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Wasteland Wasteland 2 Suggestions

Anthony Davis

Blizzard Entertainment
Sep 7, 2007
sea Brother None

Is there a thread for suggestions already? I'm adding one!

This is NOT the place for bug reports! This is NOT the place for story discussions or spoilers EXCEPT for how it relates to SUGGESTIONS! Wheeeeeee!

As a fellow game developer, I realize that suggestions might fly in the face of what is possible. There are limitations with budget, personnel, scope, and more.

Anyone sane here should not get married to any of these suggestions and should fully realize that they may never happen at all.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Finding a uniform/apparel option in the game would could UNLOCK it for character creation the next time!

I want to start off playing as a gorilla or a three amigo.

2. Add a "grenade" slot to the paper doll for throwable items. You can access this in combat by either rotating through the slots with 'X; or maybe by hitting the 'G' button.

I have more, but I want to see if this goes anywhere.

Astral Rag

Feb 1, 2012
The game desperately needs an awesome button and by that I mean a key that allows players to enter turn-based mode whenever they want.
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Add flamethrowers, incendiary grenades, incendiary ammo and standard JHP and AP ammo too. Add a new damage type - fire. This way you can have ballistic, blunt, slashing and energy and fire damage types. Add resistances to existing enemies and armor. Profit!



May 18, 2007
Dead State Project: Eternity Wasteland 2
No I demand an expansion in the Valley and Santa Clarita.

Morkar Left

What about a realtime-with-pause-button instead? You can pause the game and still give orders as long as no combat is initiated with execution after pausing. The reason is I would like to get my squad proper in place simultaneously before combat / being able to plan ahead at my leisure without having the pause menu hindering my sight.

Morkar Left

I wouldn't go mad with queuing up commands, just one. Either you order your pals to move over there, or to ambush while already crouching. It comes down to get in proper position with your squad ready with the possibility to ambush not necessarily having the first shot. Turnbased rules wouldn't be affected.


Mar 17, 2007
Some things I'd like to have...

Ability to reorder your party. (Why do I need to edit my save file just to do this?)

A formations function. (They already "snap" to the nearest tile, why not snap to preset formation?)

An option to increase skill animation speed. (We have one for combat animations, why not out of combat ones?)

Optimizations for inventory screen. (Having the menu up shouldn't double my GPU usage.)

Ability to zoom in on your map. (Especially on big maps everything is so small that it's useless.)

A minimap. (That radio thing is pretty useless, could be like 1/10th the size an combined with other parts of the UI)

Ability to leave an area by clicking on a exit from your map once it has been cleared. (Like how you can enter a specific map once you've cleared it on the world map)

A way to "dismiss" player created characters like you can NPCs. (I like to have full NPC party for more dialogues, but the way it is now I have to murder my fellow ranger once I find a replacement)

Reduced movement points for most/some enemies. (Really they can run 200m in the time it takes your assault rifle to fire 1-2 bullets?)

Make the crouch button a toggle. (Click once to crouch, click again to un-crouch. No need for 2 separate buttons.)

Give headshot some chance to crit. (ATM it's pretty much always inferior to just saving AP and shooting an extra time.)

Weapon/Stat rebalances. (Buff Luck/Barter, rework CHA/Bladed, etc)

Get rid of randomized loot. (This ones asking a lot, but god I hate the save-scum baiting.)

Make "flag as trash" party wide. (And bring back its hide function that you removed in the patch for some reason.)

Make skill function automatic. (IE If your mouse cursor shows that its a lock, when you click it your locksmith expert unlocks, instead of having to go through the arbitrary trouble of selecting him first.)

Reduce broken weapon parts value. (I'm always so rich that it ruins all item progression.)

Show the mechanical repair icon when you mouse over something that was broken from critical failure. (Like you do with most other skills.)

TBH the whole world map doesn't fit well with the game. (I'd rather it just be 2D like Fallout or Jagged Alliance.)

Give some explanation as to the difference between green/red dialogue links. (I'm still not sure what it means, somebody halp)

Allow us to rebind map rotation from the middle mouse button. Also allow the use of modifier keys. (I had to use autohotkey to rebind a lot of my stuff, not something that should happen in a PC game.)

Just get rid of portraits for all but important characters. (It's harmful to my IMMERSHUN when text paints one image and portrait paints a totally different one.)
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Morkar Left

Some things I already mentioned in the release thread:
  • npc portraits don't often fit the description was already mentioned several times but I do it again because it is an issue
  • random loot / random placement of treasure containers and traps isn't exciting / often nonsensical
  • Stealth mechanics and stealth quests should be in. I'm really missing it.
  • I wish there would be one additional weapon slot to switch back and forth (maybe depending on a skill)
  • Precision / throwing of grenades should be dependent on Demolitions skill
  • Demolitions could be used for disamring and then recovering landmines?
  • Fallout-like overview maps for locations would be great
  • I wish you could zoom-out the worldmap
  • There's a lot of talk about radiation zones changing by wind --> why not implement it on the map and make some shifting / wandering radiation zones? Would make the water mechanics more meaningful and travelling less predictable / more challenging when all of a sudden a path is blocked and you have to circumvent it or going through the radiation.
  • What are cigarettes good for? Give them some minor advatage like a % chance to stop a shock effect status.
  • Attributes should be better connected to the skills. I like the generel system of splitting the mechanics (I used something similar for a pnp rpg I did) but it should be more connected. How about using attribute scores as maximum for skill values? E.g. CHA defines max value for Kiss Ass, STR defines max value of Brute Force and Hard Ass, INT defines max value of Smart Ass and so on. To make Field medic more useful compared to surgeon maybe give it a small %-chance that pocket medic packs don't detoriate after use and can get used again? A field medic has learned to get along with the most essential.


Codex Staff
Staff Member
Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
More gore.
I want arms flying meters away, blood spraying and pouring all over the place.


Jun 4, 2010
Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2
This might be too much of a hassle to implement for what it provides, but it's something I've been thinking while playing recently. Early in the... don't remember if it was Kickstarter or full on developement, I remember Fargo mentioning that there were plans for a sort of "quick combat" option where the player could let the computer handle things. I'd wish this to be reconsidered and implemented.

I like the combat as it is, but there are instances more or less often where the combat event is a 5+ minute turkey shoot which is just a waste of time when it happens often enough. This is usually in random encounters -- a level 10+ party with decent equipement against 3-4 wastewolves and 2 horned toads, for example. There's no way the critters will get anything done - so what happens, is an event of clubbing baby seals for much longer that would be necessary. I don't wish the rate of random encounters to be toned down, it is fine as it is. Just that... I think it'd be kinda neat if the player could opt for calculated (based on the party, enemy, and equipement) combat event in a similiar fashion to Wasteland for these trash fights, it's a risk (of losing munitions, or even rangers) the player opts for if wanting to get a tad more quickly and with less hassle out of the situation; and why not also take a risk at the tougher ones if feeling like it. I don't mean that there'd need to be a list of command promts and phases, but just the text feed (with a speed slider), and, if possible, a combat stance (aggressive, defensive) toggle before hitting "execute". Some sound cues to spice it up (gunfire, growls, screams, flesh ripping, blood splatting...). It would also work as a further nod for the original game.

Just a thought.


Feb 4, 2005
General Gaming
I wish I had an ability to make some notes on the map screen.

Also I would love to have flashbangs, smoke grenades, ability to obtain mines after deactivation to set up own traps or break down for parts (another demolition skill check), etc.

The enemies should use medical supplies too (perhaps they don't because they have no medic ability, but how about some pain killers then).

I wholeheartedly agree with fire or radiation being active damage types.

Also if there is radiation on the world map, the location within could also have some elevated radiation levels. I hope to see radiation problem become a bit more daunting for the player.


The Real Fanboy
Nov 3, 2013
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Having more uses to the Demolition skill would be awesome; having it affect grandes and rocketlaunchers would be good, but Also for retreving mine, bombs and traps so they can be used before combat would be awesome
Having bows or crossbows for silent kills with an Option for reusable ammo
Toning down headshots to 150% damage but with a 20% aiming penalty
Melee weapons with longer range and wider attack angles
A little more reactivity to events; like beign able to get the Highpool election started after doing the quests there
Some more mini cutscenes to highlight important stuff, like showing the radio controles when they become operational
Having the characters react a bit more intuative to the environment like auto using the disarm skill when a locked box has been found or using quest items automaticaly when selecting to use what they are needed for, like the radio signals with the tower Controls for example
A slow but still present HP regeneración system for when going to an oasis
Party formations (spread out, groups of 2, snipers in the back) to minimize micromamaging before combat
Location damage would be simply awesome and would take this to another level but that might mean reworking a lot of the combat system...if that is out of the question simply toning down the headshot and adding simple leg shot to slow down enemy movement


Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess Glory to Ukraine
Mar 10, 2003
"This was ultimately decided against for the same reasons stealth was dropped - it's game-breaking and not in a good way. Usually combat toggles are really glitchy and exploitative."

Is this a new age thing? Older games certainly didn't have this issue.


Jun 22, 2013
Some more thoughts (for some reason my post wasn't published):
  • With regard to the Mr. Manners meat quest, why isn't the "old farm woman" from cerritos an alternative option for solving the quest? it made perfect sense to me (given that I saved her cows from Dugen's bots) so I was pretty baffled by its omission
  • Igg Humperdink (Inglewood) seems to suggest that he's going to allow you to pick an item from his inventory but when you enter the barter screen he charges you regardless of your feat
  • When looking through inventory, selected category SHOULD NOT revert to "all" when switching NPC. Please fix this, it's tedious
  • Regarding Santa Fe Base, move the npcs/stash to where the medic and tarder are. Having to walk all the way to Woodson is a pain in the ass.
  • Speaking of which, I humbly ask sea if it's possible to interact with npcs at base, e.g., can I use Cain's weaponsmithing skill via dialogue instead of having to dismiss a party member, move all of his loot, and recruit him?
  • Everyone has already mentioned it but here I go again, grenade slot.
  • Loaded guns should remain loaded even if placed in inv. (this was awesome in Fallout 1/2)
  • For a trashy whore, it would be nice if you could actually find some incriminating evidence to convince Dante that B. is a whore.
  • Is the dying woman quest bugged in The Prison or wtf? She dies and I never see her husband like in the beta video. Nor can you heal her. Gayness
  • Also a bug that forced me to reload, when I took out the usurper in Ragio (sp?) beatrice didn't actually "flee," I met her by where the housekeeper was and engaged combat with me :P
Love the game!


Apr 16, 2012
NPcs to stop refering to me being dressed as a cowboy and maybe react to what i'm actually wearing? Somebody referred to my team in tactical armour and military helmets as being dressed like cowboys. That's not very reactive :(

Remove all higher tier armours/some weapons from vendors unless there is a stated reason why they have such rare items in stock and how they got them, make them a special selection at least that the NPC looted from somewhere. There seems to of been a choice to break from Wasteland 1, where certain higher tier stuff could only be obtained from end-game areas and places where you'd expected to find them, like power armour. It works i guess in the context of the game system, but not in the context of building a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. These things should be acquired from places that make sense...currently there's no explaination why some factions have this high tech gear.

Make higher tier armor worthwhile, power armour shouldn't weigh anything for one and possibly make it so there's a armour choice that doesn't make you a deathtrap for energy weapons.

LA Ranger base is big and lonely :(


Apr 18, 2008
"This was ultimately decided against for the same reasons stealth was dropped - it's game-breaking and not in a good way. Usually combat toggles are really glitchy and exploitative."

Is this a new age thing? Older games certainly didn't have this issue.

Like Obsidian won't allow you to drop items because it causes problems with save games.
Well, thank god for new technology and computing power, amirite? At least now we can have real-time games.


I really like this game, but it certainly could be better.

Maybe the Codex should make an official suggestion list to Wasteland 3. InXile could use most of WL2's assets and tools and try to release an all-time masterpiece with no major flaws.

Lord Andre

Apr 11, 2011
I suggest changing the insta-gib turrets and undetectable, undisarmable mines in front of the Prison with Gandalf the Wizard. Or maybe with a mushroom that tells you the princess is in another castle.

Also, I suggest Brian Fargo keep his mouth shut about reactivity the next time he makes a game that railroads the plot with the heavy hand of a teenage wanker.
Jul 27, 2013
Didn't read the suggestions in this thread so a lot of these have probably already been stated, but here they are anyway.
- All cosmetic options such as portraits and clothing should be made available to the player, the assets are there, let us use them.(And give me back my fucking headdresses.)

-Explosives should be tied to a skill, I've been suggesting this forever, there's no reason to have it be the way it is. If accuracy is too imbalanced then add damage, better AoE, sim scum should not be considered in the equation.

-Make headshots actually useful, I haven't used them in ages, and why would I? My crit rate is good enough that I do twice that damage in the same ap for a lot of weapons.

-Make animal whisperer able to recruit better tier pets, even if only for an individual fight.

-Make dialogue work in a way that it isn't a one time deal, we should be able to go back and ask people similar things if it relates to a quest or some such, unless a check is failed there should be no issue. This is in regards to my prison and rail nomads issue, where I didn't get dialogue that was supposed to be there, possibly because of the order in which I talked to people, if it was related to my low party CHA, which it might have been, be transparent about it, or it looks like a bug.

-Make it so when you side with the children of the mushroom cloud against the DBM they actually send their forces to the enemy base when you've found it, 3 guys who stand outside but never go in is shit. Ruins muh immurshun, if difficulty was your aim I'm sure there was less retarded ways to go about it. On that same note that area is more difficult than most of what you encounter in LA.

-Fix the intelligence formula back to the way it was when it didn't suck, and even better still, make half points count. SP every 1-3-5-7-9 with .5 in between.

-make luck effect loot and jamming

-fix armor so it feels like it's actually useful.

-Do a serious portrait overhaul, keep mannerites out of highpool, and fix the dozens of blank portraits to something fitting.

-Fix the violent death formula, people should die violent deaths from explosions, and they should be more weapon specific, bloody mess all the time is kind of lame. pistols blowing off every limb and head isn't that cool, maybe as an optional thing a la Fallout.

-remove traps from nonsensical locations, raiders trapping everything is believable, hospital workers, not so much, I get that it's a harsh world, but it needs some toning down.

That's all I can think of right now.
Is it safe to say this is the Citizen Kane of Kickstarters?
Best yet, they've gotten increasingly better in succession. W2 > D:OS > SRR
Hopefully PoE and then Torment continue the trend.


Only just got to California, but here are some suggestions:
  • A formations function. The rangers enter combat in a cluster, which is annoying.
  • The ability to enter combat mode with free movement, so that I can easily set up my rangers for combat. Solo mode kind of works, but the Rangers don't lock onto the grid or onto cover objects while in this mode.
  • Clicking reload should also unjam/reload secondary weapons. It is tedious to have to constantly check that the secondary weapons of seven Rangers are also fully loaded.
  • The ability to tell NPC followers (not companions) to wait at a certain spot. Some NPCs are required for side quests, but they are so fucking retarded that I usually don't want to engage in combat with them.
  • I'd like to add notes to the map (sort of like in BG2)
  • More unique weapons as rewards for exploring and doing side content
  • Combat would be more interesting if we had crowd control options
  • The ability to build your party with more than one item/trinket and armor. I dunno, maybe clothing could actually have a function instead of being simply cosmetic.
  • The only hats I have found are sombreros. Two in total. Kind of strange seeing that I have founds countless amounts of clothing. ^^


The Real Fanboy
Nov 3, 2013
Divinity: Original Sin 2
This was brought up on the release thread but seems pretty good, especial for players who arent very familiar with the concepto of the game and its mechanics, wont pick a premade char but would like a little more guidence for which skills to pick; how about including character templates?
You can pick a medic template with suggestions for attributes and skill points so as to avoid butthurt. Although I must say I rather have a game that hits you over the head with some bad decisión than a "balanced" game like Sawyer is trying to do


Jan 8, 2009
You could change a million things, but you know what, all I really need is just one, simple change.

Balance walking speeds.

It looks stupid to have everyone run 50m in the time it takes you to fire a bullet, and it also diminishes tactical options. What's the point of positioning your characters just right if enemies can run right up to your sniper? How can you have effective chokepoints with your melee brawler if everybody can run past him (even if he's blocking the only square, diagonal movements are possible, so even a simple doorway in the corner of a room would need 2 blockers)? In a game where there is no attack of opportunity or anything like that?

Simplest solution would be to decrease movement speed, then perhaps compensate by also decreasing PCs' speed or alternatively beefing up enemies' armour a little more. A more interesting solution would be to increase AP costs when you are moving past an enemy - e.g. 1 AP to move to a square next to an enemy, but 3 AP to then move to another square - to simulate the care you would have to give.

In fact, do enemies even play by the same rules as the player currently? It makes no sense to me that many enemies only shoot once or twice a turn even without moving, but when they move they can move about 25 tiles.


Any chance on changing the "Encounter Begins!" message font?

It looks cheap and ugly as hell.

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