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PAX Prime 2015 Interview Roundup: Pillars of Eternity, BattleTech, Banner Saga 2

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PAX Prime 2015 Interview Roundup: Pillars of Eternity, BattleTech, Banner Saga 2

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sat 5 September 2015, 19:44:00

Tags: Adam Brennecke; BattleTech; Fallout: New Vegas; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity; Pillars of Eternity: The White March; Stoic Studio; The Banner Saga 2

It's now been almost a week since PAX Prime concluded, but developer interviews are still popping up on the Internet. Here are a few that are relevant to the Codex's interests. First, an interview with Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke about Pillars of Eternity and its expansion at Shacknews:

The interesting part of this interview is the second half, where Josh and Adam talk about Obsidian's situation and current plans. According to Adam, the company's next crowdfunded game is currently in initial preparation stages. Interestingly, he refers to it as a Kickstarter project before remembering to bring up Fig as well. Josh, meanwhile, discusses his plans for a Pillars of Eternity sequel, reiterating what he said in the retrospective panel about modding and multiclassing, as well as his earlier promise to place the sequel in a less "traditional Euro fantasy" area of the setting, much like Baldur's Gate 2 did.

Next up is this interview with Jordan Weisman at PC Gamer, where he talks about BattleTech and Harebrained Schemes' other games, as well as the state of indie development, Kickstarter, his opinion of Microsoft, and more:

As far as details about BattleTech go, there's not much here that we didn't hear in yesterday's interview. Jordan once again reiterates Harebrained's commitment to strong storytelling, promising to emphasize the setting like no BattleTech game has before. He also reveals that the game is planned for release in the first quarter of 2017. I wonder if they can keep to that date the same way they did with Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

In addition to this, PC Gamer also had a chance to speak with Josh Sawyer, although their interview was actually more about Fallout than Pillars of Eternity. While talking about Fallout 4 and its new romance features, Josh revealed that Obsidian had planned to let you get drunk and marry Cass in Fallout: New Vegas, although this had to be cut for being too complex.

Finally, The Banner Saga 2 also had a presence at PAX Prime, not by the developers but by their publisher, Versus Evil. Shacknews had a short talk with Versus Evil CEO Steve Escalante about the game, although there's not much here that we didn't already hear at E3.

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