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Development Info Zorbus Crawls to 60.2


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Joonas; Zorbus

Zorbus, which is a classless D&D-ish rogue-like, has updated to 60.2 per this post in this thread. Here's just part of the changes you can expect assuming you've been playing this title:
  • You can now trigger detected suspicious furniture to reveal themselves by firing at them from afar with a reach / ranged attack. The attack itself does not do damage. Worst quality of ammunition is automatically used. (Detected suspicious furniture is mostly mimics, living statues, and such, and is marked with a red "!" on the furniture)
  • You can spring detected traps by firing at them from afar with a reach / ranged attack.
    • Worst quality of ammunition is automatically used.
    • Traps that affect a single creature do nothing when sprung from afar, but Animate, Confusion, Dismiss, and Summon traps are very usable.
    • Expert Trapper gives a +4 bonus to hit the trap. The Seeker Shots talent can not be used to shoot at traps.
  • Weapon changes:
    • New property: shafted. Shafted weapons deal 50% more damage on hit when Charge talent is used. Polearms, spears, hoopaks, and urgroshs are shafted weapons, but staves are not.
    • Urgrosh: removed great-property. Added reach- and shafted- properties.
    • Hoopak: Added shafted-property.
  • Charge talent description updated:
    • "You take one step towards a target creature, and make a melee attack with +3 modifier. You will cause 50% more damage on hit if you are wielding a weapon with the shafted-property. The talent's action cost is used instead of the weapon's action cost. Polearms (bardiche, glaive, halberd, ranseur), spears (spear, shortspear, trident), hoopaks, and urgroshs are shafted weapons, but staves are not."
  • You now get experience points from killing creatures while possessing someone.
And a spoiler, he also fixed some typos.


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Jan 2, 2016
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For me ToME is still unmatched but I liked Zorbus

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