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Game News Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #67: Director's Cut coming on October 13th


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Chris Keenan; InXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Earlier today, we learned that the release date for the Wasteland 2 Director's Cut had been set to October 13th. The latest Kickstarter update has a more detailed announcement, along with some new screenshots:

We have some big news to share with you today, so we'll just cut right to the chase. Wasteland 2 Director's Cut will be releasing digitally on PC on October 13, 2015! Additionally, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, digital and physical releases will be coming on October 13th in the Americas, and October 16th Worldwide!

As we've said before, anyone who already owns Wasteland 2 on any digital PC retailer will be getting the Director's Cut as a free update on PC. We'll have more information as we get closer to release, but it's our intention to make sure it's as easy a process as possible. Keep your eyes peeled on our Wasteland 2 forums as we'll be putting up FAQs and similar in the coming weeks towards release.

For those of you who are still curious about the Director's Cut contents, features, and changes, or may have missed our discussions on them previously, here are some links that go over some of those new elements in detail.
And those do not even fully cover all the new additions, like new and expanded voice-over for many of the game's key NPCs and companions, as well as our extensive rebalancing of virtually every combat encounter, loot drop, and item you'll find in the game.

We're now in the home stretch of development. Our final tasks in the several weeks before final release include polishing up the game as much as we can, including tweaks, optimizations, fixes and balance adjustments. We hope you will enjoy the changes and updates as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

New Screenshots

We've got a bunch of new screenshots ready for you for this announcement, showing off some of our graphical updates and changes to our environments and character models. Our art team has worked tirelessly to make sure the Wasteland is more vibrant and detailed than ever, and we're extremely pleased with the results.

"Late summer", my ass. That's what console certification will do to you, I guess.


Dec 2, 2012
I wish I could play Wasteland 2 one of these day : something's missing in my steamized boxed edition


Bought it last year, can't remember exactly when, but I unboxed it two weeks ago.:rage:


Codex Staff
Staff Member
May 29, 2010
Plenty of time for me to complete it and give my thoughts. :)
Dec 9, 2014
Are those in-game screenshots or typical inxile staged bullshots?
Even the original release was advertised with numerous pretty nice "screenshots" but real in-game graphics looked a lot worse. The main reason is that the camera movement is extremely limited in the game. If they would free the camera and allow extreme zoom ins and out in-game it would make a difference.


Dec 28, 2013
I know I advocated them having plenty of time to work on their shit even post release and I said it was a good opportunity to make the games better, but fuck me. I want to play the games on release with everything already there. I'm tired of waiting for every idiot to fix their game half a year after the release and following all the shit just to know what's happening.

This update could make the game not so shit anymore so whatever.
Dec 14, 2012
I know I advocated them having plenty of time to work on their shit even post release and I said it was a good opportunity to make the games better, but fuck me.

Most of Inxile moved onto Torment a while back, apparently. Fargo said recently that they only had 3 people working on this so I guess (as Infinitron said) the console certification has held everything up:

90 percent of my company is on Torment right now. On the console version of Wasteland 2 I have... three people. You’re right, making three games at once would be a lot of work but making a conversion is not nearly the same as the effort of creating a game from scratch. I have a couple of people working on The Bard’s Tale IV now. When those responsible for porting Wasteland 2 will finish their work they will come to The Bard’s Tale IV team so it’s going to be 6-7 people then.


Sep 21, 2012
3 at Inxile vs 12 at the Iron Galaxy - who would port the thing the best, discuss :smug:

Brother None

inXile Entertainment
Jul 11, 2004
It's not actually 3 throughout the lifetime of the project. People moved to Torment at different pace, or around projects at times. Over the lifetime we're probably talking about 12 on DC as well, including our very own sea's excellent work

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