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King of Dragon Pass Released on Steam

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King of Dragon Pass Released on Steam

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 29 July 2015, 01:11:42

Tags: A Sharp; HeroCraft; King of Dragon Pass

The latest edition of King of Dragon Pass, the genre-blending CYOA classic originally released back in 1999, in which you lead a clan of Iron Age Nordic tribesman in the fantasy world of Glorantha, is now available on Steam. This particular release was developed by HeroCraft, who also ported the game to Android and Windows Phone last year based on the game's 2011 iOS version. It is not the same as the GOG release from 2012 which is based on the original PC version, and as such it carries a higher price tag - $12 rather than $6. Here's a trailer and some details from original KoDP developer A Sharp:

King of Dragon Pass will be coming to Steam on 28 July. But the game has been available for mobile (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), as well as the original version (either on CD or as patched to be downloadable by GOG.com). So what exactly is coming to Steam?

The version on Steam is essentially the mobile version, but tuned for desktop and laptop screen sizes (I ran it on a 30 inch iMac, but it should run on a 1024 x 576 netbook). HeroCraft has been responsible for the Steam versions, since I’ve been busy with Six Ages, so I am not completely sure of the specifics. But I believe the Steam achievements are the same as those we added in 2.0. There are also Steam Cards (which may have some new art).

So if you played on Windows or Mac before, you’d be moving from 1.7 to 2.2. There are 48 new scenes and 4 new illustrations (plus a new Lore map). There are also new advisors, and a lot more advice in management screens. There are also more treasures. We made many bug fixes (such as unblocking two of the original scenes), and fixed typos. You no longer have to worry about sheep. The economics system should no longer be quite as harsh, with death spirals less likely. (Rest assured that the game is still difficult, especially on the Hard setting.)

The Tula screen was too difficult to rework, but it wasn’t part of game play. And HeroCraft originally started their porting before our scene contest, so those scenes are currently only in the iOS version.

We like to avoid spoilers, so it’s hard to talk about just what the four dozen new scenes are about. We did mention the Troll Hero before, however. And here’s the artwork for one of them.

So if you have played King of Dragon Pass on a laptop or desktop, but not a mobile device, there’s a lot of new stuff. And if you haven’t played at all, now’s your chance!​

No word on whether this version will make it to GOG, but based on previous experience with these kinds of Steam rereleases, I doubt it.

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