armor) and are immune to acid entaglement. 80% is good enough as your armor will also increase healing received. Now we can enjoy carnage ... erm, XALnage! Melee gets raped by acid entaglement, shield emitters are mostly bypassed and Opportunist is easily enabled. Entagled enemies can be treated with pyrogun - if they catch fire they won't run away, will probably die from DOTs and maybe even enable ambush for you

Strategy 3: Gas cheese
Place yourself out of enemy vision range, enter stealth, enter combat aim your gas nade at closest enemy (or a tile not further than closest enemy), step back, end combat.
If it does not work choose a tile closer to you.
Use cont. granades if you don't care about looting health hypo (and you shouldn't since you can craft them) or ice granade if you do (in that case you need to make killing yourself but Hypotermia and iceblock make it much easier).

Bonus video: Underrail 1st Institute mission, sneaky assasin
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hell bovine

Sep 9, 2013
Secret Level
To sum up: with dodge/evasion dropped you are free to do some end game crafting. This opens up serrated knives and bloody feats. Only issue that remains is to go either 10 agi and 6 INT, or 9 agi and 7 INT. First give you more movement points, 2nd skinner feat. Im going now for skinner one as it can give you more than missing point in agi.

Actual build:
3 Str/10 Dex/ 9 Agi/ 3 Con/ 3 Per/ 5 Wil/ 7 Int
lvlups into dex.
Those 2 points in will are practically wasted. Either way your resolve score will be too low to reliably resist thought control psi.

As for expose weakness, how do you deal with resistant and critical immune critters then?

hell bovine

Sep 9, 2013
Secret Level
5 will is requirement for one of the most important feats: ripper.

As for expose weakness: huge cooldown means that you can use it on only 1 enemy during fight. Havent finished a game so cant answer question fully in regard to crit resistance. Only enemy I encountered with it was bladeling, which couldnt hit me with its movement pool. Still goes down in reasonable time with all the bleed stacks and electricity dmg. With 10 stacks of taste for blood you always go through its mechanical resistance even with mediocre dagger I had access to at that time.
As wiki is not complete I cant research on every possible enemy. Im guessing that challenge would be an army of ranged high mech resist, crit resist and electricity resist enemies. In that case I would need a lot of acid traps/bio grenades which I wouldnt be able to carry with my limit. If its just few its fine. Specially If I can just sneak by(I only fight if its required or Im missing odities).

So... is there such archenemy ahead of me?
Well, that's one requirement that doesn't make sense to me. But I guess you could get that one point for agility from dexterity and feed your guy eel sandwiches all the time.

As for problematic enemies - there are some highly resistant hp sponges left in deep caverns (it got toned down), but I was playing a psi mage/grenadier and have no idea about melee (except for psi monks would be my guess; it's like the game is tailored to them :|). Gas grenades on the other hand weren't of much use.
May 1, 2013
The border of the imaginary
Haha true that. I just had my psi monk pulverize the whole of fort apogee singlehanded around level 20 ish... (GO FREE DRONES! DEATH TO THE PROTECTORATE!!) for a couple of quick levelups.

Although I was using TK proxy + implosion on the dreadnaughts, retreating to previous areas to refresh cooldowns/ recharge my shields and stuff...
Jul 30, 2006
I have no idea what I'm doing but I just started my first character following weeks of character creation anxiety. I seem to have ended up fairly similar to Chaotic_Heretic's, which is probably good! Hoping to be a psi monk who shuts ppl down with crowd control then punches them to death, maybe with stealth and grenades for flexibility. I'm not sure about the dodge/evasion skills, the crafting skills or the persuasion skills so I figure a few points into them won't hurt to start out. Stealth just seems necessary given my low Constitution.

Strength 3
Dexterity 10
Agility 6
Constitution 4
Perception 3
Will 10
Intelligence 4

Throwing 10
Melee 15

Dodge 0
Evasion 10 (I don't really understand which of these to take. Maybe both?)

Stealth 10
Hacking 5 (I figured I needed one of these types of skill right??)

Mechanics 5
Electronics 5
Biology 5
Tailoring 5

Thought Control 10
Psychokinesis 10
Metathermics 10

Persuasion 10
Intimidate 10


hell bovine

Sep 9, 2013
Secret Level
I have no idea what I'm doing but I just started my first character following weeks of character creation anxiety. I seem to have ended up fairly similar to Chaotic_Heretic's, which is probably good! Hoping to be a psi monk who shuts ppl down with crowd control then punches them to death, maybe with stealth and grenades for flexibility. I'm not sure about the dodge/evasion skills, the crafting skills or the persuasion skills so I figure a few points into them won't hurt to start out. Stealth just seems necessary given my low Constitution.

Strength 3
Dexterity 10
Agility 6
Constitution 4
Perception 3
Will 10
Intelligence 4
There is no point in having a 4 in anything, because the penalty from having 3 is small enough to be irrelevant. I'd suggest changing to 3 con, 9 will and 6 intelligence (for expose weakness and premeditation feats). You can bump up will to 10 later on, because you won't be able to pick up locus of control until your thought control is high enough. As for psi, leave metathermics at the bare minimum required for cryostasis, with a psi monk you won't get much use out of its damage spells (and they aren't that good endgame anyway).

PS Persuasion is good for unlocking some interesting story tidbits, but intimidate is frankly useless.


Mar 11, 2012
Here is my SMG/Grenadier build


Hit and run
Quick tinkering
Spec ops
Power management
Gun nut
Evasive Maneuvers
Pack Rathound

Weapon : 7.62mm Steel Cat with muzzle brake and smart module.
Armor : Infused ancient rathound leather
Boots : Infused ancient rathound boots
Helmet : Night vision smart goggles
Belt : Bullet strap belt
Shield : Made of 2x Low frequency module and High Efficiency Energy Converter

16 pe is very important here, i saw some guides where people went full retardo and left PE under 10 on smg builds in favor of maxing dex for an extra burst. With adrenaline and 8 dex Steel cat will get 3 bursts, or 4 with commando, having high pe means that those bursts will actualy do the job.
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Severian Silk

IIRC my build was pickpockets, thief, dodge, the other dodge, melee and assault rifles. It sucked p hard toward the end. Probably my fault.


the determinator
Jan 15, 2015
deterministic system > RNG
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