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Game News Wartales: The Tavern Opens DLC Released


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Shiro Games; Wartales; Wartales: The Tavern Opens


Manage and expand your own tavern in this management and simulation expansion for Wartales. During your adventures, secure wealth and prestige for your troop. Purchase your initial establishment, select the finest decor for your tavern, hire employees, and craft the optimal menu to satisfy your daily customers.

Recruit skilled employees based on their specialties, level, and salaries. Choose from civilian recruits, or transfer companions from your troop to your tavern. Hire, manage and assign your employees to various roles and optimize the production to improve efficiency! Or simply send spies to your competitors to learn their specialties?

Remember, the customer is king. Each customer belongs to a faction with specific preferences (food and drinks in the menu, furniture, songs, security level…). Redecorate your establishment, change prices and offers to meet the needs of your target clientele, as their visits impact your profits, prestige, and may lead to special events!

Improve your tavern by investing in equipment and decoration, expanding your workforce, and refining your menu to suit your clientele. Earn rewards to become the most notable establishment, whether you’re popular among bandits and the guard, or traders and noblemen. The choice is yours!

But watch out for rivalries and potential infiltrations as others grow jealous of your success. Could your establishment be destined for the greatest cities, such as… Gosenberg?​



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Feb 22, 2006
Perusing his PC Museum shelves.
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How was the base game? Looking at it does it have a story arc and ending or is it just rinse and repeat endlessly? Does the pirate DLC improve the game? So many questions...


Aug 27, 2014
Le Balkans
Played the base game when it came out - very smooth, very polished, suprisingly low amount of bugs by todays game standards. Lots to do in the game, but it was missing a overarching story to connect it all.
Really liked it, d1p for pirates and tavern dlc, still havent tried it, will soon :]


Jul 28, 2018
Here's the thread. It's basically Battle Brothers for women.
Yeah, trying to wade through a Codex thread to actually find the answers is like shaving with an old rusty razor... :negative:
It's only 20 pages long you pussy.
Basic attacks are kinda like an auto attack in a crpg game, but you get special skills like "-50% recevied damage for three rounds", "3 free attacks from behind" or "shoot the first three enemies entering the area" the cost "valor" which is replenished at rest. Each of which would have been incredibly OP in Battle Brothers but here you get them at 3rd level. So its pretty obvious where its going. Party composition and character levels > strategy and tactics.
There you go, it's shit. (Page 2 btw)
I don't know. The game has so many stupid things going on, nothing they'll add could make me want to play it:
  • Every attack is an auto-hit - because skill, evasion and defence in general is apparently not a thing
  • There are different classes, limited to specific weapons - never liked it in rpg systems, it's even dumber in an open world tbt/rpg
  • No helmets - you know, the most important piece of armor
  • Random unit placement, seemingly mixed with the enemy - is that supposed to be an improvement over the fixed formations in BB?
  • Terribly bland and generic look without character
Was looking forward to Wartales, but now I have no idea how this has the same STEAM rating as Battle Brothers (88%)
Irredeemable shit actually. If you're thinking of trying this just play BB instead.
I hope you're happy now, you miserable, lazy, crusty oldfag fuck.

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