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Game News Wasteland 3 Fig Update #36: Backer Beta Coming March 17th


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Jan 28, 2011
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For the first time in a long while, inXile have published a Wasteland 3 Fig update to announce that the backer beta is releasing on March 17th. It'll include the first few hours of the game including character creation, though the world map will not be available.

Rangers, as we enter this final stretch of development before Wasteland 3’s release, we need your help to make sure that it has been thoroughly battle-tested. Your feedback from the forthcoming Beta will be instrumental in helping us to make sure that Wasteland 3 is as polished, exciting, and fun as you've come to expect.

What do I need to know?
The Wasteland 3 Beta will be going live at 9am PDT, March 17. Those who have backed the game at the Early Bird ($25) or higher tiers will be receiving an email from Crowd Ox that includes a Wasteland 3 Beta key. Once you’ve received your Beta code, it will need to be redeemed through Steam. The game client will then be able to be downloaded after the listed launch time.

Note to our Alpha testers: you will not be sent a Beta key, as you’ll automatically gain access to the Beta as soon as it has gone live. If you run into any issues with updating to the Beta, it may be a good idea to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Please be aware that this is a pre-release look at the first few hours of Wasteland 3. Content and systems will probably change before release (you can help with that, see below!), and you may encounter issues and bugs. Furthermore, the game has not been fully optimized, and you can expect its performance to improve when the game finally launches.

As you encounter issues with the Beta, please don’t hesitate to share your reports directly with our Developers via the feedback site that is linked to from the Beta’s main menu.

In addition to the ‘Report Issues’ option, you are also welcome and encouraged to share general feedback and discuss your experiences in our Beta Discussion forum.

What Are My Orders, General?
We encourage you to check your backer portal through Crowd Ox to ensure your contact information is correct. When the Beta goes live on March 17, we'll be posting on our various social channels reminding everyone that the Beta is live.

Feedback and bug reports can both be submitted via in the in-game Report Issues button you’ll find on the main menu. If you’d like to discuss the Beta with others, head on over to the inXile forums.

Rangers, we want to thank you for your continued support and participation. We cannot stress how important sharing your experiences in-game with us will be. Your feedback from the Alpha has already been instrumental in helping us implement much needed refinements. We know that your suggestions and feedback from this point onward will only help to make Wasteland 3 even more awesome than it’s already shaping up to be.

Thanks again,
The Wasteland 3 Team

Q: What content does the Beta include?
A: The Beta provides the first few hours of the game, from character creation into the first few areas of the game. Of note, it does not include the world map (you’ll be automatically warped to each area), and certain areas are kept off-limits that you’d be able to access in the full game. Please also be aware that the intro cinematic is currently in-progress and is not final.
I'm totally expecting a derpy-looking intro cinematic now. Let's hope that whatever will need fixing can be fixed in the two months left until the game's final release.
Sep 7, 2013
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Don't see how. If developers stay at home they might actually get some work done because management isn't going to interfere with their productivity.

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